How Much Is Erica Mena Worth Today?

Erica Mena is a popular reality TV personality known for appearing on shows like Love and Hip Hop: New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. She has also dabbled in modeling and music, which has contributed to her growing fan base.

With her fame and success, many people are curious about Erica Mena’s net worth and how much she has earned over the years.

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Early Life

Erica Mena was born on November 8, 1987, in The Bronx, New York City. She had a difficult childhood, as her father was a drug dealer, while her mother sold drugs for him.

When Erica was just a year old, her mother was sent to prison while pregnant with Erica’s younger brother. She gave birth to him while still in jail, and Erica grew up without her mother.

Erica was exposed to the streets at a young age due to her father’s involvement with drugs. Erica had to grow up fast during her childhood and often faced many hardships.

As a result of her upbringing, Erica turned to modeling.

Erica Mena modeling

Fun Fact: Erica Mena was discovered by R&B singer Chris Brown on Instagram!

Career Beginnings

Erica Mena started her career as a model and video vixen, with appearances in various hip-hop music videos for artists such as Chris Brown, Fabolous, Akon, and Fat Joe. In 2009, she gained further exposure when she was cast as a troublemaking Dash employee on the E! reality show “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami.”

Despite facing difficulties in her childhood due to her parents’ involvement in drug dealing, Erica went on to pursue her dreams and become successful in the entertainment industry. Her career has since diversified into acting and music as well.

Erica Mena


Erica Mena’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million, and her biggest breakthroughs are her appearances on reality shows and her endorsements.

Erica’s career kicked off in 2009 when she appeared on the E! reality show “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” as a Dash employee. Her career in the entertainment industry started as a model and video vixen.

She was featured in several hip-hop music videos, including “Show Me What You Got” by Jay-Z, “Dance (Ass)” by Big Sean, and “Love in This Club” by Usher.

Erica’s biggest breakthrough in the industry was her appearance on the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in 2013, which helped her gain a significant amount of fame and recognition. She also appeared on other reality shows such as “Kandi’s Wedding,” “Wild ‘N Out,” and “Scared Famous.”

In addition to her reality show appearances, Erica has made a lot of money through her endorsements. She has worked with brands such as Lucid Cosmetics, Fashion Nova, and Celfie Cosmetics to name a few.

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Erica Mena’s Biography

Erica Mena is a reality TV personality, model, author, and actress born on November 8, 1987, in The Bronx, New York City, USA. She had a tumultuous childhood and started working as a model at the age of 14 to support herself.

Erica gained popularity for being a video vixen, appearing in music videos for renowned artists such as Chris Brown, Fabolous, Akon, and Fat Joe.

In 2009, she appeared in the E! reality show “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” as a troublemaking Dash employee, which brought her into the media spotlight. Erica also wrote an autobiography in 2013, titled “Underneath It All,” where she discussed her struggles, controversies, and personal life details.

Erica Mena has also been a part of several reality TV shows, including “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” “The Show with Vinny,” and “Bad Girls Club.” Additionally, she has also acted in movies and TV shows such as “Redemption of a Dog,” “Master of None,” and “CSI: Cyber.”

With her vast array of talents, she has accumulated a considerable net worth.

Now, the question arises, “how much is Erica Mena worth?”

Erica Mena Social Media Profiles

Erica Mena is a starlet who knows exactly how to leverage her social media presence to promote her brand, connect with fans, and monetize her influence.

With over 6 million followers on Instagram alone, Erica keeps her fans up-to-date with her latest projects, endorsements, appearances, and behind-the-scenes moments from her personal and professional life. Through her posts, stories, and live videos, Erica also shares her thoughts on love, life, and success, and inspires her followers to believe in themselves and their dreams.

As a social media influencer, Erica has collaborated with several brands, including Fashion Nova, Flat Tummy Co, and Teami Blends, to endorse their products and create sponsored posts. She has also launched her own fashion line, HER by Erica Mena, to offer her fans affordable and stylish outfits that reflect her signature bold and sexy style.

Erica’s social media profiles are not only a reflection of her personality and interests but also a powerful tool for her career and financial growth. By tapping into the power of social media, Erica has elevated her status from a video vixen to a multi-faceted entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Erica Mena Social Media Profiles

Fun Fact: Erica Mena’s Instagram handle is @iamerica_mena.


Erica Mena has been featured on the cover of various magazines throughout her career, including KRAVE, Rolling Out, Smooth, and XXL. She has also been featured in publications such as Maxim and FHM.

In addition to her magazine features, Erica Mena has also delved into publishing and editing. She released her own book, a memoir titled “Underneath It All,” in 2013.

