How Should Men Wear Striped Pants?

Being aesthetic is the latest craze. And what piece could be more stylish than a pair of striped pants matched flawlessly with the appropriate shirts and accessories? There are various striped pants colors, shapes, and styles. But when it comes to styling striped pants, you might not know where to begin, as it is one of the most daring pieces of clothing in your closet.

Like most people, you probably feel hesitant about wearing striped pants. Aside from not being able to pull off this look, there’s a tendency that you will look like a clown when worn incorrectly. But wearing stripes nicely depends on understanding what to pair them with.

Don’t worry if you’re having problems picking the perfect striped clothing. If you have any questions or concerns about how to style your stripes, you have come to the right website.

Different Types of Stripes 

Bengal Stripes

Men’s clothing textiles frequently have this striped pattern. Yes. Even pants. This design has stripes of the same width, spaced at 14″ distances, and consistently placed with two neighboring and alternately light and dark colors. They are the same width as both awning stripes and candy stripes.

Awning Stripes

Awning stripes, sometimes known as cabana stripes, are striking. Of all the stripes, this one is the widest. These stripes have constant, equal spacing. It is always printed on a lighter background. It often consists of vertical stripes of a single color. It looks like the design found on awning fabrics. And although such large stripes can be striking, they can also be attractive with the appropriate silhouette.

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This design, standard in tailoring, has significantly thicker lines also spaced widely apart. The lines are more of a pin’s width than a hair’s width. In general, stripes can be categorized into those with uniform and irregular spacing. The former is exemplified by the hairline, while the latter is by the pinstripe.

Pencil Stripe

This type of stripe slightly increases fabric thickness, usually two or three threads instead of one. Additionally, the color stripes and backdrop are typically not even, which is the same as a pinstripe. This is the narrowest stripe that can yet look beautiful on its own.

Music Stripe

A music stripe is similar to a pencil stripe in terms of thickness and spacing but is more frequently encountered in two colors. Because it resembles music notation staves, it has that name.

Side Stripe

The side-striped pattern is one form of a stripe consistently visible in pants. This type of pattern has vertical stripes on the side of the pants. This design is typically found in jeans and athletic joggers.

What to Wear with Men’s Striped Pants

Plain Shirts

Striped pants look best when worn with a simple white top, especially when dressing casually. The white t-shirt maintains the attention on the jeans and prevents you from seeming overly crowded. 

Keep your appearance simple and fashionable by wearing a plain white top with your striped pants. To make your thick stripes stand out, we advise choosing a tee in a solid color. But, as long as they match your jeans, you can undoubtedly wear other colors as well.

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White t-shirts are a simple outfit to pair with stripes without looking overly complicated. Tuck your shirt in and wear your watch if you’re concerned about appearing too casual. You’ll immediately appear more stylish by doing so.

Leather Jackets

Wearing a leather jacket over a pair of striped pants is one of the most contemporary ways to elevate your look. A black leather jacket is ideal in chilly months to give your ensemble some edge. It also helps break up the stripes and gives you a polished, stylish appearance. Of course, round off your ensemble with a pair of white sneakers, boots, or loafers for a more polished, sophisticated style.

Denim Jackets

Striped pants go with everything, just like denim jackets do. To keep things simple, match the color of your denim jacket to the color of your striped pants. For example, if your denim jacket is primarily blue, pair it with blue striped pants. As these colors go well with stripes of any hue, you have more possibilities if it’s black or white. This is an excellent option if you want to appear relaxed and comfortable, especially on a day out.

Striped Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

Now that we’ve established the certain clothing pieces you can wear with your striped pants. It is time to try on some outfit ideas.

White Striped Pants Outfits

  • If you want to look more put-together yet relaxed, pair a tan polo with white slacks with vertical stripes. And the safest way to add a touch of class to your ensemble is to complete it with dark brown leather double monks.
  • Pairing vertical-striped white pants and an olive shirt is a simple way to add seamless appeal to your current off-duty wardrobe. Adding a pair of black suede driving shoes instantly improves the look.
  • The ideal way to add extra cool to your everyday wardrobe is with a beige short sleeve shirt and white vertical striped trousers. And wearing white canvas low-top shoes is a simple way to add an extra dash of refinement to this look.
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Gray Striped Pants Outfits

  • When you need to look sharp but don’t have time to spare, the casual outfit of a light blue long-sleeve shirt and gray vertical striped pants is a lifesaver. Also, you can wear a pair of black leather sandals to give this ensemble a more laid-back feel.
  • Think about pairing a gray pair of vertically striped slacks with a navy double-breasted jacket for an outfit fit for a modern, sartorially astute man. You can add a couple of brown leather desert boots to your outfit to add some originality.
  • Every sartorialist should have a pair of gray pants with vertical stripes and a charcoal zip-neck sweater in his off-duty wardrobe. And don’t forget that even your most casual outfits will look more put together when you wear black leather double monks.

The Bottom Line

Although striped pants are stylish, some guys find them challenging to wear. But in actuality, though, striped pants—especially vertically striped ones—go with practically everything in your closet since they’re so functional, appealing, and unquestionably stylish.

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