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“A Gathering of Old Men” is a novel written by Ernest J. Gaines, first published in 1983. The novel revolves around an incident that takes place on a Louisiana plantation, where a Cajun work boss, Beau Baton, is murdered.

Gaines’ novel was adapted into a movie of the same title, directed by Volker Schlöndorff and released in 1987. The movie features an ensemble cast of talented actors and captures the essence of the novel’s themes, including racism, identity, and justice.

In this blog post, we will explore the movie adaptation of “A Gathering of Old Men” and its significance in contemporary cinema.

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The Making of “A Gathering of Old Men Movie”

“A Gathering of Old Men” is a movie adaptation of the novel with the same title published in 1983 by Ernest J. Gaines. It is a drama film, directed by Volker Schlöndorff and released in 1987.

The film starred a talented cast of actors, such as Louis Gossett Jr., Richard Widmark, and Holly Hunter.

The movie followed a group of old African-American men who decided to take a stand against the injustices they have faced by gathering on a Louisiana plantation together. The film offers a powerful commentary on racism and how it affects those who have to live with it daily.


In making “A Gathering of Old Men,” producers put a heavy emphasis on casting. The filmmakers wanted to ensure that they had the right actors that could bring the story to life.

Louis Gossett Jr. was cast to play the leading role of Mathu, and Richard Widmark was cast to play the role of sheriff Mapes.

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The casting team also took the time to find actors who could portray the supporting roles. They casted actors such as Holly Hunter for Candy Marshall, and Joe Seneca for Yank.

Filming Locations

The film was set in Bayonne, Louisiana, which is where the novel it is based on was also set. The film’s production team found a suitable plantation in Bayonne to serve as the filming location.

Marshal Plantation was the chosen location, where many of the scenes were filmed.

The crew also filmed some of the movie’s scenes on location, such as the courthouse scene, which was filmed at the St. John the Baptist Parish Courthouse in Edgard, Louisiana.


Post-Production for “A Gathering of Old Men” took place in Los Angeles. During the post-production phase, the film was edited, color-graded, and visual effects were added.

The editing process involved putting together the footage shot during production. The editors also took the time to add the necessary sound effects and music to create a cinematic experience for the audience.

Visual effects were also added to enhance the film visually and keep viewers engaged.

In conclusion, the making of “A Gathering of Old Men Movie” was a complex process that involved casting, finding suitable filming locations, and post-production editing. Through the efforts of the talented cast and crew, the film was able to deliver a heartfelt message about racism and the effects it has on individuals.

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The Plot and Characters

A Gathering of Old Men is a movie based on the novel by Ernest J. Gaines and tells the story of the Marshall Plantation in Bayonne, Louisiana. The plot revolves around the murder of the plantation’s Cajun work boss, Beau Baton, and the subsequent gathering of elderly black men to claim responsibility for the murder.

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The movie features a star-studded cast, including Louis Gossett Jr. as Mathu, Richard Widmark as the plantation owner, and Holly Hunter as Candy Marshall. The movie adaptation stays true to the novel, with only minor changes made for the transition to a visual medium.

One notable change is the increased focus on the character of Candy Marshall, who only appears briefly in the novel but is given a more prominent role in the film adaptation. Another change is the addition of some scenes that were not present in the novel, such as a funeral scene for Beau Baton.

Overall, the changes made in the transition from the novel to the movie adaptation were successful in bringing the story to life on screen while remaining faithful to the source material.

Understanding the Main Themes

If you are a fan of movies with deep themes, then “A Gathering of Old Men” should be at the top of your watchlist. This adaptation of Ernest J. Gaines’s novel features a rich tapestry of themes such as racism, justice, and loyalty.

The Impact of Racism on the Storyline

Racism is one of the most prevailing themes in the movie. Set in the 1970s, the film takes a glimpse into the lives of African Americans working on the Marshall Plantation in Bayonne, Louisiana.

The story starts with the murder of a white plantation owner, and black workers are the primary suspects. The movie explores how racial tensions impact the characters and how these tensions affect the overall plot.

The Quest for Justice

At its core, “A Gathering of Old Men” is about the quest for justice. When the murder of Beau Baton happens, the black workers at the plantation come to the aid of each other and demand that the truth about the killing be revealed.

Through the character’s actions, the theme of justice is portrayed and how it is essential to the development of the plot of the movie.

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The Importance of Loyalty

The theme of loyalty is a central aspect of “A Gathering of Old Men.” The story focuses on the relationship between black workers and the plantation owner’s family.

Despite racial tensions, the black workers are loyal to each other, and the family of the white plantation owner is loyal to its kin. This theme is further enhanced by the story’s climax, where the black workers come together and refuse to be intimidated by their white counterparts, showing not only their loyalty to each other but to the cause of justice as well.

The Legacy of “A Gathering of Old Men Movie”

“A Gathering of Old Men” is a poignant novel written by Ernest J. Gaines. In 1987, it was adapted into a made-for-television movie with the same title.

The film was directed by Volker Schlöndorff and was critically acclaimed for its adaptation of the novel. The film tells the story of a group of elderly black men who show up at a plantation in Louisiana armed with shotguns, claiming to be responsible for the murder of the plantation’s Cajun work boss, Beau Baton.

The movie explores themes of racism, the legacy of slavery, and the continued struggle of African Americans in the South. The film is a powerful examination of American racial relations.

A Gathering of Old Men movie scene


The film adaptation of “A Gathering of Old Men” has left a significant impact on society and cinema. The movie’s effective display of themes such as racism, justice, and the power of unity has sparked discussions and opened the eyes of people to the ongoing social issues in the world.

The film’s exceptional delivery of the original book’s message with the help of an impressive cast, visually appealing cinematography, and engaging storytelling secures its place as a must-watch for all film enthusiasts.


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