Do Men Wear Anklets? How to Style Them in 2023

Do men wear anklets? This is a question that has been asked for years.

Some men wear anklets for the same reason women do; as a fashion accessory, while others wear them for various cultural or spiritual reasons. In this article, we will discuss the different reasons men wear anklets and how men can choose the right anklets to fit their style.

Our focus keyword is “do men wear anklets”.

According to fashion experts, men’s jewelry has made a come back and it’s not just limited to watches and wedding bands. More and more men are now embracing accessories and jewelry, including anklets.

While it’s not as popular as other jewelry pieces, like bracelets or necklaces, some men find anklets to be a unique and stylish accessory. Cultural and spiritual reasons also play a significant role as men wear anklets for religious and traditional purposes.

In some cultures, anklets are worn for good luck or to show social status. There are also spiritual meanings attached to anklets, such as protection and grounding.

With all these different reasons, it’s safe to say that men do wear anklets, and it’s not just limited to a certain group of men.

Choosing the Right Anklets for Men

For men who want to try wearing anklets, it’s important to choose the right one that fits their personal style. When selecting an anklet, consider the material and design.

Leather and metal are popular choices that can give an edgy or rugged look, while beaded and woven designs look more bohemian or casual. The right anklet should also fit comfortably, not too tight or too loose.

Men can also experiment with layering anklets with other jewelry pieces, but should avoid overdoing it to prevent a cluttered and messy look. Finally, it’s important to consider the occasion and dress code when wearing an anklet.

It might be appropriate for casual events but not for formal occasions.

According to an article on The Spruce, when it comes to anklet design, men can choose from a variety of styles ranging from minimalist to elaborate. Minimalist anklets can be a simple leather or metal chain with minimal adornments, while elaborate anklets can have intricate designs with gemstones or charms.

The article also recommends getting the right size by measuring the ankle before purchasing an anklet to ensure a comfortable fit. When it comes to material, metal and leather are practical options for everyday wear, but for a more unique and eye-catching look, men can try anklets made of beads, ropes, or woven threads.

Additionally, Fashion is ers suggests that men can match their anklets with their outfits, such as wearing a beaded anklet with a beachy or summery outfit, or a sleek metal anklet with a leather jacket for an edgy look. Overall, when choosing the right anklet, men should consider their personal style, comfort, occasion, and outfit coordination.

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Check out this Youtube video: “Why do you wear an anklet? Sadhguru – YouTube” to learn about men’s jewelry and how it embodies a deeper meaning in spirituality (Yoga for Men).

History of Men Wearing Anklets

Men have been wearing anklets for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, anklets were worn by both men and women as a symbol of wealth and status.

In Indian culture, they are called “payals” and men wear them to show devotion to Lord Shiva. In contemporary culture, some men wear anklets as a fashion statement.

Yes, men have been wearing anklets for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, anklets were worn by both men and women as a symbol of wealth and status.

In Indian culture, they are called “payals” and men wear them to show devotion to Lord Shiva. In contemporary culture, some men also wear anklets as a fashion statement.

Why Do Men Wear Anklets?

Historically, anklets were initially used to restrain the ankles of slaves in ancient Egypt and evolved into a symbol of ownership. Nowadays, men wear anklets for different reasons.

Wearing an anklet on the left foot can represent a declaration of engagement, marriage, or the existence of a lover. However, some men wear anklets for fashion purposes as a statement piece that adds a touch of uniqueness to an outfit.

Others wear anklets as part of their spiritual or cultural tradition.

According to, “Throughout history, anklets have held deep significance.

How to Choose the Right Anklet for Men

Types of Anklets for Men

Yes, men can wear anklets and there are various types of anklets available for men. Leather anklets are the most popular among men as they are durable and have a masculine feel.

Beaded anklets are another popular choice as they come in a variety of colors and styles. Hemp anklets are also a great option for men who prefer a more eco-friendly and natural look.

Beach anklets, which are often made of shells or other beachy materials, are a perfect choice for a casual and laid-back look.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Anklet for Men

When choosing an anklet for men, there are several factors to consider. The first factor to consider is size.

Men’s ankles tend to be larger than women’s ankles, so the anklet should be the appropriate size for the man’s ankle.

