What Should a Man Wear to an Outdoor Summer Wedding?

It takes a particular skill to show up to a summer wedding looking put together and not sweat before the speeches start. In fact, to the uninformed, it may appear to be magic. Any man can pull off a summer wedding with the correct knowledge.

Paying great attention to what is written on the invitation is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing your summer wedding clothing. Typically, a dress code will be specified, giving you a benchmark to compare what is proper and what is not. Given the vast number of these guidelines, it can be challenging to understand what is what.

You may realize that choosing clothes for a summer wedding can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. A select few timeless looks are always appropriate.

Summer Fabrics for Your Wedding Attire

While attending a wedding on the Hawaii beach in the summer may sound like a great scenario, choosing the proper fabrics, along with pattern and color, may be extremely difficult. So, here is our comprehensive guideline for dressing for a summer wedding.


Woolen fibers that have been individually smoothed up before being twisted and spun into a yarn make up a worsted wool suit. A lower super number is often used in the construction of heavier suits.

Super Count describes the condition of the wool before it is made into a suit. Traditionally, the super count number was calculated by the number of spools that could be spun from a pound of wool. Sounds completely ludicrous, right? The terms “Super 80” and “Super 100” denote the number of spools a pound can produce. Therefore, the super count generally relates to how thin the wool strands are.

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For this reason, summertime is linked with more delicate fabrics and higher super wool counts. In contrast, wintertime often combines thicker, lower super wool count suits. This will give your materials easy breathing space and give you some amount of comfort in hotter weather.


The spring and summer seasons are best suited for linen, a lighter-weight fabric. For warmer weather, linen is the ideal fabric because it is breathable, lighter in weight, and long-lasting. The primary disadvantage of linen is that it wrinkles readily, making it inappropriate for corporate situations.

Seersucker and linen suits together offer the ideal casual style. A linen suit can quickly become your top pick for the wedding day if you’re searching for the rare contradiction of casually dapper. And if you consider giving your outfit a little extra flair, you can use linen in darker hues like charcoal grey or deeper brown. Meanwhile, lighter shades like tan, cream, and off-white are great for creating the perfect summer daytime appearance.

When choosing a linen suit for your summer wedding, you might select linen trousers with a vest rather than the conventional two- or three-piece suit. People will notice when you wear this outfit with a brighter white cotton shirt and paisley-patterned tie.


Cotton suits are among your most dynamic options because they give you a classy yet relaxed, summer-friendly appearance. At the same time, cotton suits are more rigid than wool suits but have better cooling capabilities. Although khaki seems to be the most common color for cotton suits, experimenting with other hues, like baby blue cotton, can provide some beautiful outcomes.

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Cotton suits seem to be the common choice for most guys in warmer settings. Having a keen eye can be helpful when selecting your summer materials, though, as there is a large variety of cotton accessible on the global market. The best option is to choose an open weave that allows easy breathing.


The word seersucker originates from India, where the fabric was formerly known as Shir-O-Shakar. It is then translated into Persian, meaning Milk or Sugar, and alludes to the fabric’s opposing qualities of being smooth and wrinkled.

Seersucker is a cotton fabric with crinkles and stripes that is lighter in weight and puckered. The stripes allow air to flow through the cloth, keeping you cool. The more lightweight weight cotton characteristics of seersucker make it perfect for summer weddings and enable some eye-catching color choices. When complementing a seersucker suit, using ties with simple patterns will work particularly well.

Regarding the variety of tie patterns you can use, you will have more freedom if you wear your seersucker suit with a solid-colored top. For the best impression, you may opt to match your seersucker summer wedding outfit with a silk tie in a pastel color or with an animal design.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

Casual Attire

The most convenient and adaptable wedding attire is casual. Even though you shouldn’t wear your beach clothes to a wedding in the summer, you can choose a more casual look that seems acceptable. The airy fabric of linen suits is ideal for beating the heat while maintaining a dapper appearance. Another option is a pair of pants with a slight herringbone pattern. It will make the suit seem better and prevent it from getting too flowy and loose.

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Smart Casual

If you want to stay cool without wearing a jacket, feel free to do so. Alternatively, you could decide to wear separates if you feel like hiding the sweat patches might be necessary. Still, you don’t want to be the only one in a full suit.

Also, you are not limited to wearing leather Oxfords, Derbies, or monk strap shoes. Loafers, brogues, and suede or even canvas designs are all equally appropriate.

Summer Smart

If you plan to wear a dark wool suit, note that you’re not legally compelled to burn to a crisp. Warm-weather weddings often include a summer smart dress code, which gives guests more flexibility to experiment with colors and textures.

Here, blue and other light, neutral, or pastel hues work well for tailoring. While choosing a seersucker or linen suit rather than a wool or cotton one can help you stay relaxed and sophisticated throughout. You can combine it with a pair of complementary-colored loafers.

The Bottomline

While it may be hard for some to think and decide what to wear to an outdoor summer wedding, we made it easier for you. We hope that you were able to get some ideas from this article. Let us know!

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