2 on Top Haircut – Get the Hottest Men’s Look Now!

The 2 on top haircut, also known as “two on top, one on the sides,” is a popular hairstyle for men. It features hair that is ¼ inch (6mm) long on top and ⅛ inch (3mm) on the sides.

This haircut is favored by men due to its simplicity, ease of maintenance, and stylish appearance.

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You’ll learn how to achieve the perfect 2 on top haircut from the comfort of your own home!

The Basics: Understanding 2 on Top Haircut

The 2 on top haircut is a popular men‘s hairstyle that is easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways. In this article, you will learn the essential factors needed to achieve this hairstyle, including the ideal length, texture, and styling techniques.

1. Understanding the Required Length

The 2 on top haircut is characterized by the number 2 guard length on the top and number 1 on the sides. This means that the hair on top should have a length of about ¼ inch (6mm), while the hair on the sides should be shorter at about ⅛ inch (3mm).

However, some variations of this hairstyle may require longer or shorter lengths on the top and sides, depending on personal preferences and hair type. It’s essential to communicate with your barber or stylist to achieve the perfect length for your hair.

2. Texture for 2 on Top Haircut

Hair texture also plays a vital role in achieving the 2 on top haircut. Generally, this hairstyle is suitable for men with straight to wavy hair.

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However, if you have curly or kinky hair, it’s still possible to achieve this look with some professional styling techniques. It’s worth noting that the texture of your hair affects the outcome of the hairstyle, so it’s essential to communicate with your barber or stylist to determine the best approach for your hair.

3. Styling Techniques for 2 on Top Haircut

The styling techniques for the 2 on top haircut are relatively simple and straightforward. Men with this hairstyle typically use a matte finish hair product, such as a hair clay or pomade, to create a messy and textured look on top.

You can also use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and texture to the hair. For the sides, a simple fade or tapered cut can be done to achieve a clean and sharp look.

It’s essential to experiment and find the best styling technique that suits your hair type and personal preferences.

Popular Variations of 2 on Top Haircut

The 2 on top haircut is a trendy style that is versatile and easy to maintain. It has become popular, and several variations of it have emerged.

Let’s delve into some of the most popular ones.

1. The Faded 2 on Top Haircut

The faded 2 on top haircut involves gradually tapering the hair from the top to the sides, giving a sharp and sleek look. It is achieved by starting with a longer clipper guard at the top and gradually tapering the length towards the sides.

A fade achieved with clipper-over-comb technique pairs perfectly with this style. Use a quality hair product to create a defined look, such as a styling pomade or wax.

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The product will help hold the hair in place while providing definition.

2. The Number 3 on Top with 1 on the Sides.

This variation involves having slightly longer hair on top than the traditional 2 on top haircut. Clip hair on the top using a number 3 clipper guard and gradually taper it towards the sides and the back, with a number 1 clipper guard to achieve a clean, sharp look.

To style, apply a styling gel to damp hair and comb it to the side. Use a hair dryer to give volume to the top, then apply a matte finish product to hold the style in place.

The result is a textured, trendy look with a bit of length on top.

Tips for Maintaining the 2 on Top Haircut

The 2 on top haircut is a classic style that can be difficult to maintain. Here are some tips to keep it looking sharp and clean:

Regular Trims

To keep the 2 on top haircut looking fresh, it’s essential to get regular trims from a professional barber. Plan on getting a trim every 2-4 weeks to ensure that your hair stays at the proper length.

Proper Washing and Drying

When washing your hair, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to avoid drying out your hair.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils. After washing, gently pat your hair with a towel and air dry or blow dry on a low heat setting.

Use the Right Products

Products can help you achieve the ideal look for the 2 on top haircut. Use hair wax or pomade to hold your hair in place and add texture.

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Avoid using too much product, as this can make your hair greasy and difficult to manage.

Protect Your Hair from the Elements

Exposure to the sun, wind, and other environmental factors can damage your hair and cause it to dry out. Protect your hair by wearing a hat or using a hair protectant when you’re outside for extended periods.

Stay Hydrated and Eat a Healthy Diet

Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet can promote hair growth and help your hair stay healthy. Make sure to incorporate foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, into your diet to promote healthy hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Hair Type for 2 on Top Haircut?

The 2 on top haircut works well for those with straight or wavy hair.

How Often Should I Get a Trim?

To maintain the style, it is recommended to get a trim every 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I Style 2 on Top Haircut in Different Ways?

Yes, you can style the top part of the haircut with a side part or a quiff.


The 2 on top haircut is a popular and low-maintenance style for men that provides a clean and modern look. With the right clipper guards and techniques, achieving this style is easier than ever.

To rock this haircut with confidence, consider your face shape and hair texture when choosing the length of the top and sides. Whether you prefer a classic or trendy look, the 2 on top haircut provides versatility for any occasion.

So, why not try it out for yourself and see how this sophisticated yet straightforward haircut can enhance your appearance.

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