Boots with Khakis – Trendy and Stylish

Boots with khakis has become a timeless fashion trend that has evolved over time. This versatile combination is now a go-to style for effortless and classy menswear.

Khaki chinos with brown boots, in particular, exude a rugged yet sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. In this article, we will explore the art of pairing boots with khakis and how to wear them in the most stylish and practical ways.

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Types of Boots to Wear with Khakis

Khaki chinos are a versatile wardrobe staple for any man, and they can work with many different types of boots. The right pair of boots can elevate a khaki outfit, so let’s explore some options.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a stylish and practical choice for pairing with khakis. They have elastic side panels that allow you to slip them on and off with ease, making them a great choice for daily wear.

They typically have an ankle-height shaft and a sleek, clean design that complements the tailored look of khakis. Chelsea boots come in many different colors and materials, but brown leather is the classic and most versatile choice.

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To style khaki chinos with brown Chelsea boots, try pairing them with a white shirt, a navy blazer, and a brown belt.

Chelsea boots with khakis

Work Boots or Combat Boots

If you’re looking for a more rugged and masculine look, try pairing khaki chinos with work boots or combat boots. These boots have a sturdy construction and a chunky sole that adds a touch of toughness to your outfit.

They come in many different styles, ranging from ankle-length to mid-calf height, and in materials such as leather or suede. To style khaki chinos with work boots, try pairing them with a chambray shirt and a brown leather belt for a casual yet put-together outfit.

Work boots with khakis

Chukka Boots / Desert Boots

Chukka boots or desert boots are a classic and timeless choice for pairing with khakis. They are ankle-length boots that usually have two or three eyelets for laces, and a flat or slightly raised sole.

They come in many different colors and materials, but suede is a popular choice that gives a more casual and relaxed look. To style khaki chinos with chukka boots, try pairing them with a navy sweater, a white shirt, and a brown leather belt for a preppy and stylish outfit.

Chukka boots with khakis

How to Wear Boots with Khakis

Khaki chinos and brown boots are a classic combination that can create effortless menswear style. However, it’s essential to keep in mind the occasion and the outfit’s style to choose the right type of boot for each look.

Here are some tips on how to style boots with khakis for different occasions:

Formal Looks

For formal events, dress up khakis with a sleek pair of Chelsea boots. Choose a black or dark brown pair to match the formality of the occasion.

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Make sure your khakis are properly fitted and the hem touches the top of your shoes. To elevate the overall look, pair your boots and khakis with a sleek button-down shirt, a blazer, and a leather belt that matches the boot color.

A watch and aviator sunglasses can make a distinguished addition to the outfit.

Casual Looks

For casual outings, opt for any ankle boots, including desert boots, chukka boots, or lace-up boots. The best choice depends on your personal preference and the occasion.

You can choose a lighter brown shade to lighten the outfit or a darker brown for a more rugged look. For styling, roll up your khakis for a more effortless vibe or leave it down for a more classic look.

You can pair your khakis and boots with a relaxed t-shirt or a cozy sweater, depending on the weather.

Rugged Looks

To create a rugged and masculine outfit, consider wearing work boots or cowboy boots with your khakis. Make sure to match your belt color to that of your boots, and untuck your khaki pants for an extra rugged appeal.

Avoid slim-fit khakis and opt for a straighter cut or a relaxed fit. For the optimal look, pair your khakis and boots with a flannel shirt, a denim jacket, or a leather vest.

Accessorize with a beanie or a hat to complete the overall look.


Boots with khakis are a versatile fashion trend that can be dressed up or down. Chelsea boots are a practical option for a rugged look, while cowboy boots are great for casual or manual labor-oriented situations.

It is important to match belt color with boot color and consider the style of shirt worn. Avoid slim-fit khakis and leave them untucked for the optimal look.

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Overall, boots with khakis are a great way to add some edginess and style to any outfit. So, experiment with different types of boots and khakis to find your own unique style.


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