Why Do Men’s Handwriting Suck? (2023)

Have you ever wondered why men tend to have messier handwriting compared to women? In this article, we explore the possible reasons for this phenomenon of “why do men have bad handwriting.”

According to a study conducted by University College London, men tend to have larger handwriting than women, which can result in messier handwriting due to the difficulty in controlling larger movements. Additionally, men may not have been taught the same level of fine motor skills in their childhood as women, which can also contribute to legibility issues in their writing.

Another theory suggests that societal expectations and gender roles may play a role in men’s messy handwriting. In the past, handwriting was seen as a sign of femininity, and men were encouraged to develop more rugged and masculine traits instead of the fine motor skills necessary for neat writing.

Furthermore, the use of digital devices may also contribute to the decline in penmanship skills among men. With increased reliance on typing, texting, and digital communication, writing by hand has become less frequent, and as a result, individuals may not have had enough practice to develop legible handwriting.

Overall, there are various factors that contribute to why men tend to have messier handwriting, including biology, upbringing, societal expectations, and changes in technology and communication. While messy handwriting may not seem like a significant issue, it can have practical implications, such as illegible notes and forms or difficulty in communicating ideas clearly.

Reasons Why Men Have Bad Handwriting

Hand and Finger Strength

Studies have shown that men generally have stronger and bigger hands than women. This could contribute to their tendency to grip pens too hard, leading to a less fluid and more jagged handwriting.

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A pen or pencil is relatively small so it needs to be held with a light grip to allow for smooth and neat writing. Men’s hand and finger strength can contribute to bad handwriting.

It is important to develop proper pen grip and pressure when learning how to write to avoid this issue.

Lack of Practice

Men tend to have bad handwriting because they have had less practice than women. According to a study by the National Pen Company, men’s handwriting is generally bigger, sloppier, and harder to read than women’s because they are less likely to practice their handwriting.

Many men also find it easier to use a keyboard rather than writing by hand, which has contributed to a decline in the importance of handwriting skills. Therefore, to improve handwriting skills, it is important for men to practice regularly and make a conscious effort to improve their fine motor skills.

The Pressure to Write Quickly

Men may feel pressured to write quickly due to societal expectations of being efficient and productive. This pressure can lead to rushed and illegible handwriting.

In addition, men may prioritize content over presentation, leading them to neglect the neatness of their handwriting while focusing on the substance of their message. This rush to complete writing tasks may also be amplified in the workplace, where productivity and time management are emphasized.

Overall, the pressure to write quickly in order to maintain efficiency and productivity may contribute to why men have bad handwriting.

The Use of Technology

With the prevalence of technology, men tend to use devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to communicate rather than handwriting. The lack of daily handwriting practice may lead to bad handwriting skills among men.

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According to research, handwriting activates various parts of the brain that are not stimulated by typing. This means that the more a person writes by hand, the better their handwriting will become.

Therefore, the decreased need for handwriting practice due to technology may contribute to men having worse handwriting.

How to Improve Handwriting

Practice Writing by Hand

The reason why men have bad handwriting can be due to various factors such as genes, lack of practice, and improper grip of the pen. However, one way to improve handwriting is by practicing writing by hand regularly.

Set aside at least 15-30 minutes each day to write in a comfortable, relaxed position. This will help improve muscle memory and coordination, which are essential in developing better handwriting.

Additionally, using guides such as lined paper and handwriting drills can also be helpful in improving handwriting.

Use Proper Writing Techniques

Men can improve their handwriting by using proper writing techniques such as holding the pen lightly and guiding the writing using their arm instead of their fingers or wrist. This can lead to smoother and more even handwriting.

Additionally, practicing regularly and taking breaks to stretch the hands and fingers can also help improve handwriting.

Experiment with Different Writing Tools

Experimenting with different writing tools can help improve men‘s handwriting. Trying out pens or pencils with different sizes, widths, and grips can lead to finding the most comfortable writing tool.

This can also help determine which type of instrument the individual has better control over and ultimately lead to better handwriting. It’s important to note that handwriting is a skill that can be improved with practice and the right tools.


While the debate continues on whether men have worse handwriting than women, studies have shown that men tend to write with less precision and legibility than women. The reasons for this may be rooted in societal norms and expectations that discourage men from focusing on handwriting skills, or the simple fact that men tend to have larger and more muscular hands than women, which may make it difficult to control the pen or pencil.

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Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that with consistent practice and attention to proper techniques, men can improve their handwriting and enjoy the benefits of better communication and self-expression.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some men have bad handwriting?

There is no scientific proof that suggests men inherently have worse handwriting than women. Factors like lack of practice, poor grip, or underlying health conditions can contribute to bad handwriting.

Can bad handwriting be improved?

Yes, bad handwriting can be improved with practice and proper techniques such as holding the pen correctly and focusing on letter formation.

How can men improve their handwriting?

Men can improve their handwriting by practicing writing regularly, holding their pen correctly, and focusing on letter formation and consistency. They can also try using handwriting practice sheets or taking a calligraphy class.

Does bad handwriting affect professional opportunities?

In some professions, such as medicine or law, clear and legible handwriting is important. However, in most cases, bad handwriting shouldn't affect professional opportunities.

Is bad handwriting a sign of intelligence?

No, bad handwriting is not a sign of intelligence. It is simply a skill that can be improved with practice and effort.

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