Khakis Black Blazer Outfits: Style Tips & Ideas (2023)

Business-Professional Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

The khakis black blazer outfit combination is not ideal for business-professional or truly formal settings as it can appear too casual. However, this style can still work for business-professional settings with the right tweaks.

Pair your khakis with a dress shirt and tie, polished dress shoes, and a well-tailored black blazer to elevate the outfit. Avoid loud patterns and colors, and opt for a neutral palette for a professional look.

Casual Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

Khakis and black blazers can be a perfect combination for casual settings like brunches, parties, and weekends. For a casual look, pair your khakis with a light-colored t-shirt or a polo shirt, sneakers or loafers, and a black blazer.

You can experiment with patterns and textures, and add some accessories like a watch or sunglasses to complete the look.

Street Style Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

The khakis black blazer combination can also work for street style outfits.

Are you struggling to come up with stylish outfits for spring? Check out this Youtube video: “3 SIMPLE Khaki Blazer Combinations | Spring Outfits for Men…” and learn how to easily incorporate khakis and black blazers into your wardrobe for a timeless and elegant look.

The Versatility of Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

If you’re looking for a timeless classic that can easily transit from casual to semi-casual events, the khakis black blazer outfit may be the perfect option for you. This outfit has been popular for decades and it’s still relevant today.

The good thing about khakis black blazer outfits is that they are incredibly versatile and can be worn in various smart-casual and business-casual settings, making it one of the most adaptable styles you can have in your wardrobe.

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While it’s essential to have a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe, the khakis black blazer outfit is one that you should have in your collection. This style allows you to express your fashion individuality and still look sharp, both in and out of the office.

Whether you’re going for a business meeting, a casual night out, a job interview, or any other occasion, khakis black blazer outfits can help you look trendy and stylish with minimal effort.

Dressing Up Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

Khakis and black blazers are considered casual clothing items, but it does not mean that you cannot dress them up to look more formal. Here are some tips:

Pair with Dark-Colored Khakis

To make your black blazer look more formal, pair it with dark-colored khakis like navy or charcoal gray. These colors can make the outfit appear more restrained and professional.

Avoid wearing light-colored khakis, as they tend to give a more casual impression.

A model wearing a black blazer paired with navy khaki pants

Choose Dress Shoes over Sneakers

Avoid pairing your khakis and blazer with sneakers, as they tend to bring down the formality of the outfit. Instead, opt for dress shoes like Oxfords, loafers, or brogues to add elegance and sophistication to the entire ensemble.

Accessorize with Classic Pieces

To elevate the outfit and make it more refined, accessorize with classic pieces like a watch, a belt, and a pocket square. These items can add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the entire look.

Making It More Casual: Dressing Down Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

If you’re looking to dress down your khakis black blazer outfit, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. By going for a lighter-colored pair of khakis, opting for sneakers instead of dress shoes, and playing around with accessories, you can create a more laid-back look that still maintains a sense of style and sophistication.

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Opt for lighter-colored khakis

When dressing down your khakis black blazer outfit, consider choosing khakis that are lighter in color, such as beige or tan. These colors have a more relaxed and easy-going vibe, which is perfect for a casual occasion.

A model wearing a black blazer paired with beige khakis

Wear with sneakers

Instead of pairing your khakis and black blazer with dress shoes, consider wearing a pair of clean and sleek sneakers. Not only will this help to create a more casual look, but it will also keep you comfortable if you’re on your feet a lot.

Experiment with accessories

One of the easiest ways to dress down your khakis black blazer outfit is by playing around with accessories. Consider adding a fedora, a few bracelets, or a colorful scarf to give your outfit a pop of personality and show off your unique style.

Style Tips for Wearing Khakis Black Blazer Outfits

Wearing a khaki and black blazer outfit can be tricky, but with the right style tips, you can easily pull it off in any setting. Here are some style tips to help you:

Consider the Fit

The fit is crucial when it comes to khaki and black blazer outfits. Make sure both your khakis and black blazer fit you correctly, as both should be tailored to your body type.

Ill-fitting clothing can ruin the entire outfit, making it look sloppy and unprofessional.

Embrace the Contrast

The contrast between black blazers and khakis is what makes it such an interesting and timeless combination, so embrace it and play with the different shades and textures. Try pairing darker khakis with a black blazer, or go for a lighter shade of khakis with a more textured black blazer.

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This will create a stunning contrast that is both eye-catching and classy.

Matching Shoe Colors

When it comes to shoe color, it all depends on the occasion and style you’re going for. If you’re going for a smart-casual look, stick to black or brown dress shoes.

These colors will complement the black blazer and khakis well, giving you a sharp, put-together appearance. If you’re going for a more casual look, sneakers in white or any bold color will do.

This will give your outfit a fun, youthful vibe that is perfect for casual gatherings or weekend events.

By following these style tips, you can easily create a stylish and timeless khaki and black blazer outfit that is perfect for any occasion.


Khakis black blazer outfits are a versatile combination that can work in a range of settings, from professional to casual. When looking to put together an outfit, it’s important to consider the occasion, as well as the level of formality required.

In business-professional or truly formal settings, it’s generally best to avoid this combination, while in business-casual or smart-casual settings, it can work well. By taking the time to think ahead and plan out your wardrobe, you can create a style that suits you and your lifestyle, while also looking polished and put-together.


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