She also served as the editor-in-chief for the short-lived publication HER Source, which focused on female contributions to hip-hop culture.

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Personal Life

Erica Mena is a reality television personality, actress, author, and model known for her appearance in the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. Erica has been in a handful of relationships, and she has been married twice.

In 2018, Mena began dating Safaree Samuels, and they got married in 2019. In February 2020, the couple welcomed a daughter named Safire together.

Erica Mena has been quite open about her life’s struggles, including the difficult childhood she had, which involved her mother being incarcerated. She has also been linked to various scandals and controversies throughout her career.

Despite her struggles, Erica Mena has managed to build a successful career in the entertainment industry and has accumulated wealth from her reality TV appearances, modeling, and product endorsements. It is estimated that Erica Mena’s net worth is around $4 million as of 2021.

Erica Mena’s Real Estate

Erica Mena is a successful businesswoman in the real estate industry with a net worth of $1 million. She owns several properties throughout the United States, including her luxurious 4,500-square-foot waterfront home in New Jersey sold for $1.195 million.

Moreover, Erica Mena is known for her investment projects in the real estate industry, including renovation and decoration projects.

Erica Mena co-founded a real estate firm called “Experiential Ventures (EXP)” along with her partner, Mark Fuerst. EXP specializes in hospitality, food, and beverage, branding, retail, entertainment, and real estate.

They have worked on several successful projects throughout the United States, including the design of a renowned nightclub in South Carolina.

As for Erica’s other businesses, she also runs a skincare line called “Her” by Erica Mena, which focuses on organic and natural ingredients. Erica is very devoted to Her, and she regularly uses the products herself.

In conclusion, Erica Mena has made a name for herself in the real estate industry, and her various businesses have contributed significantly to her net worth. Despite her difficult childhood, Erica has worked hard to achieve financial success and to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Erica Mena’s Net Worth

Erica Mena is a multifaceted personality who has made significant gains in the entertainment industry through acting, modeling, singing, and featuring in Musicals. Erica Mena’s net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is $1 million, as of 2021.

Erica Mena’s past experiences made her the strong woman she is today; she worked hard to earn her place in the industry. Though she wouldn’t be considered a high net worth individual compared to other celebrities who have made fortunes, she has made a significant achievement in the entertainment industry.

Erica has been featured in various reality shows. She appeared on the “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” series in 2009, which gained her a substantial fan base.

In 2011, she joined the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” where she was known for her controversial personality. Erica left the show in 2015 but returned in 2019 for its ninth season.

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She has also appeared in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” where she caused a stir among its usual cast.

Aside from the reality shows, Erica has also featured in Music videos for several Hip-hop artists, including Chris Brown, Fabolous, Akon, and Fat Joe. She has also made notable appearance in the industry through modeling and acting in various movies and television series.

Erica’s past experiences and hardships have not limited her from exploring and navigating the entertainment industry. With more career opportunities present in the industry, she could increase her net worth in future years.

Career Highlights

Erica Mena is a multi-talented personality, active in various fields. She started her career as a model and video vixen, appearing in multiple music videos for renowned artists like Chris Brown, Fabolous, Akon, and Fat Joe.

Erica gained widespread recognition for her appearance in the E! reality show “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” in 2009, where she played the role of a troublemaking Dash employee. Furthermore, Erica Mena has also been part of several seasons of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchises, including “New York” (2011-2015, 2019-2020) and “Atlanta” (2018, 2020-present).


  • What are Erica Mena’s most popular songs? Erica Mena is popularly known for her reality TV work, and she has not released any commercially successful songs as of yet.
  • How many children does Erica Mena have? Erica Mena has two children, a son, and a daughter.
  • Where can I see Erica Mena’s latest fashion looks? Erica Mena is known for her impeccable fashion sense and regularly shares her latest fashion looks on her Instagram handle, @iamerica_mena, which has over 6 million followers.
  • What are some controversies surrounding Erica Mena? Throughout her career, Erica has been involved in several high-profile controversies, including physical altercations on Love & Hip Hop and conflicts with co-stars. However, despite these controversies, Erica has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.
Erica Mena’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as per CelebrityNetWorth.


Erica Mena’s impact on entertainment, fashion, and entrepreneurship is quite notable despite her difficult childhood. She gained recognition through her appearances in various hip-hop music videos and later gained further fame with the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Mena’s net worth, according to CelebrityNetWorth, is $1 million. Apart from modeling and acting, she has also ventured into entrepreneurship as a partner in Experiential Ventures (EXP), which is a team of hospitality, food & beverage, branding, retail, design, entertainment, and real estate leaders.

Mena’s rise to fame is a testament to her hard work and resilience, and she continues to inspire many in the entertainment industry.


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