Blue Blazer Grey Pants Outfits – Tips & Tricks (2023)

The combination of a blue blazer and grey pants, also known as the blue blazer grey pants outfit, is a timeless and versatile ensemble that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. This outfit is perfect for men who want to look effortlessly stylish while still adhering to dress codes.

In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to rock this classic outfit and make it work for you.

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1. Start with the Basics

When it comes to creating the perfect outfit combination, understanding the basics is crucial. To achieve a timeless classic look with a blue blazer and grey pants, you must choose the right shades of blue and grey that match perfectly.

Make sure to opt for a navy blue blazer instead of any other shades of blue. For the grey trousers, we suggest grey flannel trousers as it complements navy blue perfectly.

Navy blue blazer and grey pants example

Aside from choosing the right shades, making sure that the outfit fits impeccably is essential. Make sure that you get the right fit for both the blazer and trousers.

The blazer’s shoulders should fit perfectly, not too wide or too narrow. The sleeve length should also sit just above your wrist bone.

For the trousers, make sure the waist and hips fit comfortably, and the pants should hit your shoe with a small break but not too much.

2. Dress it Up with a Tie

Adding a tie to your blue blazer grey pants outfit is a smart way to make it even more elegant, and it’s important to choose the right tie to complete your look. When your shirt is white or light blue, most tie colors will work.

However, when you wear bolder shirt and suit colors, it’s best to choose a more subtle tie. A great choice would be a tie in a shade that compliments but doesn’t clash with your outfit.

Also, consider the event you’re attending to determine the appropriate tie width and pattern. You can never go wrong with traditional patterns like stripes, paisleys or polka-dots.

3. Going Casual with Denim

For a relaxed, casual look, denim is a great option to pair with your blue blazer and grey pants. Here are some tips on how to style this outfit for different occasions:

  • For a daytime casual look, pair your blue blazer and grey pants with a pair of dark wash denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and some sneakers.
  • For a night out, try pairing your blue blazer and grey pants with some black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and some leather boots.
  • For a business casual look, try pairing your blue blazer and grey pants with some light wash denim jeans, a classic white dress shirt, and some dress shoes.
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Make sure to pay attention to the fit and style of your denim. You want to make sure it complements your blazer and pants, rather than clashing with them.

Overall, pairing denim with a blue blazer and grey pants is a great way to make a fashion statement while keeping it casual and comfortable.

Denim Jeans and Blue Blazer

4. Play with Patterns

If you want to add some personality to your blue blazer and grey pants combination, try incorporating patterned trousers. But, how do you choose the right pattern?

  • Stick with classic patterns like pinstripes or houndstooth for a timeless look.
  • Floral or animal prints can add a pop of color and fun to your outfit, but be cautious not to overdo it.
  • If you opt for a bold pattern, keep the rest of your outfit simple with solid colors.
  • Experiment with different fabric textures and weights when pairing with patterned trousers to add depth and interest to your outfit.

Patterned Trousers

Select a pattern that is cohesive with your personal style, but don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something new!

5. Adding Layers with a Sweater

If you want to create a stylish and cozy outfit combination with your blue blazer and grey pants, adding a sweater can do the trick. You can use a chunky knit cardigan over a fitted, long-sleeved dress or layer a cashmere V-neck over a T-shirt or button-down.

To achieve a trendy look, you can wear a suede or faux fur vest over a slouchy sweater.

The key to nailing your sweater outfit and creating a polished look with your blue blazer and grey pants is to choose complementary colors. You can opt for a neutral-colored sweater such as beige, white, off-white, black, or grey.

For a more daring look, try a colored sweater like light blue or burnt orange, and make sure you match it with softer pants colors such as beige or light grey.

You can also add a scarf to your sweater outfit to create a more sophisticated look with your blue blazer and grey pants. A scarf can add a layer of texture and color to your outfit, and it can keep you warm during the cold weather.

You can choose a patterned scarf or a solid-colored one, but make sure it matches your sweater and blue blazer.

Pro tip: Stick to solid colors when pairing a blazer with a patterned sweater, and vice versa to avoid a busy look.

6. Shorts for Summer

If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish outfit during the warmer months, pair your blue blazer and grey trousers with shorts. When it comes to styling this outfit combination for summer, consider pairing your blazer and trousers with shorts in lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton.

For a polished casual look, opt for khaki or navy shorts that hit just above the knee. Avoid shorter shorts, as they can look overly casual and detract from the tailored look of the blazer and trousers.

When pairing the shorts with a dress shirt, keep it lightweight and breezy. A simple white or light blue cotton dress shirt can help keep the outfit looking light and fresh.

