Men’s Yoga Shorts for Hot Yoga

There are many types of yoga, and one of those is Bikram or Hot Yoga. During hot yoga class, the room is usually maintained at a temperature of 95 to 105 Fahrenheit. So, as you might expect, a vigorous yoga session in hot temperatures makes the body extremely warm and causes profuse sweating. And such vigorous session requires the right kind of yoga clothing. Specifically, you need the kind of shorts you are going to wear for your own comfort.

When looking for a pair of shorts to wear to your next hot yoga class, the fabric must be considered. Not only will you want it to wick sweat away from your body effectively or to keep you cool and dry, but to avoid chafing, you’ll surely want it to be stretchable. It should also include spandex or elastic wherever possible to aid in your body’s natural movement.

Read on, and let’s talk more about hot yoga and shorts.

What is Hot Yoga?

First things first. Let’s understand what hot yoga is in this article. Let us also know why it is important to find the perfect shorts to use as you do it.

Bikram yoga or hot yoga is a sequence of yoga postures performed in a room with a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of 40%. The goal of doing yoga in a hot, humid room is to raise heart rates. This is for a more intense workout and loosens muscles due to the heat.

It’s worth noting that some hot yoga classes follow the Bikram method, while others do not. Bikram classes will generally follow the proprietary 26-pose format unless otherwise stated. A non-Bikram hot yoga class, on the other hand, can be any series of yoga poses performed in a heated room.

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Hot yoga practitioners claim that the practice has numerous advantages. Detoxification is the one that gets the most attention out of the many advantages. It is believed that heavy sweating is said to help flush toxins from the skin.

The heat also allows you to go a little deeper and safer into the postures, ensuring that you’re properly warming up your muscles and approaching the poses from a secure position.

Yoga Shorts for Hot Yoga

Now that we have established what hot yoga is, you surely understood why getting the right pair of yoga shorts is crucial. And to spare you from hours of searching the internet, we listed some of the best yoga shorts for hot yoga in the market below.

YOGA CROW Swerve Shorts

Swerve Shorts by Yoga Crows are a top seller. Many male yogis who practice hot yoga are patronizing these shorts with a durable and comfortable liner and odor-resistant material designed specifically for men. It has a moisture-wicking, and four-way stretch is a feature that allows you to be free in your movements and remain comfortable throughout your practice.

The shorts have pockets and a drawstring. It is also designed not to bunch up. The fabric used for these yoga shorts is soft and flexible, with just enough structure to keep your thighs from bunching up after you invert or squat. These shorts feature a non-abrasive and non-restrictive boxer brief that provides coverage and support so you can concentrate on your practice rather than your modesty.

4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts

Try out 4-rth’s Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts if you’re looking for a pair of shorts to help you get started with yoga. The Modal fabric shorts are made in the United States with flexibility and stretch in mind.

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The shorts may appear small to those used to basketball shorts, but 4-rth designed them as a cross between athletic and tracked shorts to allow for maximum movement. Pockets that won’t bunch up are included in these shorts.

YogaAddict Men Yoga Stretchable Short Pant

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that aren’t too revealing when you do some poses, well then, this short is the one. YogaAddict Men Yoga Stretchable Short Pant will allow you to focus on your practice rather than worrying about accidentally exposing any private body parts.

This pair of shorts offer a great balance of loose and tight, gentle to feel good against the skin and elastic enough to make any movement comfortable. This also allows for stretching with each movement while maintaining a stylish fit and high-quality stitching.

eros sport Core Energy Workout Shorts

These shorts are designed for yoga practitioners who also engage in cross-training or martial arts. The small, tight shorts can be worn by anyone who prefers microfiber shorts close to the body. Wearing this short is like wearing nothing at all. It provides a whole lot of comfort and flexibility. These well-reviewed shorts from the United States also feature a jock pocket and an elastic waistband.

Alo Yoga Men’s Unity 2 in 1 Short

Alo Yoga is a company dedicated to all things downward dog, Lotus, and handstand, as its name suggests. The company has an extensive range of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories, all of which are tailored to the mind, body, and heart, and is determined to produce “the best yoga clothing in the world.

The Unity 2 in 1 short has a 4-Way-stretch fabric for a move-with-you feel. It also has moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology, so you’ll feel fresh the whole time.

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Pudolla Men’s 2 in 1 Short

This two-in-one short has a lightweight outer layer and a breathable lining. Compression shorts help to protect your private areas, reduce the risk of bruising, and protect your legs while you’re actively practicing hot yoga poses.

It also has an elastic waistband and internal drawcord for a personalized fit. So, it will be easy to adjust for firm support.

What Not to Wear During Hot Yoga Sessions

At this point, you might be as excited as we are to try the yoga shorts we’ve listed above but to make everything clear, we will also give you the list of the kind of shorts you should not wear during practice.

Non-liner baggy shorts

Baggy shorts without liner would be ideal for the gym or basketball, but not for yoga. When you lift your leg into the air as you do your poses, they will surely bunch up and ride up. Also, going commando in this kind of shorts is obviously not a good idea.


These shorts may appear modest in a yoga studio, but they can easily ruin your workout. Jean shorts are not only constrictive, but they also begin to chafe as soon as they become slightly damp from sweat.

Super-short shorts

These shorts are unquestionably comfortable, unrestrictive, and ideal for at-home yoga. However, if you’re going to a yoga class in them, consider all the unfortunate people who will be practicing behind you while you’re getting into the Downward Facing Dog position. Can you imagine it?

The Bottom Line

When practicing hot yoga, it is crucial to wear the best yoga shorts that will make you feel comfortable. Not only that you’ll feel comfy, but also offers flexibility and a moisture-wicking technology.

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