Do Women Approach Men? Tips to Boost Your Chances

Do women approach men? This is a question that has lingered in the minds of men for ages.

While men are expected to make the first move, many are left wondering if women also approach them. According to a study by Psychology Today, only about 20% of women initiate contact with men they find attractive.

The reasons can vary from societal norms to fear of rejection. Regardless, men can take steps to increase their chances of being approached by women by improving their confidence, appearance, and social skills.

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Why Women May Not Approach Men

There are various reasons why women may not approach men.

  • Natural Instincts: Women may feel intimidated or afraid of approaching a man and being rejected, as they may associate this with a loss of social status.
  • Safety Concerns: Women may worry about their safety, especially in public places or when approaching strangers, as they may face the risk of harassment or assault.
  • Conformity to Social Norms: Women may feel pressure to conform to gender norms and expectations, such as the idea that men should be the ones to initiate romantic or sexual interactions.

These factors can contribute to a reluctance among women to approach men, which can lead to missed opportunities for both parties.

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When and Why Women Approach Men

Contrary to popular belief, women approach men but under the following circumstances:

  • Sex Work: Women are likely to approach men when seeking sex at a cost or solicitation of sexual services.
  • Fan Culture: Women may approach men who are celebrities or public figures, a fandom culture that transcends social niceties and protocols.
  • Work Context: Women may feel compelled to approach men as part of their job duties or business purposes.
  • Perceived Social Value: Women are more likely to approach men who report, popularity, or perceived value to their lives than nervous, low ranking males.
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image of a woman approaching a man in a bar - do women approach men

Women do approach men, contrary to popular belief, but usually only under specific circumstances. Some of these circumstances include sex work, where women may approach men seeking sex in exchange for compensation or solicitation of sexual services.

Fan culture is another circumstance where women may approach men, specifically public figures or celebrities, as fandom culture often transcends social niceties and protocols. Women may also feel compelled to approach men as part of their job duties or for business purposes.

Furthermore, women tend to approach men who report higher popularity or perceived value to their lives, rather than those who are nervous or low-ranking.

How Men Can Boost Their Chances of Being Approached by Women

Yes, women do approach men. However, men can also increase their chances of being approached by women by improving their appearance and showing confidence.

Dressing neatly and stylishly, smelling nice, and presenting yourself as confident and independent can make you more attractive to women. Going to social events where women are expected to be and engaging in activities can also increase your chances of interacting with women who may be interested in you.

Additionally, showing confidence and being open and approachable can make you more appealing to women. Finally, do not fear rejection, as it is a chance to learn and grow.


Women approaching men is not very common. However, it doesn’t mean that women cannot approach men.

In general, women prefer men to make the first move, but there are still instances where women will approach men they find attractive.

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A study revealed that only 13% of women reported asking men out on dates, while 89% of men reported asking women out. This suggests that women are still more inclined to wait for men to take the initiative.

However, men can make themselves more approachable by building confidence, improving their physical appearance, and using positive body language. Attending social events and engaging in hobbies and interests can also help increase the chances of being approached by women.

It’s important to note that every individual is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dating. Some women may feel comfortable initiating the first move, while others may prefer to wait.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be respectful and communicate clearly with one another to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do girls ever approach a guy?

Girls will approach but it is very rare. Guys have the first round of selection generally.

Do guys like to be approached by women?

Men—like women—like being approached by women they like or find attractive.

Is it okay for girls to approach guys first?

A 2005 study in the Journal of Sex Research found that 72% of men prefer for women to make the first move.

How can a lady approach a guy?

One of the best ways to approach a guy without actually asking him out is to ask him an unrelated question or make eye contact with the person – especially if she's been checking you out, smile, and orient your body towards her.

Are women afraid of rejection when approaching men?

Women are terrified of rejection and will cry.

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