How to Style Men’s Flannel Shirt for Christmas

Flannel shirts are a classic piece in every closet for the holidays. Plaids over the holidays are an age-old custom. The incredibly soft cotton is cozy in chilly weather, effortlessly stylish, and simple to pair with any of your go-to bottoms. When worn with comfortable stretch denim jeans and your go-to winter boots, flannel shirts create a laid-back aesthetic that never fails to appear put together.

Even if the festivities may differ each Christmas season, that is no reason for not dressing to impress.

How should it be worn, though? Fortunately, the flannel shirt has a timeless style that makes it quite flexible and easy to incorporate into various ensembles. Nevertheless, having hints and recommendations at the ready might ensure that you do the task successfully each time.

How to Wear Your Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are typically available in plain or checkered designs, with checkered shirts being more common among men. Depending on your taste, the occasion, and the type of look you’re going for, you can always choose between the plain or checked flannel shirt.

Checked flannel, also called a plaid shirt, is more laid-back and casual, whereas plain flannel can be dressed up for a chic, smart casual style.

Here’s how you can wear your flannel shirt for the coming holidays.

Casual Party Set-Up

It’s crucial to get it perfect because you’ll likely wear your flannel shirt casually most of the time. 

You can’t just wear your usual casual style with anything just because it’s a simple holiday celebration. For instance, you’ll seem sloppy if you wear a flannel shirt with sweatpants. So, stick to jeans if you want a casual yet stylish style. Although any color can be worn, black jeans are a very fashionable option that provides an edgy grunge attitude. Sneakers or boots with laces are the greatest options for footwear.

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And as the weather warms up, you can wrap your shirt around your waist by layering a flannel over a T-shirt for a beautiful casual style. You might either choose a short-sleeved shirt or try rolling up the sleeves.

Smart Casual Kind of Holiday

Even if you might not always choose a flannel shirt when piecing together a smart casual ensemble, you should try it if the holiday celebration calls for it. 

The style is quite good and can offer a trendy look. All you have to do is pick the right flannel and wear it stylishly. Start by eliminating intense colors and opting for more muted hues instead. Make sure your flannel is well-fitting and not too baggy.

Then, you can put a belt on it and slip it into a pair of dark denim trousers or chinos. Adding a chic wool coat or suede bomber jacket is another option. Choose neither casual nor formal shoes—chukkas, sneakers, and loafers to complete your holiday-ready ensemble.

Suit Up for Christmas

You might be puzzled about how a flannel shirt and a suit can appear decent.

However, holiday celebrations have evolved, allowing creative ways to dress in suits. Therefore, if you were instructed to dress appropriately for the occasion, this is the perfect opportunity to let your white shirt rest.

There are a few simple methods to get started. You can look 45, like a business savvy and badass in a pale blue prince of Wales check under a navy tie and charcoal suit.

Also, a green gingham check shirt with your go-to navy suit is a great way to add a unique but professional color option outside the typical gray and blue range for a wintry effect.

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If you don’t like using a tie, an oversized flannel check can fill in the tie’s place by bringing color and pattern to the space between the buttons and jacket collar.

Flannel Shirt Colors to Wear During Holidays

Red Flannel

Choose a check version of the red flannel shirt rather than a plain one. It will be tough to obtain plain red flannel shirts, but they may also be tricky to wear and frequently appear like pajamas. Try to select check designs with black or red that are less vivid in tone. This will give a cool rock and roll look and ensure you stay clear of the holiday zone. Team it with a black T-shirt, a pair of slim black trousers, and some boots for a winning look.

Green Flannel

Green flannel shirts can be distinctive and go with a variety of styles. One such aesthetic they frequently associate with is a country/lumberjack appearance. That indicates that this flannel shade is appropriate for men with full beards. Of course, you don’t have to act like you’re dressed in a costume and grab an axe.

A pair of brown boots and some blue jeans will also help to polish this ensemble without going overboard. Green shirts frequently have blue or navy checks, so they have a chilly tone. As a result, this flannel hue looks particularly dapper on men with cool complexions and pale skin tones.

Brown Flannel

Not to be disregarded is the option of a brown flannel shirt. The warm color and soft, comforting fabric are ideal for the fall season and offer the right warm touch to outfits. Choose a brown flannel shirt from various hues, including lighter camel and deep chocolate tones.

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For the ultimate autumnal effect, you can wear it with other warm colors, like sand chinos. A brown flannel goes best with black jeans in the winter and blue jeans in the spring for different seasons.

White Flannel

A primarily white flannel shirt is a terrific option for your holiday outfit. For the trans-seasonal dressing, it can lighten your look and even make the fabric appear lighter weight. To achieve this look, you can use a style with a white foundation and a specific check-in color like grey or blue. And because of the shirt’s neutral tone, it can be easily paired with any outfit.

The Bottom Line

Men’s flannel shirts have a unique quality that gives them a classic charm that never goes out of style. A well-fitting flannel shirt is a year-round closet essential since it is strong, snug, appealing, simple to care for, and incredibly flexible.

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