What Men’s Hats Go Well with Your Summer Clothes?

Sometimes, you may find hats a little tricky to wear, even in the best circumstances. And there isn’t a lot of occasions or events where you can wear a hat, but if you are looking for a reasonable excuse to do so, we can give you one: the sun. Yes, summertime or sunny weather would be your best excuse to style your outfit by wearing a hat.

Baseball caps may first come to mind when thinking of a summer hat because they are relatively cheap and unquestionably universal. And also, well, they do an excellent job keeping the sun off your eyes. But whatever your ideas are on the concept of a summer hat, the point is that every man had to have at least one in his closet.

So, let’s talk about the hats that you can wear for summer.

Types of Hats Men Can Wear During Summer

As we mentioned above, we bet that the first thing that ever comes to your mind when a summer hat is mentioned is the baseball cap. And yes, they are considered as summer hats, alongside the bucket hat. But there are also other types of hats that men can use to spice their outfits a little during the hot weather. And we listed some of them below.

Panama Hat

A Panama hat is a woven fabric hat made from the straw of the South American toquilla palm plant. Even though the name implies that the roots of this world-famous hat can be traced back to Panama, original Panama has always been manufactured in Ecuador. And because of its elegant shape and its lightweight and breathable qualities, the Panama hat is the ideal choice for hot, sunny weather.

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We strongly believe that the Panama hat should have a place in the closet of any serious fashion enthusiast.

The Boater Hat

Though a classic boater may conjure up images of Mary Poppins rather than a major fashion statement, when worn in the correct setting and in the proper way, it will look both elegant and fun. You can wear it with a Breton top and cropped chinos for a day of punting in Oxford.

The Straw Fedora Hat

The straw fedora will elevate all of your formal summer ensembles. It’s a paper straw-woven dress hat that’s exceptionally lightweight and breathable, and it goes well with smart casual outfits. The blue and white ribbon adds a sophisticated touch to the hat’s classic appearance. It isn’t easy to find a better hat for a summer event than this one.

The Pork Pie Hats

You may not usually encounter this type of hat, but pork pie hats are great. It is a fashionable hat that necessitates some self-assurance on the part of the wearer. Pork pie hats are well-known as Walter White’s, who is the main character in Breaking Bad, go-to hat. They are less popular than fedoras or Panama hats, allowing you to stand out in a crowd if you wear one. Pork pie hats are very stylish, and if you can pull them off, you will look very elegant and classy.

The Fisherman Hat

Loewe has released various cleverly printed fisherman hats, a slightly larger-brimmed take on a bucket hat. It is a part of its new collaboration with Ibizan boutique Paula’s – an all-time favorite. Their newly released fisherman hat is finished with an efficiently water-worthy mermaid print.

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The Summer Flat Cap

With its smart denim finish, the modernized linen takes on the classic flat cap will look great with light summer tailoring. Well, just remember that this type of hat should not be worn with more denim.

The Worker’s Cap

A faded, logo-free summer cap is a must-have in the wardrobes of men who love vintage workwear during summer. It can be paired with a beautifully made, artfully distressed hickory-striped chore jacket. It would be best if you also took note of the raglan sleeves and the chunky burnished-metal buttons.

The Best Summer Hats for Men in Stores

Summer hats are both fashionable and functional. If you are prone to UV exposure, a good hat will keep your most sensitive parts safe. You can spray on some SPF, of course, but a shade-giving hat is a vital line of defense at the beach, the park, the pub, or on some places where people are more likely to laze around in the sun for hours on end.

So, for your next beach trip or just a picnic at the park, we’ve listed down the great summer hats you can buy on the market.

Stacy Adams Wool Pork Pie Hat

Breaking Bad’s Walter White made the Stacy Adams pork pie hat famous. And wearing this hat will make it clear that you mean biz. 

Because it is made of wool, it gives the impression that you are donning a high-quality hat.

Scala Straw Braid Boater Hat

If you’re an old-school guy, a classic design is perfect for you. Jay Gatsby famously wore this boater hat in the film “The Great Gatsby.” And if that’s not enough, then know that it is both functional and fashionable, as well as long-lasting – an excellent investment.

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Nautica Men’s J-Class Hat

The cotton strap of this cap, which has a metal slider buckle at the back, is adjustable for a custom fit. It is made entirely of cotton. And it is made of a six-panel cap, which will last longer than five-panel caps.

Fjallraven Hatfield Safari Hat

This hat is produced by a Swedish company and is made of wax-infused fabric. Because of its material, it will surely keep you dry and protected from the sun. And you’ll notice that the leather fox logo is located just above the brim of the hat.

Men’s Trilby Straw Hat

This trilby hat is ideal for the summer. It’s made of 80% paper straw and 20% nylon, so it’ll feel much better on your head. It includes a free crash-free hat protector to allow you to keep your hat in excellent condition at all times and in any location.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Cap

This classic hat is appropriate not just for golf courses but also for everyday wear. A classic white cap makes you look fresh. However, if you are concerned about sweat marks, you can select a different color. It’s made of 100% cotton and features a pony logo on the front.

The Bottom Line

Hats are indeed excellent, not only as an accessory but as a functional item, too. We can all agree that we need extra protection for our heads and face against the sun’s burning heat during the summer. And here is when hats come in handy because it is within the spectrum of fashion and functionality.

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