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Avoid wearing busy patterns or loud colors that can clash with the understated elegance of the blazer and trousers. As for footwear, a pair of loafers or boat shoes in brown leather can add the right amount of sophistication to the outfit without appearing too stuffy.

Alternatively, a pair of minimalist white sneakers or canvas shoes can keep the outfit looking relaxed and summer-ready.

7. White Pants and Double-Breasted Blazers

A blue blazer and white pants paired with a double-breasted blazer is a classic combination that never goes out of style. When styling this look, it’s best to keep the colors simple and understated for a polished and sophisticated appearance.

A light blue dress shirt or a white shirt with a subtle pattern complements the blue blazer and white pants perfectly.

For the accessories, you can experiment with different shades of brown leather belts and shoes. A brown suede or leather loafer will look great with this outfit.

Keep the tie subtle and understated, with a solid color or a simple pattern such as stripes or dots. You can also go without a tie if you prefer a more casual look.

Remember to keep the fit of the double-breasted blazer tailored to your body for a sharp and sophisticated appearance. With a well-fitted double-breasted blazer, you’ll feel confident and stylish in any setting, whether it’s a business meeting or a formal dinner.

Blue Blazer Grey Pants Outfit

8. Polo and Blazers

A polo shirt can add a sporty yet sophisticated touch to your blue blazer and gray pants combination. When choosing a polo shirt, pay attention to the color that will complement your blazer and pants.

A white or light-colored polo shirt is always a safe option. However, if you’re feeling bolder, you can opt for a pop of color or a patterned polo shirt.

The key to styling a polo shirt with a blazer is to keep it simple. Avoid embellishments and large logos.

A plain polo shirt will keep the focus on your blazer and pants. As for footwear, a pair of loafers or sneakers will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

9. T-Shirts for a Casual Look

If you want to dress down your blue blazer and grey pants while still looking effortlessly stylish, pairing them with a t-shirt is a great option. Opt for a plain white or light gray shirt for a classic look, or add some color with a striped or graphic tee.

Keep in mind that the t-shirt you choose should complement your blazer and pants, so try to avoid overly casual or bold prints.

Complete your casual look by wearing sneakers or loafers. This will not only give you a comfortable outfit, but it will also enhance the relaxed vibe of your overall look.

Accessorize with a watch or bracelet and you’re all set for a casual day out!

Blue blazer grey pants with t-shirt

10. Blue Blazers as Outerwear

A blue blazer paired with grey pants can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. It’s not only great for formal events but can also be worn as outerwear.

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Here are some tips on how to layer your blue blazer and grey pants for a fashionable but practical look.

  • For colder weather, wear a sweater or cardigan under your blazer. A turtleneck can also be a great option.
  • If you’re looking for a more casual style, pair your blazer and grey pants with a plain t-shirt or a printed shirt.
  • A scarf can add warmth and style to your outfit. Choose a neutral or complementary color to your blazer and pants.
  • Don’t forget about accessories! Gloves and a beanie can be great additions to keep you warm and stylish.

Overall, a blue blazer and grey pants can be a great investment in your wardrobe. Dress it up or down for any occasion, and don’t forget to layer for warmth in the colder months.

Blue blazer and grey pants outfit

11. Play with Colors

The key to pairing the blue blazer and grey pants is to play with different colors. You can start with earth tones such as brown, khaki, and olive green for a classic and timeless look.

For a more vibrant appeal, you can try pairing the blue blazer with brighter and bolder shades like red, yellow, or green. Floral shirts can add a touch of playfulness to your outfit, just make sure to choose a subtle print that won’t overwhelm your ensemble.

When in doubt, sticking with neutral color options like white, beige, and light blue can create a cohesive and put-together look. Another tip is to avoid wearing too many patterns or prints at once, especially if they clash with your blazer or pants.

Remember, balance and harmony are key to creating a polished and stylish outfit.


12. Choosing the Right Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right shoes to go with your blue blazer and grey pants outfit, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, keep it simple with a classic pair of brown or black leather dress shoes. These colors are versatile and can match almost any outfit.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for a pair of loafers in a complementary color like navy or burgundy.

Another consideration is the style of shoe. For a more formal look, choose a pair of oxfords or derbys.

For a more casual look, consider a pair of loafers or even sneakers.

Lastly, make sure the shoes not only complement the outfit, but also fit comfortably. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable and distracting, taking away from the overall look of the outfit.

Remember, the right shoes can elevate any outfit, so take the time to choose the perfect pair for your blue blazer and grey pants ensemble.


The blue blazer-grey pants outfit combination is one that never goes out of style. By following our tips and tricks, you can look effortlessly stylish and put-together for any occasion.

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