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What is the danger of running from what frightens us? What happens when we let life pass us by? 

It’s easy to run from what frightens us or stand by and watch it pass. We often don’t know we’re doing it, but it happens daily when we procrastinate, when we avoid uncomfortable situations and when we build our lives around a ‘must-have path’ that someone else designed. It limits us in profound ways.  

I’m not interested in being a bystander and watching life flow by and take me with it. I have 2 feet. Why would I not use them to move as I see fit? They are a part of me – as are my choices. 

What does it mean to ‘lean into a situation’? What happens when we do that instead of when refusing to move or being carried away by a trend or a moment? 

Learning to lean into life’s situations expands our range. We have more freedom, less restriction and more abilities in life. We have to be aware of our choices and embrace them. 

What is your attitude toward style? How much of what you choose is based on what others say is popular? 

My attitude towards style is shaped in the same way. 

I am not required to sit by and observe what someone else has deemed popular or essential. I may choose for myself. 

Why choose quality over trend? What can craftsmanship offer that mass-market can’t?

Choosing well-crafted pieces are a down payment on daily comfort, confidence in my appearance and the utility of my wardrobe. Quality isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s also practical. An item that was created with careful consideration of the material, colour and stitching will yield a return – longevity. 

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Quality pieces last longer. True or False? 

Pieces that last longer usually cost more – why make that investment in something?

An investment in longevity. An investment in something that I take pride in without seeking the approval of others through momentary trends or logos.  

Going with the flow sounds great, but what is the danger with personal style? How can a man – especially in today’s world – tell his story? 

It’s disastrous simply to adopt the style around us. To dress well and make the effort to choose is an act of self-respect. 

An active, visible step reminding you that you’re worth the investment.  

Jonathan B. Delfs

I love to write about men's lifestyle and fashion. Unique tips and inspiration for daily outfits and other occasions are what we like to give you at MensVenture.com. Do you have any notes or feedback, please write to me directly: [email protected]

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