Men and Yoga Pants: How to Wear Them?

Who says that yoga is just a hobby for women? Well, we beg to disagree because men do yoga, too. Because of its benefits, a lot of men are trying and practicing yoga nowadays. But the thing about yoga is that it has many positions that require balance and flexibility; that is why aside from your willingness to do it, you need to update your wardrobe with some yoga pants.

There are a variety of different yoga styles you can do, but regardless of the type you choose, popular poses can be very complex. That being said, there’s appropriate attire you will need to wear to keep yourself comfortable, hence, the yoga pants.

Since we’ve been mentioning yoga pants, let’s talk more about it. Come on.

How To Wear Yoga Pants: The Do’s and Don’ts

Yoga pants are kind of game-changer and could be your next go-to workout gear. Yoga pants are normally cool, comfy, and surprisingly flattering if you get the right pair. But it’ll ruin your outfit once you picked the wrong pair. That is why you need to know how to wear yoga pants properly, whether you will wear them to your yoga class or brunch, or the gym.

Below are some tips on how you could properly wear a yoga pants.


  • This should be a given with any clothes you wear, but n terms of fit, yoga pants are highly unforgiving. So, it is a must to invest in the size that fits you well. It sounds like a no-brainer, but the most important thing to note, really, is this one.
  • In finding the perfect yoga pants, you might face another obstacle, which is sheerness. So, make sure you select fully opaque yoga pants. And you must test them out in broad daylight or under bright lights to make sure that people won’t see everything under that pants. If your yoga pants aren’t thick enough, they’ll surely become sheer when stretched. That is why it is important to invest in pants with the right fit and the right material.
  • It would be best if you also stocked up on neutral tones that will go with anything, such as navy blue, black, and charcoal.


  • This is actually another no-brainer, but it is worth repeating: do not keep on wearing your favorite pair after its life span. Unlike jeans, yoga pants don’t age well, and they stretch over time. So, it is time to toss them away when they’re overly faded, stretched, or ripped.
  • Another “do not” when it comes to yoga pants, and we mean this, is: Do not wear them to work. Sure, you can wear it when you are going to grab some brunch, but it is a no-no in your workplace (unless you work in a gym, then you can certainly wear it). Yoga pants don’t double up as dress pants. And you won’t impress clients by showing up to meetings with them.

Why Should You Wear Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are designed, so the body can move freely. Their tightness is more about keeping them out of the way than having any benefit. But just in case you’re wondering what the benefits are, we listed them below for you.


As mentioned many times, yoga pants could give you the comfort you need when you’re doing your poses. It is made of light materials that make you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Most yoga pants are also made of breathable and sweat-wicking fabric, which is perfect for hot yoga.


Such pants allow you to be absolutely flexible in your positions. In a way that this clothing piece won’t hinder you with your yoga positions.

Perfect Grip

Aside from comfort and flexibility, yoga pants could help you find grip in certain poses. Let’s say if your knees keep slipping off your elbows in Crow Pose, wearing the right yoga pants will help you solve that problem.


Aside from its real purpose, which is for yoga, yoga pants are a versatile clothing piece because it could be used for other activities. From running to biking to strength training and just about any activity/sport, yoga pants are a perfect choice.

What Yoga Pants Should You Wear?

Now that you get a glimpse of how to wear yoga pants and their benefits, the next question would be, what yoga pants should you wear?

There are a lot of things to remember and consider when choosing the perfect yoga pants to wear. But we listed the major thing that you should put in mind when purchasing one.


We said it before, and we’ll say it again: You need to find the perfect fabric! At the most inconvenient moment, cheap, poor-quality material can cause itchiness to your skin, trap heat when things get hot, slump after (or even worse, during) the workout, and get smelly after just a single yoga lesson. That is why yoga pants are most likely pricey because fabric composition is the name of the game.

Here are the best fabrics that could be best for you:


Even for sensitive skin, the bamboo fabric is delicate and gentle, so comfortable for therapeutic yoga practice as well as vigorous workouts. It is, moreover, robust and made-to-last.


Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, spandex, PVC, and the like, are ideal for athletic wear.  Such fabrics are great to be used specifically for items made for high-impact workouts.


Cotton fabrics are comfortable and soft. They work well for stretching, therapeutic and moderately-paced forms of yoga, as well as after-school lounging.

Remember, you should always feel good in your yoga pants. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with the one that you’re using, maybe it is time to buy a new one, with the right fabric this time.

The Bottom Line

With so many options available, it is tough to select the right yoga pants for men. But do not forget that with yoga apparel, the price generally means quality. If yoga pants are more expensive, the fabric is sure of better quality, and the seams are well-made and more robust. Maybe it’s high time to invest in quality yoga pants and apply our tips above on how to wear them.

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