Men’s Guide to Choosing Gifts for Women

Since the time of the first Neanderthal bestowing a polished wolf femur to his crush, men have gifted women. Throughout the millennia, homo sapiens have invented various innovations—like the wheel, laptop, and foam fan finger—and even achieved the remarkable feat of landing a man on the moon. However, men have yet to devise a system for purchasing meaningful gifts for women on special occasions. There are several tips on how to purchase your gift and present it correctly to impress her.


Men hugging his partner who is holding a flower - Men's Guide to Choosing Gifts for Women

Men’s Guide to Choosing Gifts for Women

#1 Choose stores with the possibility of returning goods

When shopping for a lady, it’s smart to buy gifts from stores with generous return policies. This way, if the gift doesn’t suit her or she doesn’t like it, she can easily exchange it for something else. You can even go shopping together and let her choose a replacement that she loves, or give her the freedom to surprise you with her choice.

Be cautious when purchasing fine jewelry, as some stores inflate prices to create the illusion of a good deal. It’s important to research and choose a reputable jeweler to avoid falling into the trap of impulse buying, even in the digital age.

#2 Be bolder

Finding the perfect gift for a special lady requires thoughtful consideration, resourcefulness, and skill. Have confidence and approach this endeavor boldly. A gentleman seeking a suitable gift for a woman in his life, be it his wife, girlfriend, mother, relative, or friend, is always a delightful sight to see.

#3 Buy anonymously

There is nothing wrong with a girl knowing about the gift, but ignorance gives the gift a special feeling. How to make everything anonymous, even if you buy online? You need to find a way to change the IP address on your iPhone. Of course, we will offer the option to change location via VPN. Services like VeePN can change your IP address and encrypt your data, meaning you won’t see personalized ads. If you don’t use a VPN, for example, if you were looking for gold earrings, they will be shown to you on every website and even on Netflix or other services. The moment of surprise will be ruined.

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#4 Consider the stage of the relationship and budget but be generous

When a gentleman presents a lady with an excessively pricey gift, despite not being married or engaged, it creates an unwarranted sense of obligation. It is important to exhibit financial responsibility by being mindful of your budget and demonstrating your ability to manage money effectively. However, one must also be cautious not to cross the line between being thrifty and being cheap. You should also consider the issue of security, which can be provided by a free VPN extension for Chrome or an add-on for another browser. It tunnels, encrypts traffic, and spoofs IP to minimize any risks.

#5 Double-check sizing information

Buying clothing for a lady can be a tricky situation for gentlemen. What if the size chosen is too small and embarrasses her? On the other hand, if the size is too large, it might send a negative message. One solution is to avoid buying clothes altogether, but that limits your shopping choices. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate this dilemma.

An effective approach is to rely on the lady’s preferred salesperson at her favorite store. By building a good relationship, you can inquire about her usual size. If the clothing doesn’t fit, you can shift the responsibility to the salesperson, avoiding any unintended implications on your part. Additionally, the lady may have online shopping wish lists with her favorite merchants that you can use for guidance.

#6 The importance of a gift is not necessarily expressed in price

A gentleman may find himself in a situation where he is unable to find a suitable gift for a lady while shopping. In such cases, he can thoughtfully choose to give her non-monetary gifts, exploring the possibilities of spending time together. Walking in picturesque areas, stargazing at the beach, window shopping on trendy streets, watching movies together at home, helping with car washing or gardening, and accompanying her on visits to older relatives or friends who feel lonely – these are all excellent options. One can also explore free activities in the area and plan multiple activities for a day. Let creativity be the key!

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#7 Pick the Perfect Moment

Men having a conversation with his partner while drinking coffee - Men's Guide to Choosing Gifts for Women

There are several good periods and moments for making gifts:

  • In the morning. She can fully appreciate the great mornings if she has the time and energy. She’ll think of you fondly during the day. If mornings are hectic, mention that you have a beautiful surprise for her later. It will brighten her entire day.
  • Leave the surprise somewhere she’ll find it naturally (and in her own time). On her pillow in the morning, or before bed. In the master bath after her shower. At her place at the dinner or breakfast table (preferably after you’ve set it or prepared the meal).
  • After an argument or emotional conversation, allow some time to pass. Depending on her temperament or the severity of the argument, give it a few hours, a day, or a few days, but take action before a week passes.
  • After nice words. Tell her you’ve been reflecting on what she said and remind her how much she means to you. Explain that the gift caught your eye while you were thinking about her. If possible, connect the gift to something specific she said: “You’re right — you deserve more time for yourself; here’s something to pamper yourself with tonight.”
  • Plan for a moment of tranquility. Keep the kids engaged with a video so you won’t be interrupted. Take care of the dishes or clean up after dinner so she can do something for herself. Turn off the TV and ask for a few minutes of her attention. Wake her up a few minutes early on a weekend to cuddle. Suggest a quiet walk after work or dinner.
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The ability to choose and give gifts also needs to be developed. It’s not always the best solution to just buy an expensive gift. Sometimes it’s better to put your soul into it and you can get more pleasant sensations. Get to know your girlfriend or wife better and you can make the perfect gifts for every holiday.

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