2023 Guide on How to Style Sweatpants for Men

Are you wondering how to style sweatpants mens to look fashionable and stylish? Sweatpants have come a long way from being just loungewear to a versatile clothing piece that can be dressed up or down.

Before we delve into the different ways to style sweatpants, let’s first discuss the types of sweatpants you should consider. According to Men’s Journal, there are four popular types of sweatpants for men: drawstring, fleece, slim-fit, and baggy sweatpants.

Each type has its own unique style, comfort, and fit. Let’s explore each type to learn which one suits your style and body type the best.

How to Style Sweatpants for Men

According to Bing.com, styling sweatpants for men can be done in several ways. First, an all-black outfit can give a sleek and stylish look.

Wear black sweatpants with a matching hoodie or sweater, and complete the look with black sneakers or boots. Another way to style sweatpants is through a co-ord tracksuit.

Matching sweatpants and sweatshirt sets can give a coordinated and put-together look. Stick with a solid color or subtle pattern to keep it classy.

For a more casual look, pair sweatpants with a basic white tee and a denim or bomber jacket. Finish off the casual minimalism look with clean white sneakers.

You can also layer your sweatpants with a lightweight pullover or hoodie to achieve a comfortable yet stylish look. Opt for neutral or earthy tones for a more natural and organic vibe.

For those who prefer the athleisure look, sweatpants can be paired with a longline t-shirt, a bomber jacket, and high-top sneakers or running shoes.

Another way to style sweatpants is through the high low look. Pair sweatpants with a more tailored and structured piece, such as a blazer or leather jacket.

Finish the look with either dress shoes or sneakers, depending on the occasion. Lastly, for a sports-inspired look, pair sweatpants with a baseball hat, a jersey, and sneakers.

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This works well for a day out and is perfect for a casual street style.

Remember to look for unique touches like zippers, pops of color, or sequins in your ideal sweatpants. Experiment with fun patterns like Ikat, floral, camo, or animal prints to add personality to your loungewear.

But steer clear from sweatpants with words sprawled across the booty, as they tend to give off sloppiness.

Picking the Right Sweatpants

Fabric Choice

When looking for the perfect pair of sweatpants, go for those made with soft and comfortable materials such as cotton or fleece. Avoid polyester or spandex which can make you feel hot and sweaty, and instead opt for natural materials that will allow your skin to breathe.

Cotton or Fleece Sweatpants - how to style sweatpants mens

How They Should Fit

Avoid oversized sweatpants, which can look sloppy and unflattering. Instead, go for a slim or tapered fit that is more stylish and modern.

However, make sure to choose sweatpants that still offer enough room for movement and comfort, especially if you plan to wear them for physical activities like yoga or stretching exercises.

Slim or Tapered Fit Sweatpants - how to style sweatpants mens

Colour Options

While black and grey sweatpants are a staple, there are many other colours to choose from when it comes to sweatpants. Consider earthy tones such as olive or beige, or pastels for a more playful and youthful vibe.

When choosing the right colour, try to match it with your top or shoes to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Earth Tones and Pastels Sweatpants - how to style sweatpants mens

Avoid sweatpants with excessive branding across the buttocks, as this can detract from a more refined look and come off as overly casual.


Styling sweatpants for men does not have to be limited to loungewear. By choosing the right fabric and fit, accessorizing wisely, matching with the right top, playing with colors, and dressing up or down as needed, sweatpants can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

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It’s important to keep in mind that unique touches, such as zippers on pockets or fun patterns, can add an extra flair to the look, but to avoid sweatpants with words sprawled across them. With these tips and tricks, experiment with your style to find the perfect sweatpant ensemble.

According to thedashingman.com, choosing the right fabric that suits your body and complements your skin tone is crucial in achieving a picture-perfect sweatpant look. Poor fitting sweatpants can ruin the entire look, so it’s best to choose a pair that fits well and accentuates your figure in all the right places.

Accessorizing wisely with hats, jewelry, and bags can add some oomph to the outfit, and the right top can either make or break the sweatpant ensemble. Mixing and matching upbeat or neutral shades can help achieve the desired look, and it’s important to keep things simple, stylish, and comfortable.

Meanwhile, www.bing.com suggests adding unique touches such as pops of color, sequins, or pretty bows at the waist, or fun patterns such as Ikat, floral, camo, or animal prints to add personality to the loungewear. Remember to dress up or down as needed and avoid going overboard with the outfit.

Sweatpants can be versatile, so don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles and colors to find your perfect look.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style sweatpants nicely?

Try a crisp white t-shirt, a chunky cardigan, or an untucked Oxford. Layer a flight jacket over a t-shirt and accessorize with a beanie and boots.

Are sweatpants fashionable on men?

Yes, casual is king. Sweatpants are now worthy of staple status.

How to style grey sweatpants men's?

Choose the right fit. Dress them up for a more upscale appearance. Keep it casual. Layer, experiment with colors and accessorize.

How to style sweatpants and hoodie men?

For a casual ensemble, wear both items together. Choose both pieces in the same color. Combine with a tailored sweatshirt, white tee, and leather kicks for a pared-back outfit.

Should sweatpants be baggy?

The leg fit should be tapered but a little looser around the crotch and thighs. It's best to go for an elasticated waistband and leg openings. Sweatpants should be comfy, but make sure they're not too tight.

How to style sweatpants?

Choose sweatpants that are fitted rather than baggy. Pair with a trendy coat or blazer. Anything goes! Balletcore pieces, a duster, lots of layers, boots, a crop top, and minimal extras.

How to wear heels with sweatpants?

Heels are not recommended with sweatpants, but if you want to, try heeled lace-up booties or high heels with broad, open fronts. Stars have been styling their heels with sweatpants and leggings.

How to wear joggers with sweatpants?

Crop tops, cold shoulders, or off-shoulders go well with joggers. Wear a shirt that has more shape or structure to keep an outfit from looking too relaxed. You can style joggers with any and every top, from sweatshirts to tanks and bralettes. Finish with slides for a casual look.

How do I choose the best sweatpants for home sick?

Cropped jumpsuit wide-leg pants are the best option if you want something easy, comfy, and nice-looking.

What are the best sweatpants?

The best overall is Sunspel Cotton Loopback Track Pant, best for activity is Lululemon ABC Jogger Warpstreme, and the budget pick is Uniqlo Men Sweatpants.

What to wear when sick of sweatpants?

Sweatshirt dress, camo pants, chinos, short overalls, or denim shorts will give you plenty of options.

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