Number 2 Fade Haircut Trend 2023.

The number 2 fade haircut is currently one of the most popular hairstyles for men. It is a trendy style that is achieved by clipping down the sides and back of the hair to ¼ inch using the #2 clipper guard.

This gives a faded effect and creates a contrast with the longer hair on top.

Number 2 fade haircut

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What is a Number 2 Fade Haircut?

A number 2 fade haircut is a popular hairstyle that features closely cut hair at the sides and back, gradually blending into longer hair at the top of the head. The “number 2” refers to the specific clipper setting used to achieve the 1/4 inch length on the sides and back.

This haircut is also known as a “2 fade” and can be customized with different variations such as a high, mid or low fade. This style is versatile and can be worn by men of all ages, adding a sharp and polished look to any outfit.

Number 2 Fade Haircut

How to Get a Number 2 Fade Haircut?

To achieve a number 2 fade haircut, it is best to visit a professional barber or hair stylist who is experienced in creating fade haircuts. Communicate clearly with your stylist what you want, specifying where you want the fade to start and end.

As the fade relies heavily on the clipper size, ensure that the stylist uses the number 2 setting for the sides and back. For the top, decide on the desired length and style, whether it be a buzz cut, crew cut or longer textured style.

After the haircut, maintain the shape and length with regular trimming every 4-6 weeks.

Tips for Maintaining a Number 2 Fade Haircut?

Keeping a number 2 fade haircut looking sharp and polished requires some maintenance. To prevent the sides and back from growing out too quickly, it is recommended to get a trim every 4-6 weeks.

Use a quality shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair healthy and clean, and style with a light hold product such as a matte pomade or hair wax. Regularly comb or brush the hair to avoid tangles or matting.

Finally, protect the hair from sun damage by wearing a hat or applying a protective hair spray with SPF. With these tips, a number 2 fade haircut can look fresh and stylish all year round.

The History of the Number 2 Fade Haircut

The number 2 fade haircut has a rich history that dates back to the 1940s. At that time, it was commonly referred to as the “crew cut” and was a popular military haircut.

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As the years went on, the haircut gained popularity among civilians and transitioned into the “buzz cut” in the 1950s. Eventually, the buzz cut style evolved into the fade haircut, with the number 2 fade being one of the most popular options due to its versatility and style.

Today, the number 2 fade is a trendy and modern haircut that has become a staple in men’s grooming.

History of Number 2 fade haircut

Things to Consider Before Getting a Number 2 Fade Haircut

If you’re thinking of getting a number 2 fade haircut, there are a few things you should consider before sitting in the barber’s chair.

Your Hair Type

First, consider your hair type. A number 2 fade haircut may not look as dramatic on thick hair as it would on thin hair, so keep in mind how your hair will look with a shorter cut.

Your Lifestyle

Take your lifestyle into account. If you have a job with a strict dress code, you may want to double-check that the number 2 fade haircut is appropriate.

Similarly, if you participate in a sport or activity that requires you to wear a helmet, the shorter cut may be more comfortable.


Another factor to think about is maintenance. A number 2 fade haircut isn’t as high maintenance as some other hairstyles, but it still requires upkeep.

Your Face Shape

Finally, think about your face shape. A number 2 fade haircut can be a great choice for those with square or round faces, but may not be as flattering on those with longer or more angular faces.

Overall, a number 2 fade haircut can be a stylish and modern choice, but make sure to take these factors into consideration before making the final decision.

Popular Number 2 Fade Hairstyles

Number 2 fade is a popular haircut style among men. It’s a versatile look that can be worn in different ways.

Here are seven different popular number 2 fade hairstyles:

Classic Taper FadeClassic Taper Fade:

The classic taper fade starts with a longer length at the top and gradually shortens towards the sides and the back. The fade starts at the temples and extends to the neckline.

This style is easy to maintain and works for all types of hair.

Textured Top FadeTextured Top Fade:

The textured top fade is a modern take on the classic look. It features longer hair on top styled with a texturizing product for added volume and movement.

The taper fade on the sides and back creates a clean and polished finish.

Slicked Back FadeSlicked Back Fade:

The slicked back fade is a stylish look that is perfect for a night out. The hair on top is styled back with a high-shine product like pomade or gel.

