2 Sides 4 Top Haircut: Unveil Irresistible Styles for 2023!

Exploring the world of hairstyles, the 2 sides 4 top haircut has emerged as a popular choice for 2023. This versatile and stylish look is achieved by using a number 4 clipper grade (½ inch) on the top, while the sides and back are trimmed down using a number 2 clipper grade.

Let’s dive into the details of this trendy haircut and learn why it’s gaining popularity.

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Check out this Youtube video: “Barber Tutorial – #4 on top half on sides – step by step” and learn how to get the perfect “2 sides 4 top haircut 4 top” haircut from a professional barber.

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Irresistible 2 Sides 4 Top Haircut Styles

Discover 11 different styles that showcase the versatile 2 sides 4 top haircut, perfect for various hair types and face shapes.

Faux Hawk With 2 On The Sides

This style features a faux hawk with a 2 on the sides, ideal for those with straight or wavy hair and oval or heart-shaped faces. To achieve this look, keep the top hair longer and use a strong-hold gel to shape the faux hawk.

2 sides 4 top faux hawk

Slick Back With 2 On The Sides

The slick back with 2 on the sides is perfect for adding volume and texture to straight or wavy hair. Use a pomade or wax to slick the top hair back and create a sleek, polished look.

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2 sides 4 top slick back

Pompadour With 2 On The Sides

Achieve a classic pompadour with 2 on the sides by following these steps: leave the top hair long, apply a volumizing product, and use a comb to style the hair upward and back. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray to keep the pompadour in place.

2 sides 4 top pompadour

Quiff With 2 On The Sides

For a quiff with 2 on the sides, keep the top hair around 3-4 inches long and use a blow dryer to add volume. Then, apply a styling product and use a comb to create the desired shape.

2 sides 4 top quiff

Box Braids With 2 On The Sides

Create box braids with 2 on the sides by sectioning the top hair into small squares and braiding each section. This style works best with curly or coily hair and requires regular maintenance to keep the braids looking fresh.

2 sides 4 top box braids

Frequently Asked Question

Answers to common question about the 2 sides 4 top haircut:

What face shapes work best with the 2 sides 4 top haircut?

The 2 sides 4 top haircut is versatile and can suit most face shapes. However, it is particularly flattering on oval, round, and heart-shaped faces, as the short sides and longer top create a balanced appearance.

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