Are Yoga Pants Warm?

The most common dilemma of men who are planning to buy a pair of yoga pants is if it is warm. You might find it shallow and funny, but that is actually a valid question, especially when it comes to yoga clothing. As you know, yoga clothing should provide comfort for you and not the other way around. So, are yoga pants really warm?

There isn’t really a direct answer to that question because the sensation yoga pants can give you depends on the fabric used. There are lightweight yoga pants, mesh panels and made to keep you cool during a sweaty practice. They aren’t hot, consequently. However, some are made from heavier-weight knits, even polar fleece, and they are considerably warmer.

Let’s talk more about yoga pants. Read on!

What to Look For the Perfect Yoga Pants for Men?

It is actually difficult to know where to begin when it comes to yoga pants; there is a wide range of pants, starting from oversized elephant pants to skin-tight compression gear. Also, elastic waistbands versus drawstrings, breathable versus warmer fabrics and cuffed ankles, and many more are all features to consider. But of course, it depends on the type of yoga you practice.

With such a range of choices, the first thing and the most important one to consider is that yoga pants should offer you the freedom to move comfortably.

So, your question might be, what should you look for in yoga pants? Well, we’ve got you covered.


Fabric, when it comes to yoga pants, reigns supreme. Inexpensive, the low-quality fabric can itch at the worst possible moment, trap heat when it gets hot, sag after (or even worse, during) the workout, and stink after just one yoga lesson. Meaning, the first thing you should consider when buying yoga pants is their fabric.

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Cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends are the most popular materials used in yoga pants. Each has its own pros and, well, cons, too.

Performance Quality

You will want to pay careful attention to your yoga pants’ basic qualities, depending on the type of yoga you practice. The pants’ capacity to stretch, wick away sweat or repel bacteria, for example.

Get yourself a bamboo or cotton pair of yoga pants if your everyday routine includes relaxed and slow yoga. It will have a nice smooth feel to it, but it will also hold its shape and allow you to stretch and squat freely.

On the other hand, hot yoga practitioners would certainly prefer synthetic-based yoga pants. During and after your practice, the technical synthetic fabric can wick away sweat and allow your body to dry quickly and change its temperature.


Although your yoga pants will not last forever, some materials will last longer than others. Nylon, for starters, is regarded as one of the most long-lasting and durable synthetic fabrics. It’s also fairly simple to maintain.

Bending, stretching, bending, lunging, reaching, and rolling are some of the poses used during yoga. These movements require your clothing to be able to keep up. That is why the durability of your yoga pants is indeed crucial.


Different yoga poses are appropriate for various styles of pants. The most popular form of yoga practiced in the west is Vinyasa, which means one breath, one movement flow. There are several combinations and sequences to choose from when doing these poses. An this is the one where you’ll want the most freedom of movement (given by your yoga clothing).

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On the other hand, Hatha is a little slower, gentler, and more static, similar to Ying, which is extremely gentle. It’s just passive, relaxed stretches and normally kept postures so that you won’t break a sweat. However, you’ll spend a lot of time in each pose relaxing. That is why you’ll need something that’s super comfortable but still keeps you warm, like a thicker material or fleece-lined yoga pants.

Thermal Yoga Pants for Men

To keep your body heat-sealed in during your next yoga flow, you’ll need a thermal legging or base layer. Plus, once the weather shifts from bitterly cold fall wind to freezing rain and snow, you’ll need a pair that repels water so you’ll stay warm and dry. It’s high time to put on a pair of soft, warm thermal yoga pants and get back to your workout routine.

We listed some for you.

Nike Base-layer Therma Tight

These thermal leggings were designed to help you perform at your best. Nike’s ProWarm fabric helps to keep your muscles warm while conveniently placed compression aids in the recovery of key muscle groups before you even finish your yoga routine. They’re also moisture-wicking, so they’ll keep you cool if you work up a sweat.

Hanes Thermal Pant

Try this pair of cotton thermal leggings from Hanes if you’re looking for a basic first layer. The fabric is gentle on the skin, and the flat seams won’t surely irritate your skin. They’re perfect for a chilly night out on the town, or they can be worn under khakis in the winter.

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Under Armour ColdGear Armour Compression Leggings

ColdGear dual-layer fabric from Under Armour actually protects your legs to keep you warm while keeping your sweat out, making them versatile enough to wear wherever your yoga practice takes you. In addition, the quick-drying fabric is ideal for chilly rainy days.

Thermal Accelerate Compression Tights

With these pants, practicing yoga outside on cold days won’t be a problem anymore. It has graduated compression to help your muscles recover more quickly, and then it provides even more support to your lower leg muscles, which is crucial if your yoga poses in the cold.

Columbia Heavyweight II Stretch Base-layer Tight

Columbia’s thick, four-way-stretch tights are ideal for an all-day adventure. Allow the Omni-Heat thermal reflective construction of this base layer to trap your body heat, keeping you cool and warm from the bottom up.

The Bottom Line

There are several factors to consider when determining whether or not yoga pants are warm. Some are lighter weight and have a little more breathable material (and some have mesh panels) to help you stay cool in hot yoga classes. Some are made of a thicker cloth, which is ideal for colder weather. Either way, you certainly need a new pair of yoga pants. Which one on the list above will you try? Let us know.

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