How to Wear a White Blazer as a Male?

White dress shirts, undershirts, and underwear are the only white items of clothing that many men wear. They may prevent white because it appears to make too strong a statement. White can also be taken for granted. A full range of white clothes, on the other hand, has a lot to recommend for the modern gent. Case in point, a white blazer.

Something about a white blazer makes you stand out when wearing it. Regardless of the circumstances, some coolness and undeniable confidence emanate from it that are difficult not to pull into.

Most men are intimidated by the white blazer, and for a good reason. It’s the summer’s biggest hit, showing up at everything from a day at the races to the eventual Great Gatsby-themed party thrown by one of your friends. So, let’s talk about this wardrobe staple. Ready?

How to Choose the Perfect White Blazer for Men

When trying to shop for a blazer, the most important factors to consider are its construction and fit. To begin with, a blazer should not be confused with a suit jacket. It is supposed to be more relaxed, and the design should reflect that.

Choose the right white.

First and foremost, select an off-white alternative. Dazzling should be attributed to your smile, not your blazer. A shiny white blazer is appropriate for a high-profile occasion or awards night, but you can opt to wear an off-white one in almost all other situations. Choose a soft tone with a classic and contemporary edge to ensure no one looks at you and wonders why you aren’t holding a tray of cocktails.

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Remember that it’s the star of the show.

Take into account that your white blazer should be your statement piece. The one thing to keep in mind about a white blazer is that it is the only “loud” piece in your outfit. Your best bet is to pair it with muted colors that complement rather than clash with white.

With this in mind, choose tailored slim-cut trousers in classic colors like navy, grey, or taupe when deciding on pants to pair. These serve as a solid foundation for any outfit and maintain your look firmly on the side of a classic look.

Consider the tailoring details.

Glance for tailoring specifics like tab-waists and thick trouser cuffs to add character to your trousers. If your blazer is made of a lightweight fabric, such as silk or a linen/cotton combination, don’t be frightened to pair it with likewise light trousers, especially during the warm weather.

How to Wear a White Blazer

A white blazer for men is a stylish, fashionable piece that you can pair with various outfits to look great. So, h Here are some ideas on how to wear your white blazer and turn heads.

With Black Outfit

Make the white blazer the finishing touch to your all-black ensemble. A white blazer accented with a black crew-neck T-shirt, black skinny or slim-fit trousers, and a black leather dress shoe is a sleek, stylish swerve that will turn all heads in the room, for the best of reasons, of course.

Match With Jeans

A white blazer is an ideal way to spruce up a somewhat dreary pair of jeans and a shirt. When worn over a fitted black or gray tee, blue-wash slim jeans, and loafers, it creates a smart-casual look appropriate for drinks or dinner. However, if styled correctly, it will take you much further.

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Prevent any tears or excessive detailing with your jeans, instead opting for a classic pair with a leather belt, roll up the hem once or twice, and showing off your ankles. Whether you pair this with a couple of suede loafers or even a high-end sneaker, it’s a classic style that you can wear from time to time.

Pair With Shorts

Nothing says summer style like a smart white blazer over a linen shirt and tailored Bermuda shorts. And whether you’re going out for drinks or attending a swanky garden party, this look will surely set you apart from the crowd.

You’d want to figure out the best short and shirt combo to go with your blazer. A pair of navy twill weave shorts with a white shirt is the go-to look. A patterned shirt or a pair of classic Nautical seersucker shorts can look fantastic against the block white of the jacket. Just make sure to proceed with caution and keep in mind that one print is more than enough.

On a Full Tux Outfit

Keep your full-on tuxedo look simple with a white shirt and black tuxedo pants. With its contrasting black buttons, the cotton Marcel shirt will surely add glamour to the outfit, while the slim cut of the tailored Whitehouse trousers will undoubtedly add sophistication.

Look no further than the Filmore for footwear. Its elegant double monk straps exude confidence. You can wear a dress scarf over your jacket to add a touch of uniqueness. And a patterned scarf, such as the Preston in navy, is also recommended.

Math with a Turtle Neck

Wear a turtle neck underneath your blazer for an alternative choice that can take you from the office to dinner and drinks in the evening. To add some seasonal color to the outfit, try the Olive version in burgundy. Also, for you to avoid clashing your outfit’s colors, opt to wear gray trousers. For a more edgy look, swap out a shoe for a leather boots.

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Accessorize It

Accessorizing a white blazer should be done with a minimalist mindset. Given how daring this blazer is in the first place, keep it simple with pocket squares in classic colors like blue and white.

Experiment with softer kerchief textiles such as linen or even cotton. These will add textural contrast to a white blazer jacket and add interest without drawing attention away from the overall look.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that a white blazer for men can be worn with various outfits and look great. However, working closely with someone who has a comprehensive understanding of fashion to advise you on how to style your white blazer with other outfits will surely help you, too.

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