Is Jacket Size the Same as Shirt Size?

Not finding the right jacket size (or any clothing size) is every man’s greatest nightmare, especially when you shop online. You might buy or order a jacket of the same size as your shirt, but do they really have the same size?

Nope, your shirt size is not similar to your jacket size. You want to know why? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Jacket Size vs Shirt Size

As mentioned above, the answer to your question on whether jackets have the same size as the shirt is no.

Jackets and hoodie sizes are already larger than a t-shirt, as they are designed to be worn over shirts and not as a substitute for a shirt. But you should take note that jacket and shirt sizes also vary depending on the style, the manufacturer, and the brand.

Jacket Size

Generally, men’s U.S. measurements for suit jackets, jackets, and blazers are based on the width of the chest and your height.

You should stick a finger between the measuring tape and your body when you measure your chest. The effect is equal to the supposed size of your jacket. Depending on your height, you have to pick between a short (S), a regular (R), or a long one (L).

Shirt Size

On the other hand, in the United States and Britain, dress shirts have two separate proportions, the size of your collar and the length of your sleeve, both in inches. When you measure your neck, round it to the nearest whole or half scale. Attach an extra inch to the size of your sleeve and round it to the nearest even number.

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Shirt vs Jacket Fit

There are various shirt fits – slim, athletic, regular and full.

  • Slim is tight to the chest and sides.
  • Athletic fit is tighter in the waist but leaves more space for the chest.
  • Normal is the usual fit and very loose.
  • Full size is the loosest.

However, there are three jacket fits available for men – classic, slim, and extra slim.

  • Classic is a “Drop 6″ fit and a more generous, boxy cut.
  • Slim is a “Drop 8” size and is a good, standard slim fit.
  • Extra Slim is a “Drop 10” fit and extremely trim.

Note: Drop refers to the decrease in circumference from one’s chest to waist.

Measurement Guide for Men

Now that you know that jacket size is different from your shirt size, you might be wondering how to know your clothing measurements.

Well, the two also differ when it comes to measurement. We’ve written some measurement guides that you can use the next time you purchase a jacket or a shirt.

Before measuring, you need to take note that all the measurements are taken tight to the body.

Chest Measurement

The most important body part of jacket measurement is the chest. When you measure it, you must stand up straight and make sure that your arms are relaxed. You may preferably ask another individual to wrap a tape measure around your chest. Make sure that it has a small space to move, at least an inch.

Waist Measurement

Same as with measuring the chest, you must stand up when you measure your waist. To ensure that you get the most precise measurement, make sure that your outer garments are removed because you need to measure on the skin and not over clothes.

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Then, locate the middle section and the top of the hip bone of the rib cage. At that intermediate point, position the tape measure and then wrap it around the natural waist with one end overlapping the other.

Length Measurement

The best jacket length for you would depend heavily on the type of jacket that you choose to buy. Average jacket sizes are designed for standard bodies, if you are not sure about your length measurement, you can measure your upper body to see if you’re shorter or taller than normal. Measure from the top of your shoulder with your tape measure.

Men’s Clothing Size Chart

Sizes vary from country to country, depending on the general build of the people living there. On the other hand, there is also what we call international sizes.

To save you time and trouble, we listed the International sizes and its counterpart to the US size below.

International Size vs US Size

  • XS (extra small) = 30
  • XS (extra small) = 32
  • Small = 34
  • Small = 36
  • Medium = 38
  • Medium = 40
  • Large = 42
  • Large = 44
  • XL (extra-large) = 46
  • XL (extra-large) = 48
  • XXL (double extra-large) = 50
  • XXL (double extra-large) = 52

Choosing Your Jacket Size Based on Your Shirt Size

Measuring your body measurement to know which size you are going to buy might take you some time. So, if you are in a rush and need to decide already (and you don’t have a measuring tape at your house), below is a measurement guide for your reference.

  • The small shirt size is equivalent to the jacket size of 36.
  • The medium shirt size is equivalent to the jacket size of 38.
  • The large shirt size is equivalent to the jacket size of 42.
  • The extra-large shirt size is equivalent to the jacket size of 44.

This measurement might not be accurate, so we recommend you to measure your chest, waist, and sleeves using a measuring tape just to be sure. Or if you have a chance, you can try on the jacket before purchasing it.

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The Bottom Line

Shirts and Jackets do not have the same size, but you can always measure them with the same technique listed above.

Always remember that sizes vary depending on the brand and style. So, if you are planning to buy a jacket or shirt online, whether it is for you or your friend, you must at least measure your chest, neck, sleeves, and even your waist. You might think that it will just cause you some hassle, but it’s better than buying a shirt or a jacket that doesn’t fit.

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