Does Men’s Wearhouse Offer Alteration Services?

For those looking for alterations for their clothing, it’s important to know whether Men’s Wearhouse offers these services. In this article, we will focus on the question “does Men’s Wearhouse do alterations”.

What Services Does Men’s Wearhouse Offer?

Men’s Wearhouse offers a wide array of men’s clothing and accessories, including suits, dress shirts, ties, shoes, and more. However, one commonly asked question is: does Men’s Wearhouse do alterations?

The answer is yes, Men’s Wearhouse does offer alteration services. If you purchase a pair of slacks at any Men’s Wearhouse store, same-day hemming is available.

In case of immediate attention, our tailors can hem your pants while you wait. Basic alterations requests can be completed within 24 hours.

Additional alteration services include hem length adjustment, jacket and sleeve length adjustment, suit and jacket resizing, as well as tapering and slimming down of the garment.

At Men’s Wearhouse, we’ve been catering to men’s clothing and style needs for over 45 years. With our commitment to world-class customer service, we ensure that our customers not only get the best products but also outstanding alterations and tailoring services.

Note: For our customers’ convenience, we recommend booking an appointment for our alteration services. Please visit our website for more information.

Does Men’s Wearhouse Do Alterations?

Yes, Men’s Wearhouse offers alteration services for different types of clothing items. Specifically, they offer same-day hemming services if you purchase a pair of slacks at any Men’s Wearhouse store.

Their tailors can also handle basic alterations within 24 hours of your request. Whether you need alterations for a new purchase or an article of clothing you already own, Men’s Wearhouse is ready to help.

With over 45 years in the business, they are committed to providing world-class customer service to help men look their best.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Men’s Wearhouse offers alteration services that can be done at the store. The cost of the alteration services differs depending on the type of alteration needed.

For basic alterations like hemming pants, the costs range from $12 to $19. For jacket sleeves and sides, the cost is between $20 to $25.

Suits that require more detailed alterations like shoulder adjustments may cost between $30 and $35. The prices may vary depending on the location of the store or if there are promotions or discounts available.

It’s worth noting that discounts are offered if you become a Men’s Wearhouse rewards member, which can save you a few dollars off your alterations or any other services from the store. Additionally, purchasing items like suits or pants from the store and getting alterations on the same day entitles you to discounts on their alteration services.

How Long Does It Take?

Men’s Wearhouse offers same-day hemming services if a pair of slacks is purchased in-store. For basic alterations, a tailor can usually complete the request within 24 hours.

If immediate attention is required, tailors can also hem pants while customers wait. However, customized suits take longer to produce, starting at $400 and with prices increasing depending on the fabric choice.

Turnaround time for local tailors is typically one week, but if Men’s Wearhouse cannot complete the alteration, customers can opt to pick up their item as soon as possible and find another tailor.

What Are People Saying About Men’s Wearhouse Alteration Services?

Men’s Wearhouse is known for providing prompt and efficient alteration services, including same-day hemming for new purchases. Customers have praised the on-site tailors for their excellent workmanship and attention to detail.

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Men’s Wearhouse is also highly regarded for its customer service, with many customers commenting on the friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to go above and beyond to assist. Wait times are generally minimal, and the company is known for offering competitive pricing for its alteration services.

Some customers have noted that customized suits can take longer to arrive, with prices starting at $400. However, the final product is always of the highest quality, and the company offers a range of fabric choices to choose from.

Overall, customers have had positive experiences with Men’s Wearhouse alteration services, citing the quality workmanship, excellent pricing, and efficient service. For those in need of alteration services, Men’s Wearhouse is certainly a great option to consider.

Can Men’s Wearhouse Alter Custom Suits?

Yes, Men’s Wearhouse can alter custom suits bought from a different vendor or their own store. However, the limitations of the alteration service depend on the fabric choice of the suit and the complexity of the alterations requested.

Prices for customized alterations start at $400 and may increase depending on the requested changes. It is best to consult with a tailor on site to determine the feasibility and cost of the alterations.

Top Tips for Getting the Best Alteration Services at Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse is a one-stop-shop for all your tailoring needs. Whether you need same-day hemming or a more customized suit, Men’s Wearhouse is here to help.

Below are some tips to help you get the best alteration services possible:

1. Provide Clear Instructions to the Tailor

It’s essential to communicate your needs clearly to the tailor to ensure that you get the desired results. Be specific when explaining what you want to be done.

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2. Try on the Altered Garment Before Leaving the Shop

Before you leave the shop, try on the altered garment. This way, you can pinpoint any issues and request further alterations if necessary.

3. Be Specific About Your Desired Fit

Make sure that you communicate your desired fit to the tailor. Whether you prefer a looser or slimmer fit, letting the tailor know your desired fit will help them tailor the garment appropriately.

4. Understand the Shop’s Policies

It’s always a good idea to understand the shop’s policies before booking an appointment. It’s essential to know the turnaround time and the price of the services to avoid any misunderstandings.

At Men’s Wearhouse, we take pride in providing world-class tailoring services to our customers. Whether you need same-day hemming or a more customized suit, our team of expert tailors will take care of you.

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results.


Men’s Wearhouse offers a variety of alteration services to ensure that your clothing fits comfortably and looks great on you, with some basic alterations ready within 24 hours or even while you wait. Their long-standing reputation for providing high-quality customer service means that you can trust their expert tailors to make any necessary adjustments.

Whether you need alterations made to a recent purchase or an older item in your wardrobe, Men’s Wearhouse has got you covered. Visit one of their locations or contact their online shopping support for more information and to schedule your alteration appointment today!


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