Dark Grey Blazer Combinations: Stylish Outfit Ideas 2023

A dark grey blazer combination is a stylish choice for men in 2023. Not only is it versatile for both casual and formal events, but it is also perfect for color matching with different outfits.

Choosing the right color combinations can make a huge difference in your overall look, and a dark grey blazer is a perfect foundation for that. Let’s explore some ideas on how to match a dark grey blazer with other pieces in your wardrobe for a variety of occasions.

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Outfit 1: Shirt, Pants, and Grey Blazer

For a classic and sophisticated look, pair a dark grey blazer with a black or white shirt and black pants. This combination is perfect for a formal event or a work presentation.

On the other hand, you can go for a more casual look by pairing a light grey blazer with a white shirt and light-colored pants. This is perfect for a summer day out with friends or a date.

Another great combination is a dark grey blazer paired with a navy shirt and grey pants. This gives off a subtle pop of color without being too overwhelming.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pair a patterned shirt with a solid color blazer and pants. Just make sure the patterns complement each other and aren’t too loud.

Some other grey blazers that can complement different shirt and pants combinations include charcoal, heather grey, and steel grey.

dark grey blazer combinations

Pro Tip: When pairing your dark grey blazer with a black shirt, it’s important to make sure the fabrics are of different textures. This adds visual interest to the outfit and prevents it from looking too monochromatic.

Outfit 2: Shirt, Jeans with Grey Blazer Combination

A dark grey blazer is a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down. For a casual setting, pair your grey blazer with a simple white t-shirt, a pair of well-fitted blue jeans and white sneakers.

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The combination of the dark grey blazer with a light-colored t-shirt and blue jeans creates a great contrast. Make sure to choose the right pair of jeans— the darker shades of jeans, like indigo or navy, work well with a grey blazer.

You can also opt for slim fit or straight jeans to keep the look streamlined.

Another great option is to pair your grey blazer with a black t-shirt and black jeans for a more sophisticated and polished look. Accessorize with a leather belt and black dress shoes to complete the ensemble.

Remember, when it comes to matching your grey blazer with jeans, make sure to play around with the different shades until you find the perfect one that suits your personal style.

Outfit 3: T-shirts, Pants, and Grey Blazer

Dark grey blazers are a classic staple that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with a casual white t-shirt and khaki pants for a day out with friends.

Alternatively, try a black crew-neck shirt with dark grey chinos for a monochromatic look. If you want to add texture to your outfit, consider a navy or white striped t-shirt with dark denim jeans.

Another great option is to layer a black hoodie over a white t-shirt and pair it with dark grey sweatpants for a cozy yet stylish look. Don’t be afraid to explore different color combinations and patterns to add some depth to your outfit.

Dark grey blazer combinations

Outfit 4: Sweatshirt, Pants, and Grey Blazer

When it comes to fashion, bringing in a touch of athleisure to your look is always a great idea. Consider pairing a sweatshirt with pants and a dark grey blazer for a laidback but stylish look that is perfect for a casual day out.

The dark grey blazer adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit, making it a great option for running errands or meeting up with friends.

Try to keep the color scheme simple and muted to keep the overall look chic and not too busy. Opt for black or white pants to balance out the look and add a pair of trendy sneakers to complete the outfit.

A great fashion tip is to add minimal accessories to your outfit to not draw attention away from the blazer.

“I like guys who wear black unbuttoned suits, white shirts, and little ties. Really classy.” – Eva Longoria

Outfit 5: Shirts-Pants, Grey Blazer with Tie Combination

A dark grey blazer is a versatile piece that can transform any simple shirt and pants combination into a formal outfit suitable for any occasion where a tie is required. To make this outfit complete, it is crucial to choose the right tie that will complement the outfit.

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The first tip is to consider the color of the shirt and pants. If your shirt and pants are solid colored, it is best to choose a tie that has a pattern or texture to add depth to the outfit.

For example, a striped tie paired with a solid white shirt and dark grey pants is an excellent combination.

On the other hand, if the shirt and pants already have a pattern, opt for a solid colored tie. For instance, a dark grey blazer paired with a navy plaid shirt and khaki pants would work well with a solid red tie.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the tie’s color. Avoid pairing too many colors together in the outfit, and stick to a maximum of three colors.

The tie’s color should match or complement the dark grey blazer while keeping in mind the color of the shirt and pants. For instance, a black tie would work great with a solid white shirt, black pants, and a dark grey blazer.

Lastly, when it comes to patterns, choose a tie that is one size larger than the shirt pattern to create contrast. For example, if the shirt has thin stripes, go for a tie with larger stripes or a graphic pattern.

Remember, the key is to keep the outfit simple and let the dark grey blazer and tie combination take center stage!

Outfit 6: Shirts-Pants, Grey Blazer with Trench Coat

A dark grey blazer is a versatile piece of clothing that can elevate any outfit. By pairing it with a trench coat, you can create a polished and stylish look while staying warm in colder weather.

To pull off this combination, choose a well-fitted dark grey blazer and pair it with a white or light-colored button-down shirt and dark-colored pants. Then layer the trench coat over the blazer to create a modern and polished look.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures for the trench coat, but keep it sleek and sophisticated to avoid overwhelming the look. Completing this outfit with a pair of polished dress shoes will give you a smart and sharp look that can work for both casual and dressy occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a dark grey blazer be worn with shorts?

While a dark grey blazer can be paired with shorts for a more formal look, it might not be the best match for a summer outfit. Instead, try pairing the blazer with chinos or lightweight trousers and a crisp shirt for a smart-casual look.

Q: Can you wear brown shoes with a dark grey blazer?

Yes, you can wear brown shoes with a dark grey blazer. Opt for shades like tan, cognac or chocolate brown to pair with your blazer. Ensure to balance the colors of your outfit by wearing a lighter shade of trousers or chinos.


A dark grey blazer is a versatile and timeless piece that every man should have in his wardrobe. The combinations and ideas discussed in this article show how the blazer can be worn for different occasions, from casual to dressy.

Pairing it with different colors of shirts, pants, and shoes can give different looks that speak of masculinity, sophistication, and class. It can also be mixed and matched with different materials and accessories to add texture and variety.

Whatever the outfit – whether it’s sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts or tuxedos, shimmery fabrics, and ornate details – a dark grey blazer can provide a perfect base for many looks. It can be a statement piece or blend in with the rest of the outfit.

The possibilities are endless, and with its timeless appeal and versatility, it will never go out of style.


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