Do Men Wear Panties: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

What is the reason for men wearing panties?

Many men prefer wearing panties because they find them more comfortable compared to traditional men’s underwear. Boxers, briefs, and trunks can bunch up, ride up, or dig in.

On the other hand, panties are designed to fit snugly and stay in place throughout the day. Men who engage in crossdressing and those who identify as transgender women also wear panties for a more feminine experience.

Additionally, some men find the variety of colors, fabrics, and prints available for panties appealing.

Check out this Youtube video: “Why do some men wear women’s panties?” and discover the truth behind a curious lifestyle choice for men’s underwear.

Why Do Men Wear Panties?

Men wearing panties isn’t a new concept. In the past, it was reserved for cross-dressers and transgender women, but it has now become more mainstream among heterosexual men.

1. Comfort

One of the main reasons why men wear panties is because they find them to be more comfortable than traditional men’s underwear styles. Women’s panties are often made from softer materials that breathe better than the typical cotton used in men’s underwear.

2. Self-Expression

Wearing panties can also be seen as a form of self-expression for men. It can be a way for them to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

3. Feeling Sexy

Some men find wearing panties to be a turn-on, particularly those made from lace or satin. It makes them feel sexy and desired, which can boost their confidence levels.

Reminder: Clothing choices, including men wearing panties, don’t require justification as personal comfort and self-expression are valid reasons to wear whatever you want.

Do Men Wear Panties?

Yes, men wear panties. Although panties are traditionally designed for women, modern fashion has expanded the styles to cater to men’s needs.

Men’s panties are gaining popularity because they are more comfortable than men‘s traditional underwear styles like boxers, boxer briefs, and trunks. The level of comfort they provide is the biggest reason why many men shift from traditional underwear to panty styles.

Styles of Men’s Panties

Men’s panties have different designs and styles that cater to the male anatomy. Here are some popular styles:

  • OneFit Men’s Lace Underwear: Made from soft lace and comes with a low-rise waistband. This panty is available in different colors and sizes to fit all body types.
  • iKingsky Men’s Cheeky Lace Underwear: Made from stretchy lace and features a cheeky back design. This panty is available in different sizes and colors.
  • Eywlwaar Men’s Lace Thong: Made from soft lace and is designed to cater to the male anatomy. This thong is comfortable to wear and comes in different colors.

Why Do Men Wear Women’s Panties?

Men prefer panties over traditional underwear because they are very comfortable and pleasant to wear. Panties offer a softer feel and more flexibility compared to cotton underwear.

Men also wear panties as a way to liberate their more sensitive tendencies, which doesn’t mean that they are less masculine. Society is breaking apart from gender norms and stereotypes, and men wearing panties simply adds to the idea that everyone should just wear what’s comfortable regardless of gender.

Men can wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing, whether it’s a pair of panties or a pair of shorts. Clothing should be judged on comfort, not on gender.

Men wearing panties is not a new trend. Modern fashion expanded the styles of panties to cater to the male anatomy.

The level of comfort that these panties provide is the biggest reason why men shifted from traditional underwear styles to panty styles. There is no need to justify men wearing panties, or any type of clothing – it should be based on what makes a person comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Okay for Men to Wear Panties?

Yes, it is okay for men to wear panties. It is a personal preference and should not be judged by others.

Are Men Who Wear Panties Cross-dressers?

No, not all men who wear panties are cross-dressers. Cross-dressing involves wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender, while wearing panties is simply a personal preference.

What Should I Do If I Caught My Partner Wearing Panties?

It is important to approach the situation calmly and respectfully. Ask your partner why they prefer wearing panties and listen to their response. Remember that it is their personal preference and does not reflect on their sexuality or gender identity.


Men wearing panties is no longer considered a taboo. A lot of men find panties more comfortable to wear over traditional men’s underwear styles.

The reason for men wearing panties is not just limited for self-expression or feeling sexy, but also for comfort. Men’s panties are available in different styles and designs to provide more options for men to choose from.


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