What Kind of Shoes Should Men Wear With Khakis?

Regarding practicality, style, and appeal, one type of pants piece stands out above the rest: Khaki pants. 

Such can be dressed up or down depending on the event, so both men and women can wear them in various contexts. And the secret to looking amazing is to ensure your shoe selection is consistent with the overall tone of the rest of your outfit, whether you dress your khakis either up or down.

Finding the ideal pair of shoes for khakis can be challenging. If you’re not meticulous, you can purchase shoes that resemble clown shoes or look awful with khakis.

If you’re trying to figure out what color shoes go best with khakis, look no further because we’ve researched for you and have them all covered below.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants

Choosing the proper color scheme is almost as crucial as picking the appropriate style of shoes with khaki chinos, jeans, or dress pants. It can be beneficial to think about the type of style you desire when choosing the color of your shoes. Are you going for a more casual look, or are you trying to up your dress code?

The color of the khaki you are wearing should also be considered when choosing shoes. Before making a choice, consider the undertones of your pants.

So, let’s quickly go over the many colors that match best with khaki.


The most popular color for shoes to wear with khaki pants is brown. Given that they are earth tones and belong to the same color family as khaki, light or dark brown shoes look good. You will appear stylish and confident thanks to the complementary colors.

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Typically, khakis look terrific with a pair of sophisticated brown leather shoes. On the other hand, Oxfords are definitely best avoided because they tend to be overly formal. Because they have closed laces, oxfords can be distinguished from different varieties of men’s dress shoes.


While some people believe wearing black shoes with khaki pants is impractical, no law forbids it, and the combination looks terrific. If you decide to wear black shoes, it’s frequently advised that you wear a darker shade of khaki with them. This is because very light khakis and black shoes create an unflattering contrast.

But if you pair your khakis with black shoes, you should probably dress more formally on top. A black blazer and belt can help to balance the look. Additionally, you can wear khakis and black shoes with charcoal and gray tones.


White shoes are an excellent option to wear with khakis since they offer a traditional yet casual look. They are exceptionally fashionable and go well with all hues of khaki. It leans into the soft side, helping you generate a new and inviting feeling.

One go-to outfit you can have during the warmer months is a white top, such as a tee or polo shirt, paired with khakis and white sneakers. This outfit is wonderful and can be worn pretty much any place.


If you’re looking for a less traditional color to go with your khakis, navy shoes are a terrific choice. As was already noted, khaki shares many shades with brown. Blue and brown are among the most conventionally stylish color combinations for menswear.

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Additionally, blue shoes are a little quicker to find than shoes in other unusual colors, such as dark green or maroon.

What Shoes to Wear with Khakis

It’s not surprising that many men adore a good pair of khakis. They are the only pair of trousers worn for every occasion, whether you’re meeting a client, going to a party, or visiting your parents. But many men struggle with deciding what shoes to wear with khakis.


You dislike wearing lace-up shoes in the summer because they are unpleasant. As a result, you may don a pair of loafers. You would look great wearing loafers and khaki pants together. This look fosters freedom and youth.

You should choose office slip-on shoes over loafers if you wear them to work. The result will be a clean, refined, but young aesthetic. You can also choose shirts or T-shirts to match your ensemble. Men’s khaki pants and loafers are a terrific combination to wear to work. One may state that a particular fashion trend is ideal for males with a liberal appearance.

Leather Shoes

You believe that casual pants and suits can be worn with leather shoes. However, you may pair them with khaki pants. And it would be beneficial to pick dark khaki work pants like black or gray to give the wearer an exquisite and sophisticated look.

In regards to the subject of whether shoes go with khaki pants, polished leather shoes are regarded explicitly as being authentic. Additionally, you must carefully select a shirt with a similar color tone. Black, khaki pants, for instance, would look great with a black, light blue, or gray shirt and a pair of shining leather shoes. You will surely be very classy and lavish.

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On the other hand, khaki pants and a pair of cowhide leather shoes work best to emphasize the men’s masculine and romantic appearance.


Choose a trendy sneaker when you want to improve your sense of style. Skater shoes typically go well with khakis; depending on your type, you can modify them to make them look preppy or hip. Skater shoes often have flat soles throughout. They could have laces or not.

Vans are a fantastic choice. The colors and patterns of these slip-on sneakers are varied. And by picking a unique tone, you may showcase your personality. Although these shoes are casual, you may dress them up with the clothing you choose to wear.

The Bottom Line

Every gentleman wants to appear his best. And finding the perfect shoe color and style is one way to guarantee your outfit is polished and fashionable.

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