Buzz Cut for Big Foreheads – 2023 Hairstyle Trend

The buzz cut hairstyle trend is perfect for men with big foreheads as it removes all hair from the head, leaving a practically bald look that can enhance your facial features. This low-maintenance, military-style haircut is gaining popularity not only for its ease but also for its stylish and edgy appearance.

In this blog post, we will explore the buzz cut big forehead trend, its benefits, and tips for getting the perfect buzz cut hairstyle.

Check out this Youtube video if you’re considering a buzz cut but unsure how it may look if you have a big forehead.

The creator shares their own experience and tips, including what they wish they had known before taking the plunge. Don’t miss out on this helpful advice!

What is a Buzz Cut?

A buzz cut is a stylish, low-maintenance military-inspired haircut that entails shaving most or all of your hair down with electric clippers. This ultra-short cut is ideal for men with big foreheads and oval face shapes, as it creates a clean, balanced look that is flattering and masculine.

Additionally, it’s a great option for guys with lean faces and strong features since it accentuates their features while providing a simple and easy-to-manage style.

Why Buzz Cut Works for Big Foreheads?

The buzz cut is a great hairstyle for people with big foreheads because it takes away the attention from the forehead, making it less noticeable. The buzz cut also provides a proportionate balance to the face which creates a clean and sharp look.

This hairstyle does not add bulk or volume to the hair, which is ideal for people with big foreheads. The low maintenance nature of the buzz cut also makes it an attractive option for people on the go.

Note: While the buzz cut can work for people with big foreheads, it’s not for everyone. Make sure to consult with a professional hair stylist before taking the plunge.

How to Get the Perfect Buzz Cut for Big Foreheads?

If you have a big forehead and want to rock a stylish low-maintenance haircut, a buzz cut may be perfect for you. Here are the steps to achieve the perfect buzz cut:

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Buzz Cut for Big Foreheads

1. Determine the Right Length

The length of your buzz cut will depend on your personal preference and the shape of your head. However, as someone with a big forehead, you will want to avoid going too short.

A #2 or #3 cut on top can leave enough hair to balance out your forehead while still achieving the buzzed look.

2. Buzzing the Hair

Before you start buzzing, make sure to have the right tools, including electric clippers with various guard sizes. Ask your barber to start with a high skin fade on the sides and back, then slowly move up with the clippers to ensure an even cut.

Use the guards to achieve your desired length on top.

3. Styling the Buzz Cut

Once your buzz cut is complete, there are several ways to style it to suit your big forehead. For example, a small amount of hair gel or wax can be used to create a natural and textured look.

Alternatively, if you have big ears, consider leaving a bit more hair on top to balance out your overall appearance.

Other Variations of Buzz Cuts for Big Foreheads

If you have a big forehead and want to try a buzz cut, there are different variations you can choose from. Here are two popular styles:

1. Buzz Cut with Tapered Sides

A buzz cut with tapered sides is a great option for those with big foreheads. This cut involves buzzing the hair on top of the head short and tapering the sides to create a stylish, modern look.

To achieve this cut, ask your barber for a #2 or #3 on the top and then have them gradually taper the sides with a #1 or #2 clippers. This will give you the perfect combination of short and tapered hair that looks great on big foreheads.

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2. Buzz Cut with High Fade

If you want a more dramatic look, a buzz cut with a high fade is a great choice. This style involves buzzing the hair on the top of your head short and then having your barber gradually fade the sides to create a sleek, modern look.

To achieve this cut, ask for a #2 or #3 on the top and then have your barber use a #1 or #2 clipper to create the high fade on the sides. With this cut, you’ll have a bold, masculine look that is perfect for those with big foreheads.

Regardless of which variation you choose, a buzz cut is an easy and low-maintenance hairstyle that looks great on men with big foreheads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone with a big forehead pull off a buzz cut?

While a buzz cut can look great on men with big foreheads and oval face shapes, it's important to consider the shape of your head and face before deciding on this haircut.

Can women with big foreheads try a buzz cut?

Yes, women with big foreheads can definitely try a buzz cut! This haircut can look edgy and modern on women, and is a great option if you're interested in a low-maintenance hairstyle.


A buzz cut is a stylish and low-maintenance haircut that works best for men with big foreheads and oval face shapes. Its military-style cut uses electric clippers to create a short and sharp hairstyle, leaving the head practically bald.

If you have an oval face, this cut is perfect for you since it removes all hair from the head without revealing strong or lean features. To achieve the buzz cut, you must ask your barber for a high skin fade and specify the hair number you prefer.

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Overall, the buzz cut is a hassle-free hairstyle that looks cool and sleek, making it a popular choice among men.

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