The material of the anklet is another important factor to consider. Men’s anklets are made from various materials such as leather, metal, and beads.

It is crucial to select the appropriate material that is durable for everyday wear.

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Comfort should also be considered when choosing an anklet for men. The anklet should not be too tight or too loose, and it should be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Style is another factor to consider when choosing an anklet for men. There are various styles of anklets for men, ranging from simple and subtle to bold and noticeable.

Men should consider their personal style and whether they want the anklet to be a statement piece or a subtle addition to their outfit.

The intended purpose of the anklet should be considered as well. Some men may wear an anklet for religious or cultural reasons, while others may wear one for fashion.

Whatever the reason, the anklet should serve its intended purpose and be appropriate for the occasion.

Can Men Wear Anklets with Any Outfit?

Yes, men can wear anklets with any outfit. However, it is important to consider the style and color of the anklet before pairing it with an outfit.

Matching the anklet with the outfit is the key to creating a fashionable look.

According to fashion experts, anklets can be worn by men to accessorize their outfit. To ensure that the anklet complements the outfit, it is recommended to consider the color and style of the anklet.

Simple and minimalist designs are great for everyday wear, while more ornate and bold anklets can make a statement on special occasions. It is also important to ensure that the anklet is the right size and fits well with the outfit, such as not being covered by pants or shoes.

Ultimately, the key to wearing an anklet is to feel comfortable and confident in the look.

How to Style Anklets for Men


If you’re planning to wear an anklet as a man, there are a few things you can do to ensure you look fashionable and stylish. Firstly, wear it in a minimalist style to avoid looking too flashy.

Secondly, pair it with similar accessories such as bracelets or necklaces for a cohesive look. Finally, match it with your outfit’s color or material for a more put-together appearance.

By following these do’s, you can confidently wear an anklet and still look sharp.


When it comes to wearing anklets, there are a few “don’ts” that men should keep in mind. One of the biggest don’ts is wearing too many other accessories with your anklet.

The anklet should be the star of the show, so keep your other jewelry to a minimum. Additionally, be careful not to wear your anklet with an outfit that clashes with it.

You want your anklet to complement your outfit, not clash with it. Lastly, it’s generally not advisable to wear anklets with formal wear.

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Save your anklets for more casual occasions.


In conclusion, the question “do men wear anklets” has a straightforward answer – yes, they do. The wearing of anklets by men is not a new trend and has been present in many cultures and traditions for centuries.

Today, it has become a fashion statement and a way for men to express themselves. When selecting an anklet, men should consider the size, material, comfort, style, and intended purpose.

Men can also style their anklets by keeping it minimal and pairing it with similar accessories or outfits. Overall, the anklet can be worn with confidence and pride, no matter who you are or what your style is.

According to style craze, anklets have been worn by men for centuries in various cultures, including ancient Egypt, India, and Greece. They were often worn as a sign of wealth or status.

Anklets have also been worn traditionally by men in some African cultures, particularly in Kenya and Tanzania, where they are a symbol of initiation into adulthood.

According to The Trend Spotter, anklets have become a popular fashion accessory for men in recent years. Men are now wearing anklets with casual and formal outfits, and they come in a range of styles and materials, including leather, metal, and beads.

According to gq, when choosing an anklet, men should consider the fit and comfort, as well as the overall style. They recommend wearing an anklet that sits just above the ankle bone and avoiding wearing anklets with socks or shoes that cover them up.

Overall, men can confidently wear anklets and incorporate them into their fashion and style choices. Whether it is for cultural or fashion-related reasons, the anklet is a versatile accessory that can be worn by anyone who wants to express themselves and add some extra flair to their outfit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which leg should men wear anklet?

There are no rules about which ankle to wear an anklet on. You can choose the side that feels best to you, but if you are wearing other jewelry on one side, it's suggested to balance it out on the other.

Are anklets for men too?

Yes, there are great anklets available for both men and women, and each person can style and wear them in their unique way.

Do men wear ankle jewelry?

Some men wear ankle jewelry as a fashion statement, while for others it may have a deeper meaning such as submissiveness or a sexual fetish.

What do anklets symbolize for men?

Can men wear leather anklets?

Yes, men can wear leather anklets, which are typically made from cowhide leather and can be a stylish addition to any outfit.

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