What Color Shirt Goes With Black Pants? Top Picks 2023

Knowing what color shirt goes with black pants is important for creating a stylish and put-together outfit. Black pants are a staple in many wardrobes, so it’s helpful to have a variety of shirt options to create different looks.

Plus, wearing the wrong color shirt with black pants can throw off the entire outfit, so understanding color coordination is key.

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Basic Color Coordination Principles

Matching black pants with the right color shirt can be a daunting task. Wearing the wrong color can easily disrupt the balance of the whole outfit.

Understanding the basics of color coordination can help make the process easier.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors, also known as opposite colors on the color wheel, can create a harmonious and bold look. The following colors are complementary to black:

Color Complementary Color
Yellow Purple
Blue Orange
Red Green

For example, pairing black pants with a purple shirt can create a stunning and coordinated outfit.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors can create a bold and eye-catching look. The following colors can be paired with black for a contrasting effect:

Color Contrasting Color
White Black
Gray Black
Light pink Black
Light blue Black

For example, pairing black pants with a white shirt can create a timeless and classic look.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors can also complement black pants. These colors can be paired for a subdued and understated look.

Neutral colors include:

Color Neutral Color
Beige Black
Navy blue Black
Light gray Black
Cream Black

For example, pairing black pants with a beige shirt can create a relaxed and neutral outfit.

Patterned Shirts

Patterned shirts can also be paired with black pants. When choosing a patterned shirt, consider the dominant color in the shirt and choose pants that match or complement that color.

Small and subtle patterns are ideal for a professional look. Examples of patterned shirts include stripes, plaid, and floral prints.

By understanding the basics of color coordination, you can confidently pair black pants with the right color shirts. Whether you prefer complementary, contrasting, neutral, or patterned shirts, there is a perfect match for every occasion.

Top Colors That Go With Black Pants

When it comes to pairing colors with black pants, there are a variety of shades that work well together. Whether you’re aiming for a professional or casual look, here are some of the top colors that match with black pants:

  • White: A classic option that looks great with black pants. Try pairing a white blouse or shirt with black dress pants for a timeless look.
  • Blue: From navy to baby blue, this color goes well with black. Wear a blue sweater or blouse with black pants for a put-together outfit.
  • Gray: A neutral color that complements black without overpowering it. Consider wearing a gray blazer with black pants for a chic and sophisticated look.
  • Red: A bold and daring choice, red adds a pop of color to black pants. Try a red sweater or blouse with black pants for a statement-making outfit.
  • Light Pink: A feminine color that softens the look of black pants. Pair a light pink top with black pants for a sweet yet professional look.
  • Maroon: A deep, rich color that pairs well with black. Try a maroon sweater or blouse with black pants for a stylish and sophisticated outfit.
  • Light Yellow: A cheerful color that brightens up black pants. Wear a light yellow top with black pants for a vibrant look.
  • Light Orange: An unexpected yet stylish color to pair with black pants. Try a light orange blouse or sweater with black pants for a playful outfit.
  • Turquoise: A bright and bold color option that adds a pop of color to black pants. Wear a turquoise top with black pants for a fun and summery look.

Shirt Color Ideas for Formal Occasions

When dressing up for formal events such as weddings or business meetings, it is essential to choose the right color combination to exude an air of elegance, sophistication, and professionalism. While black trousers are a versatile and safe option, pairing them with the wrong color shirt can ruin the entire outfit.

Here are some color ideas that would perfectly complement black pants:

White Shirt

A white shirt is a classic option and is an excellent choice as it goes with almost any color. It gives a clean, crisp, and polished look, reflecting a sense of formality, making it an ideal choice for formal events.

Blue Shirt

Pairing a blue shirt with black pants is a timeless combination that really pops. Light blue or pastel shades can be calming and refreshing, and are perfect for daytime events, while a darker shade of blue, such as navy blue or royal blue, can be very sophisticated and elegant.

Gray Shirt

Gray shirts pair well with black pants, creating a sleek and refined look. Light gray or silver shirts are perfect for daytime events, while darker shades of gray can create a more formal look for evening events.

Pink Shirt

A pink shirt is a bold color choice that can add a touch of playfulness and fun to a formal outfit. Light pink can be soft and delicate, while darker shades, such as magenta, can create a bold and daring look.

Purple Shirt

A purple shirt can add a pop of color and elegance to your outfit. Lighter shades of purple such as lavender or lilac can create a softer and more romantic look, while darker shades like eggplant or plum can create a bolder and more dramatic effect.

