Chinos with Boots: The Ultimate Style Guide for 2023

Chinos with boots is a great way to elevate a casual outfit or add a stylish touch to a business-casual attire. Here are seven essential tips for pulling off the chinos with boots look, perfect for any modern man who wants to stay sharp and fashionable.

Choose Tapered Chinos

For a sleek look, always opt for chinos that have a tapered silhouette. Wide leg openings can look awkward and unrefined when paired with boots.

Slimmer chinos will provide a neater look to your outfit as they will hug your legs without bunching around your ankles when you wear boots.

Cuffing Chinos

Cuffing chinos can look amazing when done right. It is important to keep it minimal to avoid the “flood pants” look.

Cuffing will help to highlight your boots and add a stylish touch to your outfit.

Consider Stacking

Another technique to try is stacking – a popular trend in men’s fashion.

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1. Choose The Right Fit

When it comes to wearing chinos with boots, the right fit is a must. Opt for chinos that have a tapered silhouette with slim or skinny fit.

This style helps to create a clean, streamlined look. Avoid wearing wide leg openings as it can make you look awkward and unbalanced.

The perfect chino fit should sit above the hips at the natural waist and be fitted around the knee and hips without being tight. The pant should gently taper from the knee down and sometimes gather slightly around the ankle.

chinos with boots

2. Cuffing Chinos Works Well

Cuffing or rolling the hem of your chinos can create a stylish and trendy look when wearing boots. It’s also great for showing off your boots.

When cuffing your chinos, make sure it’s not too wide, a 2-inch cuff is enough. If you’re going for a neat and polished look, avoid cuffing your chinos too high.

3. Consider Stacking But Be Careful

Stacking involves allowing your chinos to stack up over your boots’ shaft, creating a sleek and laid back appearance. It’s a great option if you’re going for a casual look, and when done correctly, it can create an edgy style.

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However, be careful when stacking, as too much stacking can ruin the look and make you look sloppy. Always ensure that the length of your chinos is not too long to avoid excessive stacking.

4. Lace-ups Work Well For Casual Dress Codes

When wearing chinos with boots, it’s important to choose the right footwear. Lace-up boots work well with chinos and are perfect for casual dress codes.

You can pair a brown chino with a black boot, or vice versa, to create a harmonious look. When wearing lace-ups, make sure the laces are tied properly and not too tight to avoid bunching of your chinos.

Footwear options for a business casual attire include chukkas and Chelseas.

If you’re wearing chinos with boots to your office or for any business casual event, Chukka and Chelsea boots are the best options. They’re sleek, stylish and are great for complementing your outfit.

When worn with a blazer or dress shirt, this look creates a sophisticated style that shows you mean business.

Refrain from wearing boots and chinos for formal dress codes.

Boots and chinos are great for casual and business casual events, but they’re not appropriate for formal dress codes. If you’re attending a formal event such as a wedding or a black-tie event, it’s best to avoid wearing boots and choose shoes like Oxfords or loafers instead.

Brogue designs frequently have an impressive appearance.

Brogue-patterned boots are an excellent option when wearing chinos. They create a classic and elegant look while adding a bit of personality to your outfit.

When wearing brogue-patterned boots, ensure that they’re not too bold, and they complement your outfit instead of clashing.

Make sure to carefully match your chinos and boots for a cohesive and stylish look.

2. Cuff Up Your Chinos

Cuffing up your chinos is an excellent way to showcase your boots while adding a unique touch to your outfit. When choosing to cuff up your chinos, be sure to carefully consider the length and the number of folds you make.

Aim to have the bottom edge of the cuff sit against the top edge of the boot opening, but don’t go too high, or it will look awkward.

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Cuff Up Your Chinos

When wearing chinos with boots, it is best to stick with a double-rolled cuff to fully expose the boots. Depending on the type of boot you’re wearing, you may need to adjust the length of the cuff to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the boot design.

A single roll or a pinroll can work similarly to show off the boots while keeping the look tailored and put together.

Pro Tip: Iron down the cuffs of your chinos before rolling them up to achieve a more polished and crisp look.

Cuffing up your chinos can add much-needed structure to the outfit. You can experiment with the fold and the height of the cuff to see what works best for the style and occasion.

Overall, cuffing your chinos is a great way to add some flair to your look while showcasing your boots.

3. Stacking but Be Careful

When you want to achieve a more bulky style for your chinos and boots combination, stacking is a great option. However, you need to be cautious in doing so.

Excessive stacking can be sloppy and unappealing rather than stylish and sophisticated. A good rule of thumb is to keep the stacking at a maximum of two folds, ensuring that the hem is not longer than the ankle to avoid looking like you are wearing pants that are too long for you.

Stacking chinos with boots

Remember, moderation is the key to successfully pull off this look.

4. Lace-Up Boots For Casual Dress Codes

When it comes to casual dress codes, lace-up boots can add a touch of style to your outfit when worn with chinos. Opt for neutral colors such as black, brown, or white to keep it versatile and easy to match.

Lace-up boots create a sleek profile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Remember to choose chinos with a tapered silhouette and consider cuffing them to show off your boots.

Avoid wearing formal chinos with lace-up boots to maintain a casual and relaxed look.

Lace-Up Boots For Casual Dress Codes

5. Chukkas And Chelseas For Business Casual

Chukkas and Chelseas offer a sleek, professional look, making them perfect for business casual events or work settings. When pairing them with chinos, consider a tapered silhouette with a slight cuff to show off the boot design.

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Dark colored chukkas, such as black or dark brown, complement light-colored chinos, while light-colored chukkas can bring contrast to darker shades of chinos. With Chelsea boots, a shorter cut can complement a fitted chino while a taller boot can balance out wider leg openings.

Chukka and Chelsea boots

Adding a blazer or sport coat can elevate the look even further.

6. Avoid Boots And Chinos For Formal Dress Codes

When it comes to formal dress codes, it’s best to steer clear of boots and chinos. Instead, opt for dress shoes and trousers.

While boots and chinos can work well for casual and business casual occasions, they don’t have the formal look that’s necessary for events like weddings, job interviews, or formal dinners. Stick to traditional dress shoes and tailored trousers to ensure you look sharp and polished for these occasions.

7. Brogue Patterns Often Look Great

If you’re looking to elevate your chinos and boots combination, adding brogue patterns can add an extra element of style. The perforations and wingtips on brogues provide a unique texture, making your outfit more interesting.

Brogues are great for semi-formal occasions or adding personality to a smart-casual look. Keep the color of your brogues complementary to your chinos and opt for darker shades of brown for a more classic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear ankle boots with chinos?

Yes, ankle boots work great with chinos. Just make sure the length and color of your chinos complement the boots.

Can I wear colored chinos with boots?

Absolutely! Colored chinos can add some personality to your outfit. Just make sure the color complements your boots.


The combination of chinos with boots is a great way to add style to any outfit for men. Choose the right fit, cuff up your chinos, and wear the right boots for the occasion to create a versatile and unique look.

Whether going for a casual or professional look, chinos with boots will ensure a fashionable look.


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