Here Are the Types of Hooded Jackets Men Should Go For

The realm of outerwear fashion for men is vast, with men having an option for a jacket for all sorts of dress codes and aesthetics. Jackets not only offer practical purposes to keep you warm and sheltered, but they also help you give a very strong style statement. Particularly, men cannot get enough of the jackets that come with a hood.

Various kinds of details are added to jackets to make them more stylish and comfortable. One of these is the hood, the extra fabric attached to the collar area of the jacket to shield your ears, neck, and head from cold. These jackets can be of many types, such as a fleece jacket, a leather jacket with a hood, a parka jacket, or the warm down-filled puffer jacket.

Hooded Jackets: Epitome of Ruggedness

Hooded jackets fuse the athletic and casual look of a hoodie along with the smart look of a jacket. You get the benefits and style of both garments in one piece, with a class of its own. Even if you opt for them just for fashion, you cannot deny how well these jackets guard you against wetness and winds.

Fashion savvy men consider hooded jackets a personification of laid-back ruggedness. Therefore, these jackets are one of the most sought-after choices when you want to look rugged during winter, fall, or spring seasons (or even summers with your lightweight hooded jackets). With a range of styling options, hooded jackets give you a dashing, masculine look, perfect to portray a dapper’s fierce, gutsy attitude.

Hooded jackets are also largely inspired by pop culture. Celebrities and famous athletes often make appearances wearing different types of jackets with hoods.

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Popular Hooded Jacket Styles for Men

If you are seeking a hooded jacket to amp up your style quotient, we have curated a list of different hooded jackets that men can opt for. Remember that all of these jackets vary in weight, style, and silhouette, so you can choose an option that will suit you. You can also go for the colors according to your persona and the kind of statement that you want to give, such as a red leather jacket for men to look appealing and powerful.

Biker Jacket with a Hood

The cool and sexy biker jacket is all the rage, and it definitely deserves fame. Also known as the motorcycle jacket, it is a close-fitting and protective outerwear that motorcyclists usually wear. Biker jackets with a jersey or leather hood are even better, as they can keep your head, ears, and neckline from the wind. To give off punky/rocker vibes.

You can opt for a men’s biker leather jacket with a hood in black for the quintessential badass look, or try different colors to take your streetwear game up a notch.

Hooded Bomber Jacket

If there is a jacket better than the hooded bomber jacket in terms of timelessness and feel-good quality, we are yet to see any. With its cinched waistband, cuffs, and other classic features, the bomber jacket is incredibly stylish and comfortable, a fusion that is not always easy to find. Adding a hood to the jacket makes it edgy and even more street appropriate.

Hooded bomber jackets are an integral part of athleisure wear so you can layer them over sports jerseys, joggers, and even your favorite sweatpants.

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Parka Jacket

The heavy, insulating parka with a hood is a staple for your winter wardrobe. The hip-length jacket is bulky and roomy, serving as layering on the days when winter gets serious. The hood is usually lined with thick fur, while the jacket’s outer shell is water resistant. These features keep you completely shielded from snow and frosty winds, besides giving you a voguish look.

Shearling Leather Jacket

When you are choosing the perfect leather jacket for yourself, pick one with a shearling lining, depending upon the weather. A shearling leather jacket with a hood is absolutely warm and highly comfortable due to the soft lining of wool. It surely is a great winter jacket, no lesser in terms of style. Besides keeping you cozy, the shearling fleece gives opulent, high-end vibes to your outfit.

Puffer Coat

Enlisting hooded jackets without adding the puffer jacket wouldn’t be a fair deal. The puffer jacket, also known as the down jacket, is one of the most popular quilted jackets for fall and winter, primarily due to its excellent insulation and unparalleled style. The hooded puffer jackets can be filled with duck or goose feathers, making them the warmest winter outerwear. The presence of a hood is an added feature that adds to the protection, warmth, as well as style. fashionable vibes.

Hooded Leather Vest

A hooded leather jacket without sleeves is a great piece to have in your wardrobe to create multiple smart looks. It is a very practical jacket, as being sleeveless, it lets your inner layer get better exposure. You can wear the hooded vest over stylish henleys, full-sleeved t-shirts in solid colors, turtlenecks, flannels, or trendy collared shirts. They make a great layering option for everyday wear and casual occasions.

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Hooded Fleece Jacket

Super lightweight, soft and breathable, you can hardly ever go wrong with the fleece jackets. Hooded fleece jackets largely opt as a middle layer for winter outfits or a top layer for spring and fall ensembles. Fleece jackets are from synthetic or natural fleece, making them incredibly soft and fuzzy. Besides the soft feel, fleece jackets with a hood can instantly make you look charming and well dressed. Just don a hooded fleece jacket over navy jeans and a white crewneck t-shirt, and you will appear dapper without much effort.

Rain Jacket

We just can’t do without our hooded waterproof jackets, can we? Not only are they a must-have to save your outfit from getting drenched, but they also look quite good. A hooded rain jacket will keep you warm and dry in the pouring rain.

If you live in a place where rainfall happens frequently, you need to go for a stylish raincoat as you will be wearing it quite often. If you don’t want a plain black hooded rain jacket, you can use other solid colors and prints to make a unique style statement.

Hooded Denim Jacket

Lastly, the good old denim jacket with a hood is a jacket that finds its way into every man’s wardrobe for everyday styling. The hood of the denim jacket can be in a contrasting color, like grey or white. You can style the hooded denim jacket with a variety of casual staples.

Pick the type of hooded jacket for men that would fulfill your style needs in the most versatile way. Make sure you choose the right color, design, and fit for your hooded jacket to ensure a foolproof style.

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