The sides and back are faded for a smooth and sleek finish.

Afro Taper FadeAfro Taper Fade:

The Afro taper fade is a trendy hairstyle for men with textured hair. The hair on top is styled in a natural Afro while the sides and back are faded for a neat and polished finish.

Buzz Cut FadeBuzz Cut Fade:

The buzz cut fade is a low-maintenance style that works for men with all hair types. The hair on top is clipped short and the sides and back are faded for a clean and uniform finish.

Quiff FadeQuiff Fade:

The quiff fade is a modern and trendy look that features longer hair on top styled into a quiff. The sides and back are faded for a seamless finish.

Side Part FadeSide Part Fade:

The side part fade is a classic and timeless look that is perfect for any occasion. The hair is styled in a side part and the sides and back are faded for a clean and polished finish.

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How to Maintain Your Number 2 Fade Haircut

If you’ve recently sported the trendy number 2 fade haircut, it’s essential to maintain it properly to keep it looking sharp and stylish. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take care of your number 2 fade haircut:

1. Regular Trimming

Getting a number 2 fade means that the sides and back of your hair are cut to a 1/4 inch length. To maintain this look, it’s recommended to trim your hair every two weeks or so.

This will prevent the hair from becoming too long, which can ruin the fade’s sharpness.

2. Use the Right Products

Using the right hair products can help keep your number 2 fade in top shape. For instance, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and prevent damage.

Consider using a light hair oil or pomade to keep your hair looking neat and tidy.

3. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Proper sun protection for your hair is crucial, especially during warmer months. The sun’s harsh heat can damage your hair, making it look dry and brittle.

To prevent this, consider wearing a hat or a cap when you’re going out in the sun.

4. Avoid Over-Washing

Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils, which can cause further damage or dryness. Avoid washing your hair more than three times a week, or whenever it starts to feel greasy.

5. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is vital for healthy hair. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Following these simple tips will help you maintain your number 2 fade haircut, keeping it looking sharp and on-trend.

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How to maintain Number 2 fade haircut

The Number 2 Fade Haircut and Skincare for Men

A number 2 fade haircut is a popular and modern hairstyle that involves cutting the sides and back of your hair to a 1/4 inch length using the #2 setting on your clippers. However, many men forget to take care of their scalp and skin properly when getting this haircut.

When getting a number 2 fade, it’s important to remember that your scalp is sensitive and needs proper care. Use aloe vera gel or oil to help soothe razor burn and moisturize your scalp.

If you have seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff shampoos can help alleviate symptoms. Additionally, shampoo with salicylic acid can help with oily skin and seborrheic dermatitis.

A final consideration when getting a number 2 fade is to choose between a low, mid, or high fade. The sharpness of the transition between the fade and the longer hair on top can impact the overall look, so choose carefully.

Remember to take care of your scalp and skin when getting a number 2 fade haircut to keep your look fresh and healthy.

Number 2 fade haircut and skincare

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a number 2 fade and a buzz cut?

While both a number 2 fade and a buzz cut are short hairstyles, the number 2 fade leaves the hair longer on top and gradually fades into shorter hair on the sides and back, while a buzz cut is an all-around short haircut.

How often do I need to get a number 2 fade haircut?

It depends on how quickly your hair grows and how well you want to maintain your hairstyle. Generally, it is recommended to get a number 2 fade haircut every four to six weeks to maintain the length.

What is the best hairstyle to pair with a number 2 fade?

A number 2 fade pairs well with various hairstyles, including a slicked-back undercut or a messy textured crop, and it can also be combined with longer hair on top for a stylish and modern look.


The number 2 fade haircut is a modern and stylish haircut that is worth trying. With the shortest length at the sides and back being ¼ inch, this fade is perfect for anyone looking for a low maintenance and trendy haircut.

When choosing a low, mid, or high number 2 fade, it is important to consider how sharp the transition is. Additionally, using grooming products like aloe vera gel or oil, dandruff shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis, and shampoo with salicylic acid for seborrheic can help enhance the look of your haircut.

Overall, the number 2 fade is a versatile haircut that can be combined with various hairstyles and is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and easy-to-maintain look.


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