Men’s Yoga Shorts with Liner

Aside from yoga pants, yoga shorts are now making a way to every man’s wardrobe. It can be difficult to find good yoga shorts, but you’ll find that they’re invaluable in hot and Bikram sessions once you do. Yoga shorts are good in themselves, but how much more are those shorts with a liner? It could definitely be your holy grail in terms of yoga clothing.

Remember to avoid both super-short shorts and loose shorts when selecting a pair. It’s safer to wear other styles that will keep you covered because you’ll be bending your body into unusual positions.  Choose a pair that allows you to bend and twist freely with your legs in the air without feeling uncovered.

Also, make sure they don’t bunch up when you move, or you’ll be pulling them down all the time. A tight-fitting pair with a mid-thigh length would suffice. If you’re having trouble finding the right type, we listed down some of the best yoga shorts with linen in the market. Enjoy!

Best Yoga Shorts with Liner for Men

Men’s yoga shorts with liner eliminate the need to search for a comfortable pair of workout underwear. A liner will keep everything in place, preventing chafing and accidental exposure.

Here are the top 10 yoga shorts with liner that you’ll surely love:

YogaAddict Men Yoga Shorts

This pair of yoga shorts are made of the highest quality fabric, with 94% cotton and 6% spandex. The materials used are extremely comfortable and well-made, allowing you to move freely. It allows you to stretch with every movement while maintaining a stylish fit, and it comes with two outside pockets and a solid drawstring/elastic waist to keep you in place.

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If you’re looking for a pair of shorts for your inversion poses that aren’t too revealing, this is the pair for you. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your practice without worrying about accidentally exposing any private parts of the body. When you’re doing a handstand, downward dog, or other inversion poses, the shorts won’t surely fall up or down in your face.

Neleus Men’s 2 in 1 Shorts

This short is made for training and performance. It has a built-in compression that helps to improve performance by supporting the thigh muscle. It also aids in the relief of muscle soreness, allowing you to stay in good shape and continue practicing comfortably.

The shorts’ outer mesh material has two pockets. It’s made of a quick-drying fabric that easily wicks moisture away.  It also has a great elastic waistband and drawstring to adjust the tightness of your waist.

Meripex Apparel Men’s Freeballer

Whether you’re going on your next yoga class or heading to the gym, Freeballers by Meripex Apparel has you covered. Freeballers feature a high-grade compression liner that moves with you for maximum comfort.

They are made of the highest-quality 4-way stretch fabrics made of a premium polyester and spandex blend. Freeballers also has four pockets: two front pockets and two side pockets (both with zippers) for holding your phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables.

Devops Men’s Compression Shorts

This short has been designed with your comfort in mind. For maximum mobility, it is made of non-abrasion spandex fabric with excellent elasticity and durability.

Whether you practice in warm or cool weather, this short performs admirably.  Sweat and moisture can be quickly drained from the skin, and it allows sweat to dry quickly to avoid the clothing sticking to the body.

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Rhone Men’s 7″ Workout Guru Short

The Guru shorts are made of a lightweight, super breathable nylon fabric. They’re long-lasting and comfortable, and they keep you cool while you practice. These shorts feature reinforced flat-lock stitching for a chafe-free fit and long-lasting durability.

To keep you cool, it has a perforated venting system on each side. Two side pockets, a secure media/phone pocket, and a hidden zipper pocket on the left side are included. You can also see an adjustable drawcord in the interior waistband. And lastly, it has a gusset to allow for airflow, shape improvement, and reinforcement.

Lulucleaf Men’s 2 in 1 Shorts

If you are looking for men’s yoga clothing that can take you from studio to street, then Lulucleaf 2 in 1 short is the one for you.

Quick-dry fabric is used for the outer layer shorts to keep you comfortable during workouts and practice. The built-in mesh compression shorts with a tight fit, on the other hand, provide support for the thigh muscle to improve performance and a more generous fit for extra mobility.

4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts

The 4th Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts are incredibly light and comfortable. They’re made of soft modal fabric and are designed to move and stretch with you, allowing you to do splits, squats, and whatever else you’re doing presently. The 4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts don’t bunch up due to their snug fit, ensuring a focused and stress-free yoga practice.

prAna Men’s Sutra Short

With the prAna Sutra Yoga Short for men, you can make the most of your practice day. These men’s bottoms easily transition from a yoga studio or a bouldering wall to your favorite couch, thanks to their stretchy hemp blend. Their anti-odor hemp fabric is also light, quick-drying, and surprisingly comfortable to wear.

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RVCA Men’s Yogger Stretch Short

Even when you get into Dancer Pose or other hard poses, these RVCA yoga shorts for men will keep you covered. These men’s bottoms also won’t ride up when you’re upside down because of their snug fit around the legs.

RVCA Men’s Yogger Stretch Short is made of an elastic fabric that moves with you, repels moisture, and dries quickly. So, whether you’re up for a quick yoga session, a jog, or a trip to the gym, you can go ahead and work up a sweat.

Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Shorts w/ Liner

Yoga Crow was among the first companies to design shorts for men who practice yoga. Not that these yoga shorts can’t be worn to the gym or on the run. However, it is in a yoga studio, specifically, that you will truly appreciate the short’s performance.

These men’s yoga shorts are made of 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you without bunching or limiting your flow. Yoga Crow shorts don’t need to be adjusted, and it doesn’t collapse in inverted poses.

The Bottom Line

Yoga shorts with liners are indeed game-changers. So, for you to enjoy your next yoga class or practice, you got to try the yoga shorts we listed above. We are excited to hear from you which brand you’re going to try. Let us know!

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