Which are Better, Baggy or Tight Jeans?

There are a lot of different jeans for men available in the market. It so easy to just pick some jeans to add to your closet, but finding the perfect fit is the risky part. The thing is, there are also different styles of jeans out there that offer different fits. So, the only question here is, which fit would fit your taste? Do you see what we did there?

There’s been a debate between people who loves baggy jeans and tight jeans on which one is better. Well, we really can’t tell which one unless we know its differences. So, in this article, let’s see what baggy jeans and tight jeans could offer. Read on!

The Return of Baggy Jeans

Trends come and go like the seasons, and skinny jeans have been on their way out for years. And now that skinny jeans for men have become the norm. They are being replaced by its total opposite — the baggy jeans for men.

Men’s baggy jeans have made a complete comeback in men’s fashion since the early 2000s. This kind of fashion comeback is because of the streetwear and skate culture. This is most probably because loose-fitting jeans are much comfier than skinny jeans. It allows skaters to access more of their bodies without feeling constrained by their pants.

Furthermore, men’s baggy jeans have a laidback aesthetic that is very trendy right now in men’s streetwear style. They add the perfect amount of balance to any outfit.

Baggy jeans are the ultimate in casual dressing. You can wear them with a more fitted shirt and a semi-formal shoe like a chucka for an easy step up.

How to Wear Baggy Jeans

The most significant risk of wearing baggy jeans is that they will drown out the rest of your outfit. If this happens, you will lose all of your shapes, and your style will be suffocated. You must exercise extreme caution when it comes to the fit of your new jeans, as well as the clothing you wear with them.

Now here are some guidelines to follow when sporting your baggy jeans.

  • To balance the baggy-fitting jeans, your upper half should be broad or balanced. In addition to tight t-shirts, you can wear hoodies or bomber jackets for a more stylish outfit.
  • Shoes that are chunky in styles, such as boots, sneakers, or skate shoes, will look best with baggy jeans.
  • Go for something wide and baggy, but not too long. Consider giving your outfit some shape by having your jeans cut so that they fall just touching or just above your shoes. You can turn up your jeans if they’re too long.

The Best Baggy Jeans for Men

Currently, you can find men’s baggy jeans in classic styles at places online. Check and cop-out all of the great baggy jeans below.

ASOS DESIGN Ultra Baggy Jeans

Ripped jeans have been a modern denim staple since the 1990s. They give you that rough and tough look you desire while adding just the right amount of edge to your everyday look.

ASOS DESIGN Ultra Baggy Jeans are a skater’s dream, for sure. Given the sensible price and a style that begs for more tears and stains, you’ll have these until they’re on their last limb.

H&M Relaxed Jeans

Even in the summer, you can wear a pair of baggy jeans regardless of the weather. With the relaxed jeans from H&M, you can still flex your baggy jeans in the middle of the scorching sun. These partly-recycled cotton baggy jeans are perfect for wearing any time of year, from a cozy sweater in the winter to a tank and open button-down in the summer.

COLLUSION x014 90s Baggy Jeans

A pair of dad-fit baggy jeans in black is indeed a must-have. COLLUSION’s baggy jeans are only available at ASOS. They have a straight-leg silhouette that is extraordinarily baggy, but not in the sense that they appear to be a larger size on your body than they otherwise would be.

Wrangler Authentics Classic Carpenter Jean

These men’s baggy jeans feature a traditional carpenter style that was created with your comfort in mind. They never bunch up like skinny jeans so that you can kiss any wedgies and hourly ball-fixings goodbye. These Wranglers come in various colors, but a light wash blue is always a safe bet.

The Classic Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans look better on men because you can see the shape of the legs, which is very flattering. Loose and ill-fitting pants always swamp the body and are entirely unflattering to the male body shape. Similar to how skinny jeans show off a woman’s figure, it does the same for men and keeps them looking directly proportional.

Skinny jeans on men allow you to show off your footwear, so if you have some great sneakers, boots, loafers, driving shoes, and so on, your skinny jeans will show them off beautifully. There’s no bulky denim fabric trying to cover them up, staining them blue, getting wet in puddles, and destroying the shoes. It’s simply a wiser choice all around.

How to Wear Skinny Tight Jeans

Skinny jeans have long outlived their “trend” status and are now a true staple for both men and women. Given their popularity, many men still find it hard to pull off this modern denim look. Skinnies can be difficult to style, from selecting the right pair to matching them with the right items.

So, here’s how to wear skinny and tight jeans.

  • The fit is crucial. Everyone’s proportions are different. Bear in mind that skinny jeans do not always have to be sprayed on. Slim-cut straight-leg jeans may be ideal for creating a fitted look without the leg-strangling difficulties of tight denim.
  • Choose looser, more standard versions of the skinny jean for more slim gentlemen – this will ensure your shape is not highly exaggerated. Those with more proportioned builds can wear more fitted styles, but consider a roll-up of the edge to balance your outfit.
  • If you can’t easily pull your skinny jeans past your calves or thighs, they’re too small, and you should size up. Your jeans should be snug against your skin, but there should be about an inch of slack at the top of your thigh.

The Best Skinny Jeans for Men

Pairing skinny jeans with a crisp white t-shirt and either white sneakers or black Chelsea boots is the simplest and most foolproof way to style them. You can go for a more retro look by wearing an oversized sweater, or you can keep things sharp with a white top and blazer.


Outerknown is another brand that promotes sustainability. It offers men a decidedly laid-back beachy style of clothing that has the unique ability to look just as good in urban settings. Every piece of clothing is of the highest quality and made from as many recycled materials as possible.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans, a denim fan favorite, positions itself as a brand that only uses organic cotton for all of its pairs of jeans. Even better, Nudie guarantees the durability of each pair by providing free fixes.


While the US denim company stays true to its roots by creating the original 501 fits, it also needs to keep up with the ever-changing trends, which is why the 510 skinnies were made—providing a clean appearance and a fit with enough stretch to keep you moving throughout the day. Even better, they are well within the price range.

The Bottom Line

Baggy jeans and tight jeans are both wardrobe staples. And to answer our title, we really can’t say which is which. Because as long as you can pull off your baggy jeans or tight jeans, it doesn’t matter which is better. Rock your style and steal some glances.

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