Best Men’s Yoga Sweatshirts

If there’s one clothing piece that every man definitely should have in their wardrobe, that is the very versatile sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are a clothing lifesaver for someone who prefers convenience over trends and engages in some active lifestyle. Its simplicity is what makes a sweatshirt a must-have clothing piece of all time.

A sweatshirt is a pullover sweater with no collar made of heavy cotton or cotton blend material. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on the event and mood. They also exude an aura of athleticism at all times.

What Is A Sweatshirt?

As mentioned above, a sweatshirt is a pullover sweater with no collar made of heavy cotton or cotton blend material. Its insides are made of fleece that has been brushed to make it smoother. Fleece is a wet, comfortable fabric similar to wool that is used as a lining. Sweatshirts are never fitted and are either loose or oversized.

It’s also considered a forerunner in the fashion industry. Half a century before a marketing executive invented the term athleisure; the sweatshirt blurred the boundaries between sportswear and fashion.

Wearing a sweatshirt makes you look relaxed yet put-together, stylish but athletic. This simplistic pullover provides both comfort and flexibility. It’s versatile and attractive on all body types.

Best Sweatshirts for Men

The most important component to note is the athletic top with a ribbed hem and cuffs, which are normally long-sleeved when looking for the best sweatshirt.

Choosing a sweatshirt is similar to selecting a T-shirt in that the choices are nearly endless. But we have listed the best sweatshirts that you can fin in the market.

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Hero Hoodie Long Sleeve Pullover

Ibex’s hero hoodie long-sleeve pullover is super-absorbent because of the moisture-wicking technology of the merino French terry. Merino sheep are fine-wool sheep that have adapted well to semi-arid climates and nomadic pastures. Because of its ability to absorb 30% of its dry weight in moisture, merino wool is ideal for anyone.

Another great thing about this pullover is half the weight of equivalent cotton hoodies, making it breathable. Plus, it has invisible zip pockets and an adjustable hood.

Hanes Men’s Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt

Another comfy on the list is Hanes Men’s Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt that you can easily find on Amazon. It is made of pill-resistant fabric with high-stitch density for durability – 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. You’ll surely feel nothing but comfort because of Hanes’s famous tag-free collar.

Tranquil Crew

Ibex’s Tranquil Crew is a traditional cotton sweatshirt but is considered a better one because it is made of Merino. With its naturally breathable fiber, Ibex merino defies damp, humid, and sweaty conditions. Merino keeps the body cool during workouts by trapping moisture and releasing it as vapor before it turns to sweat.

It is proven that synthetic fabrics can wick away sweat, but Merino keeps the body cool by trapping moisture and releasing it as vapor before it turns to sweat.

Tranquil Crew also has a Raglan sleeve for extra mobility. Plus, it is soft on your skin and is odor-resistant.

Champion Men’s Graphic Power Blend Fleece Pullover Hood

Champion’s pull-over hood offers many color options, making it a good choice for your next sweatshirt purchase. It is made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. It offers wider rib cuffs and hem for your comfort.

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Amazon Essentials Men’s Mock Neck Sweatshirt

This mock neck sweatshirt has a complete zip-up front, side-slit pocket, and elasticized ribbing at the hem and cuffs, making it looks very stylish once worn. That is it not only stylish but also very functional. It is made of 56 percent cotton and 44 percent polyester and is in fleece, making it perfect for layering.

Men’s Journey Long Sleeve Crew

This journey long sleeve crew is the one for your optimal performance each day. Aside from its natural moisture-wicking ability, it is also made of odor-resistant merino wool. Odor-causing bacteria are prevented in their tracks by wool’s natural ability to control moisture. You can wear it during intense activity and over extended periods of time, but still, it would control the odor. It is also made breathable for optimal layering.

How To Find the Perfect Sweatshirt Fit?

A sweatshirt that is too tight, too loose, too short, or too long can easily transform a great outfit into a fashion grammatical error. However, while the traditional sweatshirt should be a part of everyone’s closet, finding a sweatshirt that fits well can be challenging. That is why we listed down some important tips for you when looking for the perfect sweatshirt fit.


A round neck is ideal for a traditional sweatshirt, as it allows you to wear it with a variety of undergarments. The sweatshirt’s collar should not cut into the neck and not too tight, as the sweatshirt is supposed to be a comfortable garment and should appear as such. You can also let an Oxford or Polo-shirt collar pop out if you want to add a bit of preppy appeal to your sweatshirt.

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While a classic sweatshirt should be a loose-fitting garment, the shoulder seam’s positioning is essential. It should sit on the shoulder bone, as the sleeve can cut into your armpits if it sits on the upper shoulder.  On the other hand, the sweatshirt will look too wide if the shoulder seams rest on the upper arm.


Since the sweatshirt could be typically worn on colder days, the sleeves should extend to the wrists (covering your watch if you have one) while your arms are fully extended. The sleeves themselves should be loose enough that you can bend your arm without the sleeves shortening.


When it comes to length, your denim’s waistband should end below the thigh, roughly in the center of the zipper. It should not, under any circumstances, cover your bottom. When choosing the right length, the fabric’s quality is also important, for cheaper garments often shrink after few washes, and the supposedly ideal length becomes visibly imperfect.

The Bottom Line

Many sweatshirts in the market claim to be the best, but you should be wise when choosing one. We definitely would recommend the ones listed above for you to try on. Also, do not forget the important tips to find the best sweatshirt for you.

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