Do Men Prefer Virgins in 2023?

Do men prefer virgins? This age-old question continues to baffle both men and women.

Let’s explore this controversial topic and see what experts have to say about it.

According to Dr. Justin Leh miller, a social psychologist, there is no one answer to this question as different men have different preferences. Some men may prefer virgins because of cultural or religious beliefs while others may not care about a woman’s sexual history.

In a survey conducted by le lo, a leading sex toy brand, it was found that only 12% of men considered virginity as a factor in a potential partner. In a different survey conducted by dating app okcupid, it was revealed that 80% of women who identified as virgins received fewer messages from potential partners compared to those who were not virgins.

This suggests that while virginity may still be valuable to some men, it is not something that is highly valued across the board. The idea that men prefer virgins may stem from patriarchal views that have been perpetuated for centuries.

However, it is important to note that a woman’s worth should never be determined by her sexual history. Virginity is a personal choice, and whether or not a person is a virgin should not affect the way they are perceived or treated.

In conclusion, while some men may prefer virgins, it is not a universal preference. It is more important to focus on finding a partner who respects and values you, regardless of your sexual history.

Virginity should not be viewed as a commodity or a measure of worth, but rather as a personal choice that should be respected. As our society continues to progress towards equality and respect for all individuals, the emphasis on virginity as an important factor in romantic relationships will likely continue to diminish.

Are Virgins truly the preferred choice for men?

Why are certain males attracted to inexperienced individuals?

Some men may prefer virgins for a variety of reasons. According to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, some men associate virginity with purity and perceive non-virgins as less clean.

Additionally, some men may feel intimidated by a more sexually experienced partner and prefer someone who shares the same level of sexual experience. However, it is important to note that not all men prefer virgins and that sexual experience does not determine a person’s worth or value in a relationship.

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It is important for individuals to prioritize mutual respect and communication in any sexual or romantic relationship.

What’s Wrong With Fetishizing Virgins?

Fetishizing virgins can perpetuate harmful stereotypes about women and their sexuality. It can lead to the objectification of women and reinforce the idea that a woman’s worth is tied to her purity.

Additionally, it can create pressure and shame for women who may not fit into societal expectations of what it means to be a “perfect” virgin. Ultimately, it is important to view individuals as more than their sexual histories and treat them with respect and dignity.

What Does Preferring Virgins Have To Do With Slut-Shaming?

The preference for virgins has been linked to the negative practice of slut-shaming. When men place a high value on virginity, it can lead to the shaming and judgment of women who are sexually active.

This can result in harmful stereotypes and stigmatization towards women who choose to have sex.

The idea that men prefer virgins can contribute to this harmful practice by perpetuating the belief that women who are not virgins are “damaged goods.” This can lead to a culture that values female virginity above all else, leading to the shaming of those who do not conform to this expectation.

It is important to challenge these harmful beliefs and work towards creating a more sex-positive and inclusive society.

Are Men Who Seek Out Virgins Insecure?

According to some experts, men who seek out virgins may have feelings of insecurity or sexual inadequacy. They may also feel competitive with previous sexual partners.

However, it is important to note that not all men who prefer virgins fall into this category. There may be various reasons why men prefer virgins such as personal preference, cultural or religious beliefs, or wanting to build a relationship with someone who has similar values.

Ultimately, the decision to engage in sexual activity should be based on mutual consent and respect between partners.

The Reality of Men’s Preferences

Is Virginity Still Valued in 2023?

According to various studies, there is still some value placed on virginity in 2023, but it is not as significant as it used to be. While some men still prefer virgins, many men are more interested in finding a partner who shares their values and personality rather than their sexual experience.

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It is important to note that virginity should not be a defining factor in a person’s worth, and everyone should be respected and valued regardless of their sexual past.

What Do Women Think About Men’s Preferences?

Women’s opinions on men’s preferences for virgins vary widely. Some women believe that it is crucial to be with someone who shares their level of sexual experience, while others feel that it does not matter.

It is important to respect each individual’s preferences and make decisions based on your own values. It’s worth noting that while some men may prefer virgins, this is not necessarily true for all men.

Ultimately, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your expectations and desires in any sexual relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do men really prefer virgins?

According to several studies, there is no clear evidence that men prefer virgins over non-virgins. In fact, many men prefer experienced partners who are comfortable with their sexuality.

However, cultural and societal norms may play a role in the perceived importance of virginity in certain contexts.

While some men may feel that they miss out on a “first experience” with a partner who is not a virgin, it is important to remember that sexual experience does not define a person’s worth or value in a relationship. Ultimately, what matters most is mutual respect, trust, and emotional connection.

Why do some men prefer virgins?

Some men may prefer virgins for various reasons, including the belief that they are more pure or innocent. In some cultures, a woman’s virginity is highly valued and seen as a symbol of purity and fidelity.

Additionally, some men may prefer a partner who shares the same level of sexual experience, while others may feel insecure about their own sexual abilities and find it comforting to be with a partner who has little to no sexual experience. However, it is important to note that this preference is not universal and may not be shared by all men.

It is also important to prioritize mutual respect and consent in any sexual relationship.

What are the harmful effects of fetishizing virginity?

Fetishizing virginity can lead to the objectification of women and reinforce harmful stereotypes about purity and sexuality. It can also perpetuate the patriarchal view that women’s worth is based on their sexual history and ability to please men.

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This can lead to pressure for women to conform to unrealistic and damaging standards in order to be seen as desirable. Additionally, the emphasis on virginity can make women feel shame and guilt for engaging in consensual sexual activity, which can negatively impact their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Overall, fetishizing virginity reinforces harmful societal norms and can have detrimental effects on individuals and society as a whole.


While some men may prefer virgins, it’s important to recognize that this preference is not universal and can have harmful effects. It’s important to prioritize finding a partner who is compatible with your personality and values, rather than their level of sexual experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do guys prefer virgins or experience?

Finally, some men prefer virgins because of their own insecurity: they feel self-conscious that women might compare them to previous partners.

Do every man prefer a virgin?

Especially the men who are themselves virgins want a virgin partner.

What is the possible explanation for males preferring virgin mates?

A number of studies looking at different species have found that males tend to prefer virgin mates.

Is it true that men want to hand over their virginity to women they trust?

It's very touching that they feel they can trust you enough and love you enough to want to hand over their virginity to you.

Can guys tell if you're a virgin?

No. In fact, some experts say there may be no way to tell if a woman is a virgin, even with gynecological tests.

Do girls find virgins less attractive?

Depends on the girl, everyone has different interests. Some girls prefer experienced men, because experience means better quality of sex in their minds. Others don't care, as long as they're with someone they care about then it doesn't matter to them or not.

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