What is the Most Preferred Material for Men’s Shirts?

Looking and buying new clothes, shirt specifically, can be daunting at times. Because deciding on the right fabric type is just as important as deciding on the right size and color. And with many various types of fabric available, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your needs.

So, the hundred-million-dollar question is, what is the best material for men to look for in a shirt? Well, there is a wide range of options for you. There are cotton, linen, and leather, and they are derived from plants and animals. However, most clothes are more likely to be made of materials and chemicals derived from crude oil, which came from fossil fuels.

Don’t worry; we’ll explain them to you one by one. So, let’ go! Let’s dig deeper into the world of fabrics.

Common Materials Used for Men’s T-shirt

When it comes to t-shirt fabrics, there are numerous factors to consider. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and no hard evidence shows that one is superior to the other. All you need to do is make picking the right one for you.

The material influences the design and printing and how it feels, and how it is worn. Some t-shirt materials absorb ink effectively than others, and some last longer.

But how are you supposed to know which one is the best? Well, we got that covered for you. Below are the most common materials being used for men’s t-shirt.


Cotton is by far the most common fabric used to make t-shirts. It is a natural fiber derived from plants that have been used to make clothing for centuries. Cotton is the most popular fabric for dresses for several reasons. It is inexpensive, strong, and simple to clean. 

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Also, keep in mind that cotton is versatile, and there are various kinds of cotton which can be used for shirt production. It can be transformed into multiple other fabric types such as ring-spun cotton, cotton duck, cotton canvas, terry cloth, denim, and flannel.

Cotton materials are breathable and ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is also incredibly soft, and it does not necessitate the use of chemicals.


Polyester is another popular fabric for t-shirts. It dries quickly and does not mildew. It also doesn’t stretch and keeps its shape. Polyester is used in the majority of athletic apparel companies’ t-shirts. It is a synthetic fiber that includes fabrics such as nylon, acetate, and acrylic.

It is also long-lasting and dries quickly after washing. Another great thing about polyester is that it is adaptable, low-cost, recyclable, and blended with cotton. Unfortunately, these positive characteristics are accompanied by some disadvantages. Polyester does not degrade quickly, does not breathe well, and can emit plastic microfibers when washed, inflicting water pollution.


There are many linen-made t-shirts on the market. It is made from the flax plant and has a textured weave. Because of its breathability and lightweight properties, it is a popular choice for summer clothing. Linen is also a moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly. Although it is a great summer material, it is prone to wrinkles.


Rayon is yet another athletic-wear fiber that was developed as a less expensive alternative to silk. It is a synthetic fiber made from trees, plants, and cotton. In the end, you’ll have a breathable fabric that feels silky and drapes beautifully. It dyes well and absorbs well. However, it wrinkles easily and is not the most eco-friendly alternative.

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Common Materials Used for Men’s Dress Shirt

Because there are so many options for dress shirts, just like shirts, it can be challenging to choose. After determining the appropriate color, collar, and fit, the dress shirt material is considered.

Each dress shirt is a unique blend of weave, thread count, and fiber. Finally, the feel and appearance of the dress shirt will be determined by this combination. This determines the final product.


Because of its softness and durability, Oxford cloth is one of the most popular weaves. It can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. The fabric crosses over in pairs, giving it a “basket weave” appearance. Pinpoint Oxford is a higher-end Oxford that is lighter in weight and has a more delicate texture. Royal Oxford is even more refined and is typically worn for formal occasions.


Broadcloth, also known as poplin, is a tightly woven fabric with a simple over-under weave and slight sheen, making it look nice and professional. Broadcloths are ideal for men who prefer materials with as little texture as possible.


Poplin has a more delicate surface but a similar weight due to the interweaving of a fine yarn running one way and a thicker yarn running the other. It’s soft and comfortable, and it’s commonly found in more casual shirts. Colors are easily at home here, and sporty patterns work exceptionally well.


Twill is a shimmery diagonal weave that creates richly textured shirts that aren’t too formal. The direction of the diagonals in herringbone twill switches back and forth every quarter inch or so, adding depth to the fabric. Whenever the occasion or whim calls for a solid shirt, twill steps up to the plate with style and texture.

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Twill is a very tight weave with extremely high thread counts, some of which can be mistaken for silk. Twill won’t give you the same “crisp” look as freshly pressed broadcloth, but it’s easy to iron and wrinkle-resistant.


It is a tightly woven custom dress shirt with a pleasing ribbed effect. Herringbone is combined with Twill to create a weave consisting of rows in opposite directions, creating a zig-zag pattern. It looks excellent on solid-colored shirts, bringing out the fabric’s unique details. The Herringbone shirt has a smoother feel and a more formal appearance than an Oxford shirt. It’s not a standard weave, but it’s one of a kind.

The Bottom Line

It is critical to wear the proper shirt made of the appropriate fabric or material. You don’t want to be busted wearing the wrong cloth to an important event. Too many people pass judgment on others solely based on their clothing. That is how it is essential to know which material you will look for, either a t-shirt or a shirt. And we hope that what we have listed above will help you.

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