Red Shirt

While a red shirt may be a more daring color choice, it can create a powerful and dynamic look for formal events. A darker shade of red like burgundy can add a touch of sophistication, while brighter shades like tomato red and crimson can create an eye-catching and powerful statement.

Remember that when wearing black pants, the key is to choose a shirt that adds contrast to the outfit without being too distracting. The shirt color you choose should showcase your personal style while keeping the formality of the event in mind.

Shirt Color Ideas for Casual Occasions

For casual occasions, there are a variety of color combinations that can complement black pants. Some popular options include:

  • White shirt: A classic choice that offers a clean, crisp look that can work well for any casual setting. It offers good contrast with black trousers.
  • Blue shirt: Another great option, especially for outdoor events. Light blue shirts can pair up well with black pants for a sophisticated and relaxed look.
  • Light gray shirt: A versatile and subtle option that works well with black trousers. It gives a monochromatic look while maintaining the balance of light and dark hues.
  • Light pink shirt: A lighter and more playful option that offers a unique combination with black trousers. It is perfect for a daytime event, such as a birthday party or baby shower.
  • Maroon shirt: A more daring option that works well if you want to express yourself in a fun and youthful way. The combination with black pants creates a striking and balanced contrast.
  • Turquoise shirt: A brighter and more stylish option that offers a more bold color combination. It is perfect for a day out with friends or for a summer party.

When in doubt, go for a black shirt for a monochromatic look or a white shirt for a classic feel. The key is to experiment with colors and find a combination that highlights your personal style and complements the occasion.

Tips for Accessorizing a Black Pants Outfit

When it comes to accessorizing a black pants outfit, it’s important to choose complementary colours that enhance the look. Here are some tips:

1. Pair with a Light Colored Shirt

When it comes to choosing a shirt to wear with black pants, light colors such as white, light yellow, light orange, light pink, and turquoise are a great choice. These colors create a perfect contrast that makes you look chic and trendy.

2. Add a Pop of Color

To make your outfit more vibrant, add a pop of color with your accessories. Jewelry, scarfs, hats or handbags in bright colors like red, fuchsia, yellow, or green will add an eye-catching and playful touch to your black pants outfit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Prints

A patterned blouse or shirt can subtly break up the monotony of an all-black outfit. Prints like stripes, polka dots, florals, and animal prints can all add a playful twist to your outfit.

Just be sure to keep the print proportionate to your frame.

4. Consider the Occasion

The accessories you choose depend on the occasion. For a formal event, keep your accessories minimal and refined.

For a casual event or everyday wear, you can let your creativity run wild with unique and bold accessories.

5. Shoes Matter

Choosing the right shoes is crucial to the success of a black pants outfit. Nude, black or metallic heels or flats are a fail-safe option that will elongate your legs.

Depending on the occasion, you may want to try sandals or trainers with bold colors, textures, or prints to elevate a classic black pants outfit.

6. Use Metallics to Add Glam

A pop of gold or silver can add instant glam to your black pants outfit. Metallic accessories like belts, watches, jewelry, or even clutches can make your outfit sparkle and shine.

To sum up, black pants are an essential in every wardrobe. By combining them with the right accessories, you can create endless looks that suit both formal and casual occasions.

Use these simple tips to accessorize your black pants outfit with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a black shirt with black pants?

It's not recommended to wear an all-black outfit, as it can come across as too severe and lacking in depth. Instead, try pairing black pants with light-colored shirts, such as white, light blue, or pastels.

What color shirt should I wear with black pants for a job interview?

For a job interview, it's best to stick to classic, professional colors such as white, light blue, or pale pink. These colors pair well with black pants and project a polished, capable image.

Can I wear bright or neon colors with black pants?

While black pants do provide a versatile base for a variety of color combinations, it's best to avoid overly bright or neon colors when pairing with black. Opt for more subtle yet still striking color combinations such as jewel tones, earthy hues, or muted shades of pink or blue.


When it comes to matching a shirt with black pants, it is important to consider the color coordination. Black is a versatile and formal color, which means it can go well with any color.

However, to create a visually striking combination, it is best to pair black with complementary colors such as white, purple, blue, light pink, maroon, light gray, red, light yellow, light orange, and turquoise. Casual wear can also work well with black trousers, especially when paired with gray-and-white or black-and-white combinations.

In summary, the right color combination can add mood, temperature, and structure to any outfit, and it is important to choose these carefully to make the most of your wardrobe.


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