Are Men’s Cuffed Pants in Style for 2023?

Are men’s cuffed pants in style? This is a question that men who want to look fashionable are always asking.

The answer is not straightforward since fashion trends keep changing. However, a quick web search shows that cuffed pants for men are still in style, and they are here to stay.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the style of cuffed pants for men and provide comprehensive information about how to wear them fashionably.

According to gq, cuffed pants are still in style for men. They are a classic style that has been around for decades and is still favored by fashion enthusiasts.

Cuffed pants are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are perfect for both formal and casual events.

Men can wear cuffed pants with a dress shirt or a t-shirt to create various looks. When it comes to wearing cuffed pants, it is important to choose the right shoes to complete the look.

According to askmen, men should wear dress shoes or loafers with cuffed pants. These shoes complement the stylish look of cuffed pants.

Sneakers are also an excellent option for a more casual look. In conclusion, men’scuffed pants are still in style, and they will continue to be for many years to come.

When worn correctly, cuffed pants can make a fashion statement and show off a man’s style and personality. From formal events to casual settings, men can wear cuffed pants and look fashionable.

So, if you are wondering whether to wear men‘s cuffed pants or not, the answer is yes, cuffed pants are still in style, and you should consider adding them to your wardrobe.

Check out this Youtube video: “Should Men Cuff Their Pants? | Pros & Cons To Cuffing Trousers” to learn about the latest trend in men‘s fashion and decide for yourself if cuffed pants are worth trying out!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cuffed Pants

Advantages of Cuffed Pants

Yes, cuffed pants for men are in style and here are some advantages of wearing them. The cuffs add weight to the bottom of the pants, which creates a fuller look and balances out the appearance of skinny legs.

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It also adds a sophisticated touch to dress pants, making them look more formal and elegant. Additionally, cuffs can add a fabric length that can be beneficial for men who struggle with getting the right pant length.

Overall, cuffed pants are a fashionable and practical addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Disadvantages of Cuffed Pants

Cuffed pants may not be the ideal option for shorter men as they can make the body appear shorter. Additionally, cuffs can add extra weight to the pants, detracting from a streamlined look.

However, it should be noted that cuffed pants are currently back in style and are favored by many for both dressy and casual occasions, according to fashion trends for men‘s pants in 2023.

How Should Men Wear Cuffed Pants?

Dress Pants

Yes, men’s cuffed pants are still in style for dress pants. When it comes to dress pants, a cuff around 1.5 inches or less is more appropriate.

Completing the look with dress shoes will make it look more classy. For a more contemporary look, skip the belt and opt for suspenders with your cuffed dress pants.

Adding cuffs to dress pants creates a stylish effect while giving the pants a weighty look.

Casual Pants

Men’s cuffed pants continue to be in style, especially for casual pants like khakis and chinos. A cuff width of up to 2 inches is recommended for these types of pants to keep them looking modern and stylish.

Pair these pants with non-dressy shoes such as loafers or sneakers for a casual look perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid to wear a cuffed pants with a T-shirt or short-sleeved shirt for an effortlessly fashionable look.

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When it comes to men’s fashion, cuffed pants have been a staple for quite some time. But are men’s cuffed pants still in style?

The answer is yes! Cuffed pants offer a classic look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

They work well with both casual and formal wear. Plus, they can help elongate the legs and make you appear taller.

So if you’re wondering whether to invest in a pair of cuffed pants, the answer is a resounding yes!

When Should Men Wear Cuffed Pants?

Cuffs in Relation to Height

Cuffed pants have been in style for a long time, but are they suitable for all men? Cuffs can make taller men look even more stylish as they create a break between the ankle and shoe, but shorter men may want to opt for straight hems instead.

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This is because cuffs can make them appear even shorter. So, when it comes to cuffs in relation to height, it depends on the individual’s height and personal style preferences.

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If you’re wondering whether men’s cuffed pants are in style, the answer is yes! Cuffed pants have been a popular trend for a while now, and they’re here to stay.

They add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit, and they’re versatile enough to be worn in both formal and casual settings.

Men's cuffed pants - are men's cuffed pants in style

Cuffed pants are a great way to show off your shoes, and they’re especially flattering for guys with shorter legs. They can be worn with dress shoes, loafers, sneakers, or even sandals.

When it comes to styling cuffed pants, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure they fit well – they should hit just above your ankle.

Second, choose the right socks – ankle socks or no-show socks are a great option. Lastly, experiment with different colors and patterns to create a unique and stylish look.

Tips and Tricks When Wearing Cuffed Pants

Cuffed pants have been in style for quite some time, and they are not going away anytime soon. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you rock the cuffed pants look:

  • Pair cuffed pants with shoes that match the occasion. Dress shoes work well for formal events, while loafers and sneakers are perfect for casual events.
  • Choose the right cuff width depending on the type of pants and your height. A wider cuff generally works better for taller men, while a narrower cuff works better for shorter men. When in doubt, opt for a cuff that’s about 1.5 inches wide.
  • For a streamlined look, opt for cuffs that are smaller. Larger cuffs can overwhelm your outfit and make you look shorter.
  • If you’re wearing a suit, make sure the cuffs of the pants just touch the top of the shoes. This will give you a polished, put-together look.
  • Avoid wearing cuffs on skinny or tight-fitting pants. Cuffs tend to look best on looser, more traditional styles of pants.
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Overall, cuffed pants can be a great addition to your wardrobe, but it’s important to wear them correctly to maximize their style potential.


Men’s cuffed pants are definitely in style, and have been for many years. They are a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down, and are a great way to add a bit of personality to your outfit.

According to GQ, cuffed pants are here to stay, and can be worn all year round.

When it comes to wearing cuffed pants, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, choose the right width of the cuff depending on the style of the pants and your height.

For example, if you’re taller, you can wear a wider cuff, whereas if you’re shorter, a narrow cuff will work best. Secondly, it’s important to pair your cuffed pants with the right shoes.

Oxford shoes, loafers or brogues all work well with cuffed pants.

Overall, cuffed pants are a fashion staple that can make any outfit look more stylish. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or just running errands, cuffed pants are a great addition to any wardrobe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do men still wear pants with cuffs?

Yes, cuffs are a permanent fixture of classic men's style when worn appropriately.

Are cuffed pants in style?

Cuffs come in and out of fashion, but are a timeless addition to men's fashion when worn properly.

Are cuffs in or out for men?

Taller and lankier men generally look better in cuffed dress pants, while shorter men should typically stay away from cuffs unless they are wearing pleated pants.

Are pleated pants in style for men in 2023?

Yes, menswear is evolving from the very slim fit popularized in 2012 to pleated, relaxed fits.

Is it okay to wear cuffed pants?

Yes, cuffed pants are a mark of quality in off-the-rack or tailored clothing. They are not appropriate for more formal tuxedo pants, but can dress up both standard suits and more casual outfits.

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