Do Women Like Goatees? Find Out Now!

Goatees have been a popular style of facial hair for many years, but do women actually find them attractive? This topic has been heavily debated in online discussions, with various reasons for and against the appeal of goatees.

In this article, we will explore some key reasons why women may or may not like goatees and what impact this style of facial hair may have on attracting the opposite sex.

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Discover the hottest and most disliked facial hair styles according to women’s preferences.

Why Some Women Dislike Goatees

Longer Goatees Look and Feel Awkward

When goatees are too long, they can appear unkempt and make men seem less hygienic. Women prefer men who take good care of themselves, which may be difficult to gauge if a man has an unkempt goatee.

Goatees Can Come Across as Sinister

Men with goatees may be associated with negative personality traits such as being manipulative or conniving. It’s easy for women to get that impression due to the stereotypical image of a dark, sinister figure with a twisted goatee often portrayed in movies or literature.

Women Prefer Clean-Shaven or Fully-Bearded Men

Many women find clean-shaven men more attractive. They find them more professional-looking, giving off the impression of being more put-together and responsible.

On the other hand, some women prefer men with well-groomed, full beards as it can be a sign of masculinity and maturity.

Ultimately, the preference for facial hair is subjective and varies from person to person. Some women may find goatees attractive, while others do not.

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It’s necessary to ensure that the goatee is well-groomed and not too long, and always keep personal hygiene in check.

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Why Some Women Like Goatees

Stubble Goatees are Still Going Strong

One reason why some women like goatees is because of the popularity of the stubble goatee style among men. Many women find the rough and rugged look of the stubble goatee very attractive.

Goatees with Certain Face Shapes

Another reason why some women like goatees is because they can suit certain face shapes, such as square or oval, and can accentuate men’s facial features. Women tend to find men with well-groomed goatees that match their face shape more appealing.

Goatees with Certain Styles

Lastly, some men choose to style their goatee in unique ways, making it look classy, stylish and well-groomed, which can be a turn-on for women. These kinds of goatee styles are often associated with confidence and a good sense of style, which is attractive to many women.

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Goatee

Pros of Growing a Goatee

One of the main advantages of growing a goatee is that it instantly changes the impression a person makes. Goatees can help to convey a sense of authority or an edgier look.

Compared to a full beard, goatees require little maintenance which is a major plus for those who are looking for an easy-to-maintain facial hair style.

Cons of Growing a Goatee

One of the biggest disadvantages of growing a goatee is that it may make you look threatening or unapproachable. This applies especially if the goatee is long or poorly maintained.

Additionally, goatees may affect your chances of getting hired for a job or advancement at work as some employers may prefer clean-shaven faces. Finally, goatees require regular trimming and maintenance to look neat and tidy.

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Are Goatees Attractive? Who Looks Good with a Goatee?

Many women find goatees very attractive and it’s considered one of the popular beard styles for men. However, not everyone looks good with a goatee as this style depends on the face shape and hair growth pattern.

For example, a person with a square-shaped face would look better with a trimmed and well-defined goatee while a round-shaped face would suit a small and narrow goatee. A person with patchy hair growth should avoid this style as the patchiness becomes more apparent with a goatee.

On the other hand, men with a defined jawline and fuller hair growth can easily pull off a goatee. So, it’s all about personal preference and choosing the right style that suits your face shape and hair growth pattern.

Best Goatee Styles

Goatee styles have become popular among men in recent years, but do women like goatees? While this varies from woman to woman, many women find goatees to be attractive and a symbol of masculinity.

Here are some of the top goatee styles to consider:

The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke style, made popular by David Beckham and others, is a combination of a mustache and a goatee. It is a classic and sophisticated style that works well for formal occasions and can be trimmed to achieve a clean look.

Untrimmed Goatee

The untrimmed goatee is a trendy style that provides a casual and relaxed atmosphere. This style works best for men who prefer a more natural appearance and do not want to spend too much time grooming.

The Stubble Goatee

The stubble goatee is a popular style that features short and trimmed facial hair. This style works well for men who want a rugged and masculine appearance, and it requires minimal upkeep.

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The Pencil Goatee

The pencil goatee is a thin and well-defined style that requires attention to detail. This style works best for men with an oval or narrow face and requires regular shaving and grooming.

The Royale Goatee

The Royale Goatee is a unique style that features a small mustache and a triangular-shaped goatee. This style is perfect for men who want to stand out and be noticed as it provides a sense of grandeur and majesty.

Tip: Regardless of what goatee style you choose, it is important to keep it well-maintained and groomed to ensure it looks its best.

Common Questions About Women's Opinions on Goatees

Do Women Prefer a Full Beard or a Goatee?

While some prefer full beards, others find goatees very attractive, depending on the individual style and facial features of the man.

Are Goatees Still in Style?

Yes, goatees still have a place in many men's grooming routines and are quite popular among some men, although taste preferences are always changing.

What is the Best Way to Make My Goatee Look Good?

Regular maintenance and grooming, investing in quality trimmers and razors, and experimenting with different styles to find what works best for you.


Based on discussions online, individual preferences vary on goatees. Some women find goatees attractive, while others do not.

However, goatees can eliminate itching, irritation, and discomfort around the cheeks because they take a small area of the face. With proper grooming and upkeep, goatees can be a fashionable and clean grooming style for men.

It’s important to understand the possible pros and cons before deciding on a goatee style.


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