Is it Better for Men to Shave Before or After Shower?

It’s sometimes easy to figure out the proper order for executing tasks naturally. You are aware that you should not brush your teeth before eating dinner. Socks should be put on before shoes. You would not wash your hands before using the restroom. But when is it appropriate to shave? Is it important whether you do it before or after you shower?

When it comes to shaving, everybody has their procedure. Some men shave before showering, while others believe that shaving after showering is the only way of achieving a close shave. But there’s an order of procedures here, even if it’s not immediately apparent.

Shaving Before Shower


The most obvious advantage of shaving before showering is that it is quick. If you’re short on time, this is the way to go. There are no frills or thrills here; get the job done. This is also an option if you are using an electric razor. Electric razors perform far more effectively when shaving dry hair, which are firmer and more resistant to the power of a rotating blade.

Finally, shaving before showering allows for easy clean-up. Hair clippings that would ordinarily be all over your chest and neck are easily washed away during your bath, which would generally require you to thoroughly rinse your face and neck if you had already taken a shower.


You most likely do all of your washing in the shower, including washing your face. You’re probably dry before you jump in, and shaving with a dry face is never good. Even if you use shaving foam, it will need to sit for longer to soften your skin as there is no competition in both wet and dry shaving if you have razor bumps and ingrown hairs. A dry shave is a recipe for razor burn, particularly around the neck.

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Because your skin and hair follicles are dry and coarse, shaving before you shower improve your risk of shaving irritation and razor burn. This tends to increase the resistance of the hair follicle to the razor blade, which can lead to painful red bumps on the face for those with sensitive skin.

Shaving After Shower


Steam and heat will open the pores on your skin and the shafts of your hair. They’re not just getting wet when they’re open and soaking up water. Your skin will be thoroughly moisturized, and your beard hairs slightly bloated. This makes them more manageable. 

Beard hairs that are coarse, dry, and wiry will resist the razor. Beard hairs that are soft and soaked are more probably to be compliant.

This is the option for you if you use a typical safety razor. Shaving after a shower is also preferable for those who have sensitive skin. By softening the hairs and applying pre-shave oil to the face before shaving, your razor will glide flawlessly and efficiently, causing far more minor irritation.


On the other hand, shaving after a shower takes a little longer and requires more clean-up than a pre-shower shave. 

This is also not an alternative if you use an electric razor. As previously stated, electric razors can provide a rough-textured shave, and moisturizing facial hair does not typically stand up to the power of the electric razor. You also run the threat of damaging your electric shaver unless it is waterproof.

Best Aftershaves for Men

Shaving can often irritate the skin. Fortunately, if you are ready, you can find soothing relief at the touch of a hand. Aftershave balms and lotions are intended to soothe irritated skin on the face and neck while also hydrating, moisturizing, and preserving it. The purpose of aftershave is to protect your skin in the best possible condition. It’s a form of self-care.

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Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block

Gentleman Jon is a skincare company that has created an aftershave available in a block form. Most aftershaves have a gel or lotion-like feel. Still, Gentleman Jon’s aftershave comes in a visually appealing plastic container with the texture of a bar of soap. The Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block is made entirely of potassium alum, with natural astringent and antiseptic properties. Potassium alum is known to decrease the appearance of unattractive irritations and wobbles on your skin after a rough shave.

If you frequently find yourself with nicks and bumps on your face after shaving, this alum block could solve all of your problems. This aftershave can stop minor cuts and nicks from bleeding. This can tone your skin and close your pores, reducing skin irritation. Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block is an excellent choice for men looking for a long-lasting aftershave.

Fur Skincare Stubble Cream Body Moisturizer

This magnificent multitasking formula from Fur Skincare combines the smoothing advantages of a moisturizer with the ingrown-hair-preventing powers of aftershave when used post-shaving. If you want to keep your stubble, it’s infused with coconut oil to soften the hairs and relieve itchiness. It also has antimicrobial tea tree oil and calming chamomile to keep bumps and irritation at bay. Its fast-absorbing formula means you won’t have to wait long for it to do its work.

Fieldworks’ Face of Danger After Shave Elixir

The Face of Danger After Shave Elixir has a personality that matches its intriguing name. This utterly organic aftershave is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives. Anyone who claims that organic products do not perform well as synthetic products have never tried the Face of Danger After Shave Elixir. Fieldworks use witch hazel to close your pores and hinder infection efficiently.

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At the same time, aloe vera soothes your freshly shaved skin. Bentonite clay is included in the formula to draw out and remove toxins from your skin while also locking in essential moisture. This aftershave has a pure earthy scent that will remind you of a cool autumn breeze. The Face of Danger Elixir is free of fake perfumes, making it ideal for men who prefer a subtle scent rather than an overpowering one. You’ll be relieved to learn that you only need a tiny bit of this product to unclog your pores and improve the texture of your skin.

Blu Atlas Aftershave

When you put on aftershave, it has a track record for burning your skin. But Blu Atlas Aftershave uses all-natural components to minimize irritation and puffiness while hydrating your skin. The rose flower water prevents razor burn before the aloe extract provides long-lasting hydration to your skin. The menthol peppermint extract will then help your skin feel as if it is breathing deeply of fresh air.

The Bottom Line

Perhaps you shave in the morning or evening, every day or once a week. You might shave with a safety razor or a single blade, and you might prefer a wet or dry shave. Whatever your preferences are, we hope this article has helped you.

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