Yoga Pants in Public: When and Where to Wear Them?

Wearing the right clothing piece or outfit for a specific place and time is one of the fashion industry’s unspoken rules. There are specific clothing pieces for specific occasions – but how about the yoga pants? Are we suppose only to wear it when we practice yoga? Or can we wear it somewhere else?

Well, these days, yoga pants are more than just exercise apparel. Many people have now discovered the adaptability of this clothing piece to their daily wear. From hitting their yoga classes to the grocery store – there is no denying that yoga pants are becoming a staple to every gentlemen’s wardrobe.

But, where and when can we really wear our yoga pants? Let’s dive into this!

Going Public: Can We Wear Yoga Pants in Public Places?

If you already heard the news, athleisure is a fashion thing now. Activewear, including yoga pants, are being paired to casual clothing pieces, which makes it acceptable to be worn, anywhere, anytime.

According to some, yoga pants are popular because of these factors:

  • Synthetic fibers have evolved over the years, providing greater versatility, durability, and endless design options.
  • A well-balanced lifestyle became associated with gym/yoga clothing. And anyone who wears yoga pants is immediately branded as a health-conscious person.
  • Casual and athletic wear disrupted barriers that welcome an age of athleisure, which can be professionally styled to pass as a “laid back Friday” look.

Because of its popularity and the comfort it could give, men are investing in it.

You can actually dress them up or down and wear them to the gym, grocery store, or whenever you decide to get some coffee at your favorite coffee shop. They make for comfortable travel wear and take up little space in your closet or suitcase. The breathable material will also help you make it through stressful days.

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The only exception about wearing yoga as an “everyday outfit” is that you should not wear it at work (well, unless you work in a gym or the likes). In one of our previous articles, yoga pants do not double up as dress pants. You surely won’t impress clients by showing up to meetings wearing yoga pants.

How To Choose the Best Yoga for Men

You will be using your yoga pants in and out of the gym, so choosing the best one is very crucial. But there’s nothing much to remember when purchasing a pair, just these two:

High Quality

When investing in yoga pants, you would certainly want them to be durable while still offering comfort. Try to find yoga pants made of a thicker material and try them to make sure they are not see-through before buying them.

Neutral Colors

While you may love your yoga pants, you don’t want them to stand out in public places. We suggest that you choose neutral-colored yoga pants when buying. Black will go with almost any outfit, and brown and navy are also a good choice of color.

Best Yoga Pants for Men

The spectrum of yoga pants goes from bulky elephant pants to skin-tight compression wear. Other features to consider are elastic waistbands vs. drawstrings, cuffed ankles, or breathable vs. warmer fabrics. It all depends, of course, on which form of yoga you’re doing.

Now, it is time to know which yoga pants are worth investing in. We listed below six (6) of the best yoga pants you can choose from, and we’re sure you’ll love them.

Nike Dri-Fit

Nike Dri-Fit is made of lightweight jersey fabric, and the legs are tapered. Still, in the wide, spacious gusset, the real magic helps you move easily and move into positions without getting in a tangle or hindering your versatility. The fabric gives the perfect combination of stretch and softness and comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

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Lululemon In Mind Pants

The In Mind pants from Lululemon are lightweight and high-stretch yoga pants. They’re made for bending, made of a four-way stretch fabric. These will also keep you dry, as it has technology for moisture-wicking and fast drying.

BAM Trousers

The Bamboo Clothing yoga pants are made from a bamboo viscose-cotton blend, specially formulated for flow exercises. For this company, the 200g bamboo jersey is a trademark, chosen because of its softness and temperature control capabilities. And compared to shorts, if you’re worried a longer pant is restricting, it has a tapered leg and deep ankle cuff, which means that they won’t ride up when you walk.

Domyos Dynamic Pants

With plenty of versatility and sweat-absorbing features, Domyos Dynamic pants are made of recycled polyester to cut down on moisture as you switch from pose to pose. The lightweight feel makes this pant great, but they’re also warming and will feel great for both yoga and meditation as a part of your body.

Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Pants

You can opt for these compression pants made from performance nylon spandex for a snug-fitting fit. It is a pair that moves with you as it has a complete gusset and double inseam panel.

Adidas Alphaskin Tights

This compression-style pair is particularly good for slower, less vigorous yoga styles such as Ying and Hatha. The stretchy knit fabric gives you absolute freedom of movement. If you step it up a notch to a more rigorous yoga exercise, they even wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry, not to mention being ideal for success and help in general sports training.

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Yoga Pants Outfit for Men

We believe that to pull off your yoga pants in public, the right outfit combination is the key. That is why we wrote down some outfit ideas that you can try on your next brunch or just some off-duty strolls.

  • The combination of black yoga pants and a red print hoodie is dapper and yet a casual get-up. This outfit combo will give you that “ready for everything” vibe. You can also complement this outfit with white and black athletic shoes.
  • A white zip neck sweater and navy yoga pants are a nice combo that will take you throughout the day without any effort. Black and white canvas high-top sneakers are guaranteed to give your ensemble a touch of trendy casualness.
  • The best way to incorporate toned down dapperness into your existing casual wardrobe is a light blue denim jacket and black yoga pants. This ensemble will look better if paired with white canvas slip-on sneakers.
  • When worn with navy yoga pants, a multi-colored plaid overcoat will instantly look so casual and chic. A fail-safe way to add a sense of trendy effortlessness to your outfit is black athletic shoes.
  • The casual combination of a light blue long sleeve shirt, white crew-neck t-shirt, and black yoga pants offer incredible styling possibilities. The best match for this ensemble is white canvas low-top sneakers.

The Bottom Line

Yoga pants aren’t restricted to the gym or your yoga classes. You can also wear it anywhere as long as it would be appropriate for the place and time. So, will you be trying to wear your yoga pants publicly?

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