Blue Suit with Black Shirt: The Ultimate Guide

This article covers the importance and tips for wearing a blue suit with a black shirt. The article focuses on providing a concise and informative guide for readers looking to elevate their styling game with this classic combination.

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You’ll learn the secrets to pulling off the perfect color combination with a black shirt and blue suit!

Blue Suit with Black Shirt: A Style Risk Worth Taking

While traditionally, wearing a blue suit with a black shirt may not be the norm, it is a style risk that is worth considering. This combination exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a great option for various occasions.

However, it is essential to pair it with the right shoes and accessories to complete the look.

Pairing it with the Right Shoes

The perfect way to complete this look is by pairing it with black and white canvas low top sneakers. This combination is stylish and comfortable, giving off a relaxed and modern vibe.

It is also an excellent way to add a pop of color to the entire ensemble.

Add Accessories for a Final Touch

Accessories can make or break any outfit, and this ensemble is no exception. It is essential to choose accessories that complement the blue suit and black shirt combination.

A black belt, a silver or gold watch, and a pocket square can be a great way to add sophistication to the overall look.

Pro Tip: Make sure to keep the accessories subtle and not too overpowering.

How to Pull Off the Blue Suit with Black Shirt Look

Pairing a blue suit with a black shirt can be a stylish and elegant fashion statement when done correctly. Here are some key points to consider when wearing this combination:

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Choosing the Right Shades

The shades of blue and black need to be chosen carefully for the combination to work. A mid-tone blue suit like royal blue complements best with a black shirt.

A navy suit could work too, but the effect would be less dramatic. The higher the contrast between the colors, the better.

Pairing this combination limits the options for ties.


To complete the look without overdoing it, accessories like black and white canvas low top sneakers work well. A watch or minimalist jewelry could enhance the elegance of the outfit.

However, avoid using accessories that could compete with the outfit’s attention.

Occasions to Wear a Blue Suit with Black Shirt

This style is appropriate for events and places that require a classic, but not formal look, such as a night out, dinner party, or wedding. However, it may not be ideal for more formal occasions like a job interview or a black-tie event.

The Best Combinations with a Blue Suit and Black Shirt

When it comes to pairing a blue suit with a black shirt, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you look stylish and put together. Here are some other elements of clothing and accessories to consider when pairing a blue suit and black shirt.

Shoe Pairings

One of the best shoe pairings to complete a blue suit and black shirt look is a pair of black and white canvas low top sneakers. These sneakers are a simple and stylish contrast to the formal look of the suit and shirt.

If you’re looking for a more formal shoe option, consider wearing loafers or brogues in a dark brown or deep burgundy color. These shoes add a touch of sophistication to the outfit while still keeping the overall look grounded and balanced.

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Shirt Alternatives

While the black shirt is a great option to pair with a blue suit, there are other shirt alternatives that can also complement this versatile suit color. For example, a white shirt is a classic choice and can be worn with a bow tie or long tie in woven silk.

Another alternative is a pink shirt, which adds a pop of color and a touch of elegance to a dark blue or navy suit combination, especially for more formal occasions.

Celebrities Who Nailed the Blue Suit with Black Shirt Style

Inspired by Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, and Christie Brinkley, the blue suit with black shirt style is a versatile and stylish fashion statement.

celebrities in blue suit with black shirt

Common Misconceptions About Wearing a Blue Suit and Black Shirt

When it comes to pairing clothing, people often have preconceptions about what goes well together. Here, we debunk two common myths about wearing a blue suit with a black shirt.

Myth #1: Blue Suits Should Only Be Paired with Light-Colored Shirts

Contrary to popular belief, pairing a blue suit with a black shirt can be a stylish choice. It is important to choose the right shade of blue – a mid-tone blue like royal or a dark navy works best.

Opting for more contrast between the colors can create a more dramatic effect. Though it is true that there are fewer tie options available for this combination, it is not a reason to shy away from it.

Myth #2: Black Shirts Are Too Dull for a Blue Suit

Black shirts are often labeled as dull, but when worn with a blue suit, they can actually look quite sharp. The key is to balance out the color combination with accessories like a white pocket square, a colorful tie, or statement shoes.

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Black shirts work particularly well with dark blue suits, especially for formal occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a black tie with a blue suit and black shirt?

It is not recommended to wear a black tie with a blue suit and black shirt, as it can make you look too dark. Instead, try lighter colored or patterned ties for a more interesting look.

How do you avoid looking too dark with a blue suit and black shirt?

To avoid looking too dark, try pairing your blue suit with lighter colored accessories, such as a white shirt or light-colored tie. Also, consider adding a pop of color with a pocket square or other accessories.


A blue suit with a black shirt is a stylish and trendy combination. It’s important to choose the right shade of blue to create the perfect contrast between the two colors.

A mid-tone or dark blue suit works best with a black shirt, while a light blue suit can look more casual. Pairing with white or pink shirts can also add a touch of elegance to the overall look.

In choosing a suit, it is important to stick with quality materials and choose the right fabric depending on the season.

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