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With our busy schedules and hectic lives, we, the gents, deserve some practical and comfortable clothes. But comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean dressing down, just the right kind of outfit. That is why athleisure did find its way to men’s wardrobe.

Athleisure is simply the combination of the words “athletics” and “leisure.” It refers to casual clothing that is designed to be worn for exercise or fitness and general use. It is also a fashion trend wherein activewear is worn for other purposes, such as work clothes, casuals, and school or social occasions, aside from wearing it to the gym or sporting activities.

Curious about athleisure? Let’s dive into it a little deeper.

What is Athleisure?

Believe it or not, the word athleisure could now be found in the dictionary. It is defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” But more than just being casual, athleisure is both practical and fashionable. It is an effortlessly stylish clothing trend that you should invest in.

Athleisure also screams function and fashion, creating and giving you a well-balanced look. Mixing and matching your usual wardrobe staples such as jeans or leather jackets with some of your activewear will indeed give you that modern man look.

By introducing athleisure staples into your wardrobe, you surely are keeping it up to date and very functional. But of course, only invest in the best athleisure clothing.

Best Athleisure Brands for Men

The most common athleisure outfits are leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, gym tanks, hoodies, tights, shorts, sneakers, and many more.

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Now, when shopping for clothing pieces and, of course, clothing brands for your athleisure outfit, always keep in mind these two words: style and comfort. Such clothing pieces are a great investment and a great addition to your wardrobe.

And us here in Men’s Venture always wants to help you find the perfect outfit. That’s why we listed some of the best athleisure brands we think are best for you.

Western Rise

Western Rise is known for thoughtfully crafted classic staples to technical apparel in today’s time. Focusing on contemporary design, futuristic materials, and quality construction, this brand created great clothing pieces that will surely last for years. They have stylish, a muted range of colors that’s perfect for the outdoors, which is a safe bet for any man looking to modernize his workout gear, just like their 5-pocket Diversion pants.


Today, Nike is arguably the most popular athleisure brand on the market. Their advanced Dri-Fit fabric helps to wick away moisture and keep you cool. Their collection of Nike Sportswear is full of affordable basics that will surely help you look good.

Hill City

Gap, which founded Hill City as its sporty offshoot last 2019, was another popular company that decided to get into the athleisure game this past couple of years. Since then, they’ve been known for their simple basics collection, which uses crisp lines and bold colors to create a tasteful minimalist athleisure aesthetic.

Peak Velocity

As Peak Velocity was released in 2018 by Amazon, athleisure had hit the mainstream. Here, you’ll find many of the same styles you’d see in more expensive brands such as cuffed joggers, French terry hoodies, and moisture-wicking tops, but at a way lower price.

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Well, do we need to explain more? Lululemon can give you all the outfit combinations of well-made and comfortable clothing with stylish designs that can easily be worn in day to day settings.

While they are first recognized for their women’s wear, their men’s wear is filled with comfortable and sleek basics like joggers and running jackets. Each garment is ideal, wherever you are, for whatever task you have to do. Once you invested in a few key pieces from their athleisure line, you’ll surely reap the benefits for years to come.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices offers simple styles in unique patterns and vibrant colors, making them ideal for men looking to play with their style a little more. Plus, most of their pieces are very affordable.


Among athletic-minded shoppers, Rhone has long been a favorite.   Its collection’s range is wide, affordable, and uber-functional. If you need a T-shirt, pullover, trousers, shorts, or just anything, Rhone surely got you covered. Better still, the garments of the company are long-lasting and designed for optimized efficiency.

Key Athleisure Pieces for Men

Now that you’ve got some ideas on where you can shop, it is time to know what clothing pieces should you get. Of course, we know that you will need a list of the basics, so we did it for you already.

Sweat Pants

Admittedly, pulling off sweatpants at the workplace can be difficult. That said, low-key, slightly tailored sweatpants make it possible for you to wear your most comfortable clothes when working and playing. Worn with the right shoe, cap, and jacket, sweatpants can now be worn almost anywhere.

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Crew Neck Jumpers

Crew-neck jumpers have long been a wardrobe favorite among training athletes and sports lovers alike. Today, the plain yet sporty style is adopted on the streets as part of the athleisure trend.

Crew-neck jumpers are both functional and comfortable, distinguished by a close-fitting, round neckline. For a subtle but trendy take on this style, pair one with joggers or jeans and sneakers. Consider incorporating sports-inspired pieces, such as a backpack or hat, to take this athleisure outfit a notch higher.

Track Jacket

A track jacket is a sure-fire way to give an outfit some athleisure feel. When it comes to picking the right jacket for you, there are plenty of options to choose from. But we suggest that you stick with neutral colors.


Accessories are what brings your look from the lounging on the couch to the appropriate workplace or workout. Choosing the best accessory, of course, depends on what you’re doing for the day, but you can’t go wrong with a decent all-around pair of shoes.

If you ever feel the need to take a breather during your workday, you can always opt to throw on a pair of sunglasses. This will give you a more stylish and dapper look.

The Bottom Line

Unlike many fashion trends that are suitable for selective occasions and places, athleisure wear is adaptive to almost everything. There’s no surprise that many gentlemen are integrating their closets and introducing athleisure to their wardrobe. Well, are you going to join this trend?

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