Oxfords and Jeans: The Perfect Combination for Men

When it comes to men’s fashion, there is no denying that finding the perfect footwear to go with jeans can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, the classic oxford boot always seems to do the trick.

With its sleek and sophisticated design, oxford boots have become a go-to option for men who are looking to achieve a stylish look while wearing jeans.

Oxford Boots and Jeans

Aside from being a fashion staple, oxford boots are also versatile and can go well with different jeans styles, whether it be skinny, straight leg, or even distressed. In this article, we will dive deeper into why oxfords and jeans are the perfect combination for men and what makes them a tried and true choice for any occasion.

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Style Tips for Wearing Oxfords and Jeans

1. Choose the Right Jeans

When it comes to pairing jeans with Oxfords, the fit and color of the jeans matter. Dark jeans are recommended, as they provide a solid base for the Oxfords.

Slim-fitting jeans are also a great choice because they balance the bulky appearance of Oxfords.

2. Select the Right Color Oxfords

The color of the Oxford shoes chosen can make or break the style of the outfit. Lighter colored Oxfords, such as tan or light brown, perfectly complement jeans.

They’re bold yet understated, providing an excellent contrast to the jeans.

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3. Consider Brogue Patterned Oxfords

If you’re looking to add some texture and interest to your outfit, then brogue patterned Oxfords are a good choice. The intricate patterns lend well to casual, everyday looks, making them perfect for denim outfits.

4. Explore Suede Oxfords

Suede Oxfords lend a casual flair to your outfit. They pair well with lighter colored jeans and make for an excellent choice when looking to dress down for a casual outing.

5. Be Careful with Laces

The right type of lacing style for Oxfords can prove vital in lending a finished look to the outfit. Opt for closed Oxford lacing that covers the tongue of the shoe for a formal setting.

In contrast, exposed lacing creates a more casual look, making it an excellent choice for everyday occasions.

6. Avoid Distressed Jeans

While distressed jeans have their place in casual wear, they do not pair well with Oxfords. Distressed jeans tend to be bulky and rigid, making them challenging to balance with formal shoes like Oxfords.

Instead, opt for slim-fitting jeans with little to no distressing for the perfect outfit combination.

7. Dress for the Occasion

It’s essential to dress according to the occasion. Business meetings require a formal look, meaning that an Oxford in a darker shade, paired with slim-fit jeans, is a good option.

Casual settings, on the other hand, can be livened up with brighter-colored Oxfords and less formal denim.

Completing the Outfit

When it comes to rocking Oxford shoes with jeans, completing the outfit with the right pieces is key to achieving a stylish look. Here are some tips on how to complete your outfit:

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1. Shirts

Choosing the right shirt to complement your jeans and Oxfords is essential. For a casual look, opt for a plain or patterned t-shirt or polo shirt.

For a dressier look, a button-down shirt or dress shirt is a great option. Make sure to choose a shirt that fits well and doesn’t look too baggy or too tight.

2. Accessories

Accessorizing your outfit can take your style game up a notch. Choose accessories that complement the outfit without overwhelming it.

A simple leather belt, watch, or bracelet can add some extra flair to your look. However, make sure not to overdo it and stick to one or two accessories at most.

3. Jackets

Selecting the right jacket can make all the difference in completing your outfit. A denim jacket or leather jacket is a great choice for a casual look.

For a dressier look, a blazer or sports coat looks great with Oxfords and jeans. Make sure to choose a jacket that fits well and complements the rest of your outfit.

Oxfords and jeans accessories

Don’t forget to have fun with your outfit and experiment with different pieces to find the look that works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Oxfords be worn with ripped jeans?

Avoid pairing Oxfords with distressed or ripped jeans, as it can take away the formality of the Oxfords.

Can Oxfords be worn with light-colored jeans?

Light-colored Oxfords complement light-colored jeans well, but it's important to ensure they do not clash with each other.

Can Oxfords be dressed down for a casual look?

Yes, suede Oxfords and casual lacing styles can help dress down the outfit for a more casual setting.


Oxfords and Jeans make the perfect combination for men when styled correctly. The right jeans, color, patterns, laces, and accessories can complement the formality of Oxfords and elevate the outfit’s overall look.

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It’s essential to dress appropriately for the occasion and avoid distressed jeans to maintain the outfit’s formality.

How to Wear Oxford Shoes with Jeans?

Choosing the right jeans is crucial when styling Oxford shoes. Dark jeans work best with Oxfords, and slim-fitting jeans are the ideal match.

Consider the color of your Oxford shoes when pairing them with your jeans. Tan Oxfords are perfect for blue jeans, while brown or black Oxfords work well with brown or black jeans.

For a more polished look, add a button-down shirt or blazer to enhance the outfit’s overall formality.

Which Shoes Work With Jeans?

While Oxfords are great dress shoes for men, they are on the more formal end of the spectrum and are not suitable for jeans.


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