Should Men Wear Jeggings?

Women primarily wear jeggings. But with the rise of athleisure, clothing companies need to step up their game and create a piece of clothing that will do the work for men, too. Jeggings have gained popularity and are now being worn by both men and women. So, it is safe to say that men can wear some jeggings, too, even those designed for women.

What is a Jegging?

Jeggings are leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans. The letter ‘J refers not only to the way denim looks but also to the fact that it was first worn for jogging in early 2009. Jeggings arose from the resurgence of skinny jeans in the late 2000s when there was a greater demand for a tighter style of pants.

Jeggings are frequently worn on their own because they are typically made of a cotton/spandex blend. Aside from the ‘jean‘ adaptation, some jeggings are made with new nylon material.

Jeggings are currently popular among men’s activewear, but they can also be worn to work. They’re perfect for walking, running, and cycling because, unlike trousers, they don’t chafe or cause friction between the thighs as they move against each other. Jeggings are quiet to wear in this regard.

They look great with a t-shirt and sneakers or boots. Leggings are becoming more popular as everyday wear for men, despite their popularity in cycling and athletics.

Best Jeggings for Men

Suppose you are ready to start wearing jeggings, then finding the right one the crucial part. But do not worry because we’ve got you covered. Below are some clothing brands that offer the best jeggings in the market. And we believe that you should check them out for your reference.

Uniqlo Ezy Jeans

The Ezy jeans combine the comfort of sweatpants with the fashionable appearance of denim. It’s lined with a soft sweatpant-like material that’s dyed to look like denim (the indigo will fade distinctively with age). It also features an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit without the use of a belt.

Paul Frank Faux Denim Pajama Pants

This pair of pajama pants with a denim print is exceptionally fashionable. They’re comfortable and versatile, and they’re great for lounging around the house or going out. This Paul Frank under disguise men’s generic faux denim pajama pants is super cool because it features denim printed design.

Plaid&Plain Men’s Skinny Stretchy Khaki Pants

This stretchy pant is made up of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Designed for guys who like a trim, modern cut, this pant is made in a chino fabric with a tiny bit of added flex. It is also slim through the hip and thigh, with a narrower leg, and has a zipper closure.

Kapow Meggings Men’s Performance

The Kapow Supreme Range features a squat-tested design with mid-level compression for muscle stabilization and support. It also has a bounce-proof phone pocket and a zip pouch for cash, as well as an ergonomic waistband to keep it all in place.

It’s designed with a 4-way stretch poly/spandex fabric that’s non-abrasive and has solid and flat seams. It feels like a second skin because it’s light and has a superb hand feel. For maximum breathability, sweat-wicking, UV blocking, and quick-drying fabrics are used. And it’s crafted to blur the lines between sportswear and streetwear.

Everlane The Performance Jean

The warp and fabric of this four-way stretch organic denim stretch for maximum confidence in motion. Their cotton is grown and milled organically in Turkey, using Indigo dyes.

Their denim factory partner recycles 98 percent of its water through reverse osmosis filtration. It keeps byproducts out of the environment by mixing them with concrete to make environmentally friendly building materials.

ZLZ Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Denim Pants

This slim-fitting pair of jeans is easy to wear all day. It has a soft, sweat-absorbent, and breathable fabric. It’s also made of a high-quality elastic fabric that keeps its shape all day. Indeed, it will give you complete freedom of movement and makes you feel at ease.

Also, this slim-fitting pair of jeans with a slight taper can be worn casually with flats or boots and a loose-fitting tee for a chic and stylish look.

Outfit Ideas with Jeggings for Men

If you are wondering how you will make an outfit out of jeggings, then wonder no more. We have listed down some stylish outfit ideas for you to try.

  • Off-duty staples like a gray long-sleeve t-shirt and navy jeggings are the perfect way to inject unpretentious dapperness into your look. Then, you n complement your ensemble with a pair of more sophisticated shoes, such as these brown leather derby shoes.
  • A dark brown shearling jacket paired with jeggings screams casual cool and menswear style. This outfit can be finished off with dark brown leather Chelsea boots to give it a more sophisticated look.
  • Wear a black quilted leather biker jacket and jeggings to show that no one does casual like you. And if you are undecided about completing your ensemble, put on a pair of black and white print leather low-top sneakers to dress it up.
  • A gray overcoat and jeggings are fabulous when matched together in a laid-back ensemble. This outfit proves that you can look stylish in just a pair of jeggings. Wearing black leather Chelsea boots will amp up your entire ensemble.
  • Wear a red overcoat and white shirt with black jeggings if you don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit. And a simple outfit can be instantly updated with a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers.
  • Any man’s versatile off-duty outfit should include a black leather biker jacket and jeggings. You can finish your look with black leather Chelsea boots to show off your outfit coordination skills.

The Bottom Line

Men can definitely wear jeggings. They often do represent a fashion statement. They’re incredibly versatile. They go with almost every other color so that you can wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe. Jeggings are suitable for a variety of occasions and can even be worn to the gym.

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