2023 Update: How to Get Volume in Hair Men

Are you tired of limp and lifeless hair? Do you want to learn how to get volume in hair men for that extra boost of confidence?

Look no further as we dive into the latest techniques and tips to achieve voluminous hair that will turn heads and have you feeling your best.

In this article, we will explore various methods such as sea salt sprays, volumizing shampoos, perms, and styling products that can help you achieve the hair volume you desire. Keep reading to discover the secrets to luscious locks in 2023!

If you’re searching for ways to add volume to your hair, then you’ve clicked on the right link. Our focus is on how to get volume in hair men, and we guarantee that you’ll find valuable information in this post.

So, sit back, take notes, and let’s get started!

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Factors That Affect Hair Volume in Men

There are various factors that can affect the volume of men’s hair, including:

  • Age: As men age, their hair may start to thin, losing volume and texture. This is due to a decrease in hormone production and changes in hair growth cycles.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalances, such as those caused by thyroid or testosterone issues, can also contribute to hair loss and reduced volume.
  • Diet: A poor diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can result in weak and lifeless hair that lacks volume. Consuming a diet rich in protein, iron, and B vitamins can help improve hair health and increase volume.
  • Environmental stressors: Exposure to environmental stressors such as pollution and UV rays can damage hair and lead to breakage and hair loss, thereby reducing volume. Wearing protective hairstyles and using hair products with anti-pollution properties can help minimize the effects of environmental stressors.
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Hair Factors - how to get volume in hair men

How to Get Volume in Hair Men Naturally

1. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are a natural way to promote hair growth and enhance blood circulation. Using your fingertips, apply pressure and rub your scalp while shampooing or taking a shower.

This will help you get increased volume in your hair.

2. Blow-Dried Hair

Blow-drying your hair is an effective way to add volume to it. Choosing the right heat settings and techniques while blow-drying can make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Use a round brush to lift the hair at the roots and blow-dry using high heat and low speed.

3. Sea Salt Spray

Using a sea salt spray is an effortless way to add volume and texture to your hair. The salt content in the spray will eliminate moisture from the hair, giving it a natural, beachy look.

Apply the sea salt spray on damp hair and let it air dry, or blow-dry using your fingers for added texture.

Note: To get the best outcome, you can combine all the methods mentioned above!

Men's Hair - how to get volume in hair men

Styling Techniques for Hair Volume

1. Choosing the Right Haircut and Hairstyle

The right haircut and hairstyle can make a huge difference in increasing the volume and thickness of men‘s hair. Short haircuts, layered haircuts, and styles with textured elements such as bangs or layers work best for adding volume.

Choosing the Right Haircut and Hairstyle - how to get volume in hair men

2. Using Sea Salt Spray

If you want to give your hair a boost, using a sea salt spray can do wonders for adding volume and texture to your hair. The salt works by removing moisture from the hair, resulting in a voluminous look.

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Simply spray the salt spray on your damp hair and style as desired.

Using Sea Salt Spray - how to get volume in hair men

3. Applying a Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a great product for adding volume to hair. This styling product provides grip and thickness to your hair, making it easier to style and add volume.

Apply hair mousse to your damp hair and style as desired.

Applying a Hair Mousse - how to get volume in hair men

4. Using a Round Brush

A round brush is useful for adding volume and texture to your hair. It helps to lift the roots, giving your hair a fuller look.

To achieve optimal results, use a round brush while blow drying your hair.

Using a Round Brush - how to get volume in hair men

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair wax add volume to hair?

No, hair wax is used for styling and hold, but it does not add volume to hair.

Is the length of the hair important in getting volume?

Yes, the length of the hair can affect the volume. Shorter hairstyles tend to look thicker and fuller compared to longer styles.


Getting volume in men’s hair can be achieved by using the right techniques, products, and styles. Experiment with different products like sea salt spray, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and styling products like gels and mousses.

Make sure to also consider your hair type and get a good haircut to enhance its natural texture and thickness. Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet and avoid over-washing your hair to keep it strong and healthy.


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