Are Beards Unprofessional?

It has been a long-time debate whether growing a beard is unprofessional or not. For some, beards are considered taboo, but beards are becoming a norm in today’s modern world. Where do you stand on the issue?

Beards are considered either okay or unprofessional, depending on the corporate culture. There are places where beards are acceptable and places where they are not. If your colleagues tell you to get rid of your beard, you’re at one of the places where the culture is more conservative as far as a professional look is concerned. When the situation is like this, you need to decide whether to conform or move on.

To Beard or Not To Beard for an Interview

Although it has become more socially acceptable to wear a beard, you may still want to consider playing it safe and shave for an interview. But before making a decision, you’ll need to consider the company you’re applying to, along with the state of your beard.

When applying for employment or during an interview, common thinking calls for men to have a clean-shaven face. This means that there are no facial hairs, especially beards.

With strict rules surrounding dress codes and appearance, some corporate jobs are rather conservative. Interviewers search for candidates who suit the profile of the company. When it comes to staff appearance, financial firms, government agencies, and medical occupations have tighter standards. Before the interview, you can do some research on the corporation or organization to determine if it has any limits on employees’ facial hair.

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If you find out that the company or the job you are applying to doesn’t require a clean-shaven face, then you can keep your beard. And if you are keeping your beard, you should make sure that it is properly maintained. You can always opt to visit a salon or barbershop to have the beard professionally trimmed and shaped before the interview.

Keeping Your Beard Professional

If you were already hired by a company that isn’t strict when it comes to facial hair, it’s still crucial to maintain some good office etiquette by employing the necessary grooming techniques to your beard. By doing so, you’ll definitely look like you’re ready for a powerful business meeting with your boss or with your clients.

We listed below the tips and tricks to keep your beards professional. Take note!

Select the best beard style for you and keep it trimmed.

Well, we believe that trimming is the hallmark of a professional-looking beard. It’s still essential to give it a trim when necessary; keep it trimmed instead of wild. Also, the beard style that you are going to do will speak so much of your professionalism. We’ve got a list of beard styles here where you can choose from.

Wash it and keep it clean.

It’s important to thoroughly wash your beard every day, whether you want to do it in the tub or you want to set aside some time to do it above the sink. To make it look even better, you can even use specific beard shampoos and conditioners. It would help if you also made it a habit to clean your beards to be the gross guy in the office.

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Find the right beard tools.

You should make sure to gather the right tools and supplies to ensure that your beard is neat and looks impressive. If you are serious about keeping your beard professional, you must have your own beard comb, facial hair scissors, beard trimmer with guard heads, and a bristle beard brush. These are the essential tools and supplies that you must keep inside your bathroom.

Brush your beard as often as you can.

Your beard can look inconsistent for some reasons while you are in your workplace. Or you might be someone who tends to stroke his beard when thinking, and you might screw it up a little bit. Whatever the case may be, bringing a beard comb with you and giving it a nice brush now and then is indeed a great idea.

Jobs That Allow You to Keep Your Beards

As we mentioned earlier, there is a specific work line that requires you to have a clean-shaven facial appearance, while some do not. So, for your future reference, we listed down some jobs that are not too strict for facial hair.


When it comes to serving as a bartender, beards aren’t totally out of the question. There is a chance that you can keep your edgy look on this line of work without losing out on a job opportunity.

Sales and Business Professionals

Beards also give a sense of age, maturity, and good physical health, making the person seem more trustworthy. Hence, what sales and business professionals might need.

Hair Professionals

If you are passionate about facial hair and emanates from the choice to keep your beard, pursuing a career as a barber will offer you the ideal artistic avenue.

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Tattoo Artists

When it comes to styles, you exercise at work, choosing a career as a tattoo artist allows you more freedom—one of the first jobs to embrace beards as professional attire was tattoo shops.

Remember that you should wash your beard extensively once you get home from work. If not properly cared for after work, bacteria leftover from work can cause breakouts, itching, and scraggly types.

The jobs and careers listed above are just some of the many professions that already embraced the idea of beards. But to be safe, we recommend you research the job or the company (if you are still job-hunting).

The Bottom Line

Part of professionalism is being well-groomed, bearded or not. As long as your beard is well-groomed, there isn’t really much problem about it. But if you’re going to an interview and don’t know if you should keep your beard or shave, then shave.

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