2023 Updated: How to Iron Men’s Dress Shirt for a Professional Look

Ironing a dress shirt is a basic skill that every man should know to look sharp and professional. In this updated guide for 2023, we will provide you with the steps and tips on how to iron men’s dress shirts for a professional look.

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According to bing.com, ironing a dress shirt to perfection requires that you begin with the front of the shirt. It is important to leave the shirt unbuttoned, fold one side over the ironing board, and press out any creases.

Iron the back next, by draping it over the iron and flattening any wrinkles from top to bottom. Give the sleeves and cuffs a thorough ironing, working from top to bottom.

Inspect the shirt and make sure everything has been steamed to your satisfaction. By following these steps, you can iron your men’s dress shirt to achieve a professional look for any occasion.

Check out this Youtube video: “How to Iron a Dress Shirt in 90 Seconds | GQ” for a quick and easy guide on perfecting your grooming skills!

Equipment and Set Up

To iron a men’s dress shirt properly, you need to have the right equipment and set up. The following are the essential equipment that you need:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A spray bottle filled with water

Once you gathered all the necessary equipment, it’s time to set it all up. Follow these steps to set up:

  1. Plug in the iron and adjust the temperature according to the fabric type
  2. Prepare and open the ironing board, make sure it’s clean and steady
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Ironing equipment and setup - how to iron mens dress shirt

Ironing Steps

Ironing the Back of the Shirt

Ironing the back of the shirt can be a bit tricky, but with the right technique, you can achieve a crisp and polished look. To start, lay the shirt face down on the ironing board.

If the fabric is dry or particularly wrinkled, moisten it with a spray bottle or a steam iron set on low heat to make the ironing process easier. Begin ironing from the collar down to the hem, using a back-and-forth motion while applying even pressure.

Repeat the process on the other side of the back of the shirt, making sure to iron out any wrinkles or creases. For more delicate fabrics, use a lower heat setting and always check the care label for specific ironing instructions.

Ironing the Sleeves

Ironing the sleeves is a crucial part of ironing a men’s dress shirt. To start, lay the sleeve flat on the ironing board with the seam facing up.

If necessary, moisten the fabric with a spray bottle. Iron from the shoulder to the cuff, making sure to apply pressure on the creases to remove any wrinkles.

Repeat this on the other sleeve. For a more visual guide on ironing sleeves, check out the image below.

Ironing the sleeves - how to iron mens dress shirt

Ironing the Top Part of the Shirt Front and Yoke

To start with, lay the shirt face up on the ironing board and moisten the fabric with a spray bottle if necessary. Then, iron the top part of the shirt front and the yoke by ironing from the collar to the shoulder seam.

Additionally, make sure to get all the wrinkles and creases while ironing the yoke.

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It’s essential to pay close attention to the top part of the shirt front and yoke as it is the most visible part of the dress shirt when someone is wearing it. Not ironing it well will make you look unprofessional and shabby.

Make a habit of ironing the top part of the shirt front and yoke first to maintain an impeccable look for your dress shirt.

Ironing the Collar

Ironing the collar is an important step in ironing a men’s dress shirt. To do this, start by laying the collar flat on the ironing board.

If necessary, use a spray bottle to moisten the fabric. Then, iron from the points of the collar toward the center, making sure to apply even pressure.

Flip the collar over and repeat on the other side. This will ensure that your collar looks crisp and professional.

You can also refer to images like the one provided to make sure you are ironing the collar correctly.

Ironing the Shirt Front

To iron the shirt front, lay the shirt face up on the ironing board. If necessary, you can moisten the fabric with the spray bottle to help iron out wrinkles.

Start ironing from the top button and work your way down to the bottom hem. Make sure to use smooth strokes and apply gentle pressure for the best results.

Ironing the shirt front - how to iron mens dress shirt


Ironing a dress shirt may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can get a crisp and professional-looking shirt in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct way to iron a man's shirt?

Start from around the arm pit area, iron toward the cuff, and away from the bottom hem. For cotton shirts, iron slightly damp with a hot iron lengthwise, not in circular motions.

How should you iron a dress shirt?

Spray the collar with water, iron from the middle outwards to the tips. Iron the cuff on the inside then outside. Iron around the buttons towards the edges and don't forget the front panels.

How do you unwrinkle a men's dress shirt?

Re-dry the shirt with a damp towel. For new shirts, use starch and for fully wrinkled items, put them back in the dryer.

How do you iron a shirt step by step?

Start by pressing the cuffs flat on the board, then lay the sleeve across. Start with the top of the sleeve, then the bottom. For the collar, lay the underside facing up and iron from the middle. Press it outward.

Should you iron a shirt when it is wet or dry?

Iron when slightly damp, adding steam to iron the shirt properly.

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