What to Wear with Grey Sweatpants Men – Trending Ideas 2023

Grey sweatpants are versatile and comfortable, making them a popular choice for men’s casual wear. But what are the best ways to style them?

In this article, we’ll explore some trending ideas and recommendations for what to wear with grey sweatpants men in 2023.

According to Men’s Health, wearing white sneakers with grey sweatpants is a simple yet stylish option. They suggest pairing them with a black or white T-shirt for a casual look.

Another option is to pair grey sweatpants with a denim jacket and a plain white T-shirt for a timeless and classic outfit. If you’re looking for a more elevated look, consider wearing a black leather jacket with a dark-colored sweater and your grey sweatpants.

For a pop of color, add a bright beanie or scarf. Lastly, if you want a more comfortable and cozy outfit, pair your grey sweatpants with a hoodie or oversized sweatshirt.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, a key rule is to keep your overall look simple and avoid over-accessorizing.

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to rock your grey sweatpants in style in 2023.

Check out this Youtube video for some amazing outfit ideas on how to stylishly wear grey sweatpants for men and step up your fashion game!

Outfit Recommendations

All-Black Everything

All-black outfit is a classic style that pairs well with grey sweatpants. A black bomber jacket and black sneakers paired with a black t-shirt is a perfect combination for a sleek and stylish look.

This is a simple yet sophisticated casual outfit that anyone can pull off effortlessly. Consider wearing black accessories like a watch or sunglasses to complete the look.

Co-Ord Tracksuit

A co-ord tracksuit set is a great way to wear grey sweatpants. Look for sets that have matching tops and bottoms in the same color and fabric.

You can also layer a denim jacket or a hoodie for a more casual look. This style is perfect for a lazy day at home or a quick run to the store.

Make sure to choose a tracksuit that fits well and is comfortable to wear. You don’t want to be fidgeting with your clothes all day.

Casual Minimalism

A great option for a minimalist look with your grey sweatpants is to pair them with a white t-shirt and neutral sneakers. You can add a denim or leather jacket for some depth and texture to your outfit.

Keep it simple and clean for a polished and effortless look.

Man wearing grey sweatpants with a white t-shirt and sneakers - what to wear with grey sweatpants men

Color Matching


Pairing shades of grey with your grey sweatpants is a great way to create a stylish and cohesive outfit. A light or charcoal grey hoodie or sweater complements grey sweatpants perfectly.

If you want to spice up your outfit, you can add a pop of color with a bold red accessory. According to theversatileman.com, black and white are classic colors that go well with grey sweatpants, but don’t shy away from adding your own personal flair.

Contrasting Colors

To add a pop of color to your grey sweatpants outfit, wearing a bright t-shirt or jumper is a great idea. According to theversatileman.com, a plain white graphic tee can effortlessly level up your outfit, and a black and white combination provides unbeatable power to elevate your grey sweatpants ensemble.

Additionally, red, yellow, and green hues work particularly well with grey due to their high contrast factor. In terms of accessorizing, a colorful beanie or a vibrant scarf can also do wonders for your outfit.



When it comes to hats, there are a few options that can complete your outfit with grey sweatpants. A beanie can give you a casual and comfortable look, while a baseball cap is perfect for a more sporty aesthetic.

If you want a more stylish approach, try a fedora hat. Just make sure to pick a hat that fits your overall style and color scheme.

Man wearing beanie with grey sweatpants - what to wear with grey sweatpants men


When it comes to watches, you want to keep it simple and classic. For a casual look with grey sweatpants, a leather strap watch would be perfect.

For a more formal look, you can opt for a metal strap watch. A timeless piece like a Rolex or Omega would add some elegance to your outfit.

You can also try a smartwatch for a more modern look.

Man wearing leather strap watch with grey sweatpants and white t-shirt - what to wear with grey sweatpants men


When it comes to what to wear with grey sweatpants, the options are endless. You can go for a casual, relaxed look with a simple t-shirt or dress them up with a button-down and blazer.

Other options include layering with a denim jacket, accessorizing with a statement watch, or even pairing with a matching sweatshirt for a monochromatic look. With the right combination of colors, patterns, and accessories, grey sweatpants can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some options for a top to wear with grey sweatpants for men?

Pairing an olive gilet, white, black, or grey sweaters and shirts are great options. Opt for a white shirt/hoodie and gray sweatpants for a supremely versatile look.

Why do grey sweatpants look good on guys?

For men, the true allure of posting a gray sweatpants photo is that it's the dude version of 'no-makeup makeup', showcasing hotness without looking like you're trying too hard.

When is grey sweatpants season for men?

Grey sweatpant season is celebrated every year as the weather gets chillier and men turn to cuffed joggers to lounge around in when it's too cold for shorts.

Are there any accessory options for men wearing sweatpants?

Keep it simple with a well-fitting beanie or a luxe baseball cap. You can also team sweatpants with a tonal, slim-cut T-shirt and a sporty windbreaker, bomber, or coach jacket.

What colors should men wear with their sweatpants?

Sweatpants in classic neutral colorways such as grey, navy, or black are great options. These colors can easily be matched with a variety of different tops for a fashionable look.

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